How to improve your cardio while running?

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Running is a very popular activity.

And for good reason, it can be practiced at any age, at any time and in any place.

But it is not just the "practical" question that is most interesting.

Improve your cardio while running

Running also gives advantages and benefits that no longer need to be proven.

Both beginners and experienced runners practice in their own way and according to their goals.

Some of the goals most runners have in common are endurance and improved cardio.

To reach them, it takes patience and work.

Run longer

It's a fact that to increase your endurance and cardio while running, you should increase the distances you cover.

Here, it is therefore a question of scheduling a longer outing in your training schedule.

Be careful, this is not about starting a marathon when you are just a beginner in running.

It is just appropriate to practice running a longer distance than what you are used to doing.

You don't need to set too big goals for yourself.

You can, for example, increase the running time by 5 minutes each week.

Little by little, this will greatly impact your performance.

Running regularly

Practicing physical activity on a regular basis is one of the keys to progress.

A rule that also applies in running.

You don't need drastic training every time.

It's more the consistency that will make the difference.

It is therefore better to run slowly but steadily rather than running intensely, but take a long break afterwards.

Work on your breathing

To improve your physical condition and to develop your endurance, it is essential to learn to breathe well during exercise.

Unfortunately, even if you find a way to maintain constant breathing, there can be some kind of "block" that prevents you from doing well.

It is definitely a blockage of the diaphragm.

This breathing muscle, located below the lungs, can be a hindrance to this goal.

Unlocking the diaphragm is therefore of utmost importance in this case.

Result: you will be able to breathe better, your solar plexus will hurt less, you will no longer have that "heavy heart" feeling and you will be able to significantly improve your cardio!

So don't hesitate to watch this video workshop by Loris Vitry, Yoga Therapist and Breathing Coach.

He gives you lots of good advice on how to unblock the diaphragm and how to breathe.

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