Intermittent Breathing

The best Intermittent Breathing Exercice for Stress and Anxiety Relief

Caution: I am not a doctor. This site presents only an alternative point of view.

Stress and anxiety are characterized physiologically by the acceleration of heart rate (palpitation) and respiratory rate (hyperventilation). You cannot consciously manipulate your heart rate but you can control your breathing perfectly. So to reduce stress and anxiety, simply stop hyperventilation by breathing less, i.e. more slowly. This is the main teaching of the yogis that is updated through the very powerful method of Intermittent Breathing.

Forget deep breathing exercises to reduce stress

Breathing exercice for stress and anxiety

There is a big problem with deep breathing exercices: it relieves stress and anxiety only temporarily and its effects quickly disappear because you can NOT practice this breathing exercise all day round the clock.

On the other hand, the Intermittent Breathing I developed is without a doubt the best breathing technique that exists, because it corresponds exactly to the respiratory rhythm that you should have around the clock. This is not an exercise to do 20 minutes daily, but a breathing technique that allows you to breathe perfectly 24 hours a day. Of course, Intermittent Breathing is a customizable breathing technique to precisely match the pace of your current breath and then gradually improve it.

Thus, an anxious person will not use Intermittent Breathing in the same way as a high level athlete (I also use this technique to optimize the breath of athletes).

One thing is certain, by breathing perfectly around the clock, you automatically reduce the anxiety and stress that physiologically correspond to abnormal breathing (blocked or agitated).

How to calm anxiety? The best technique

I coached thousands of people to teach them how to reduce their stress and anxiety quickly with my intermittent breathing exercise (exclusive method). 100% of the people who tried it showed soothing effects from the first use.

I also coached top athletes to accelerate their recovery time by calming their body and mind faster.

No need to tell you how effective this breathing exercise is to calm your mind during a meditation session. In fact, you can use it whenever you want, because it is the breathing technique that allows you to breathe correctly around the clock! As soon as you think about it, you apply the protocol and the Intermittent Breathing technique immediately relieves your stress and anxiety. To try it is to adopt it !

🔥 To learn more and regain control of your life, you can order the technique now or you can read the theory of Intermittent Breathing. You will certainly love it!

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