Loris Vitry: Breathing coach

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

Hello ! My name is Loris Vitry, breathing coach.

Loris Vitry: Breathing Coach

I was born and raised on Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean.

If today, I feel completely happy and fulfilled, physically and mentally, during my difficult childhood and adolescence, I have experienced many health problems (anxiety, overweight, indigestion, depression, fatigue, etc.) which have led to later by a burnout.

At the time, it was a descent into hell.

These health problems and these chaotic emotions have somewhat conditioned my adult life towards a single objective: the search for happiness and health.

With hindsight, I realize that this is also the goal of most of us.

If you are reading this page, you are probably having a health problem that you would like to eliminate, right?

At the time, for more than ten years, I tested all possible and imaginable methods.

I have experienced many wellness practices, read hundreds of books, trained in dozens of alternative techniques and therapies, until I discovered the healing power of breathing.

I'm not necessarily talking about breathing exercises that we find in yoga, but a normalization of breathing 24 hours a day.

That is to say, breathe well with each breath, second after second!

And you, have you finally found the solution to your problem?

Coaching and breathing training

When I personally discovered the power of breathing, my life was transformed!

I regained all my energy and all my health problems disappeared as if by magic.

Here is my revelation of the time: breathing is the very place where it all started (birth) and where everything will end (death).

The secret of a stable, peaceful, joyful, radiant life, full of life and love, does not depend on external circumstances but on our way of breathing.

Breathing is the vehicle of energy that gives life to the body and consciousness to the spirit.

By plunging into the heart of the breath, we penetrate the very heart of our physical body and the depths of our mind.

Breathing is therefore a reflection of your life and your life is a reflection of your breathing.

By transforming one, you transform the other.

Since then, breathing has become my great passion, almost my obsession.

I have studied and experienced all breathing practices in the world as well as all yoga (pranayama) techniques until I understand all the tools and their impacts.

But it was only when I met a certain master, a Ukrainian yogi and doctor that my vision of breathing was completely transformed.

I was able to determine, with great precision, my internal physiological state thanks to its alternative health test (Buteyko + Barnes Test).

With this benchmark and by doing the before / after test, I was able to measure the impact of all my actions: from the meal I ate, to the sport I practiced, to the friends and places I frequented, to the thoughts that I maintained.

The conclusion is incredible: everything has an impact on our breathing!

Online breathing course to learn how to breathe well

I thus embarked on a path of regeneration which has already profoundly transformed my life (health, peace, joy, etc.).

I'm still on my way with the goal of 60 seconds on the vital energy test, which represents perfect physical and mental health according to this Ukrainian yogi and doctor.

Since then, I naturally stopped my old job (website creation) to devote myself to writing and breathing coaching.

Today, I help others find their full energy potential by offering them to learn to breathe well 24 hours a day!

To do this, I created the concept of Intermittent Breathing, which combines in a single method, everything that works really when it comes to breathing.

Intermittent Breathing is mainly a method that teaches you how to breathe correctly, breath after breath, depending on your level.

It is a highly customizable protocol, which explains its effectiveness on 100% of my clients.

Before contacting me for personalized coaching online (by skype) or face-to-face (on Reunion Island), you must have completed my complete training on Intermittent Breathing.

My coaching is not intended to explain the whole concept to you, because I have already made videos and PDF guides for that in the training.

But my coaching aims to adjust your practice according to your lifestyle.

I can help you unblock your situation by refining your practice of Intermittent Breathing.

After completing the full training, you can contact me for a personalized breathing class.

See you soon.

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