How to eliminate intestinal gas quickly?

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We are all subject to intestinal gas.

This is a natural phenomenon, which arises during digestion.

However, intestinal gas, which manifests as gurgling in the stomach and gas, is no less bothersome.

How to quickly eliminate these intestinal gas? Response elements.

How to eliminate intestinal gas quickly

How to cure aerophagia naturally?

Intestinal gas is also referred to as aerophagia.

This is a natural phenomenon, linked to two factors.

When we eat and drink, we swallow air, which ends up in our intestines.

At the same time, the food ingested also passes through our intestines, during digestion. In the large intestine, leftover food ferments on contact with bacteria.

This is what creates the gas.

They are not harmful to health, but they can cause stomach pain if restrained and can be annoying in public, due to the foul smells that can accompany them.

Stress and painful intestinal gas

By correcting certain practices, it is possible to quickly eliminate the occurrence of intestinal gas.

Drinking through a straw promotes the ingestion of air while taking the drink, which has a direct influence on the occurrence of intestinal gas.

Consumption of soft drinks is also an aggravating factor.

Certain foods are also known to promote the appearance of intestinal gas: beans, peas, lentils, dairy products ...

It is not a question of completely eliminating their consumption, because they keep an essential role in a diet balanced, but to regulate its ingestion.

It is also preferable to eat sitting down, taking the time to chew well.

How do you get rid of heavy and smelly intestinal gas?

Intestinal gas therefore comes in part from a large ingestion of air.

The blocked diaphragm prevents the body from breathing well, and unbalances the air flow, causing the phenomenon of flatulence.

Controlling your breath to control air ingestion is therefore an easy way to eliminate intestinal gas.

By breathing better, air flows are better managed by the body.

The cells which are in charge of transporting the air flows are neither overloaded nor underused, and the organism can obtain the resources necessary for its proper functioning, without superfluity.

Breathing better, controlling your breath, is to normalize the rhythm of your breathing, while adopting good postures.

The solar plexus area should be open, the breath controlled and the diaphragm relaxed.

In his free video workshop available online, Loris Vitry, breathing coach and yoga therapist, explains in detail how breathing influences internal events in our body.

Using simple and concrete examples, he demonstrates how breathing can go wrong.

Finally, it gives us sound advice to achieve a regain of breath at a normal rate, and allowing the rapid stop of intestinal gas, thanks to its own concept of intermittent breathing.

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