I quickly run out of steam in football: what solution?

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The most popular sport in the world, football requires endurance.

Shortness of breath is the enemy of the player and it is necessary to find solutions when it happens.

The effort in football

We know that a football match lasts 90 minutes.

It is during this time that you will do different runs, long or short, repeated quickly or very long apart.

Run out of steam in football

For you, it is essential to be able to keep up this pace because it is during moments of fatigue that you lose your lucidity and that you make mistakes.

Football requires special physical condition.

Indeed, it is necessary at the same time to be explosive because, for example, it will be necessary to recover the ball in defense or to accelerate to be able to center in attack.

These are explosive phases that are executed in a sprint.

To repeat them throughout the game, you need a certain endurance.

The solution to stop being short of breath

The only way to stop being out of breath quickly in football is to work on your breathing capacity and your heart.

It starts with a warm-up worthy of the name.

Before each effort, it is necessary to warm up your muscles and your heart.

Thanks to this, you will prepare your body for the change of pace that will come.

In a football match, the recovery phases are very short, a long effort will be produced.

To produce a good warm-up, start by building the cardiovascular system slowly.

Don't start by doing big sprints but run calmly.

You will be less quickly out of breath in a match this way and you will approach the football-specific warm-up in a better way.

The second area of ​​improvement is in endurance and cardio.

There is no secret, it is by training that you get better.

In football, you have to work on both endurance and explosiveness.

The ability to resist fatigue for a long time is worked through rather long runs.

Running quietly for an hour or two will work your muscles and therefore help your heart to withstand an effort of this duration.

The fact of being explosive will be worked by cardio.

Interval is one of the best ways to work through the changes of pace.

Indeed, the alternation of sprinting and recovery is a very common pattern in sport.

For example, you can do an exercise such as 30/30, where you run at a brisk pace for 30 seconds and then run slowly to recover the remaining 30 seconds.

Finally, the last solution to stop quickly feeling the sensation of shortness of breath during a football match is to work on your breathing.

This is ultimately what conditions every effort.

Without correct breathing, there is no proper functioning of the muscles and therefore no play.

With certain exercises, it is possible to increase your lung capacity and therefore increase the resistance to fatigue produced during exertion.

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Explaining his important role, he will give you advice and exercise that will help you play football without being out of breath.

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