How do you overcome the fear of someone in particular?

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During our life, we sometimes find ourselves facing a person who impresses us, in front of whom we block, we no longer dare to speak. This is due to various reasons which are very often related to our childhood or adolescence.

Afraid of Someone in Particular

First of all, this person can make us think of someone like a teacher or a family member who frightened us.

It also happens that this is linked to our upbringing with a mother or father who is too present, too authoritarian and who we feared.

The father figure is very important and it can be the cause of a real blockage if it has been too severe, without any indulgence.

All these remonstrances, these criticisms are kept in our memory and reappear one day or another and always at a precise moment.

For example, one can feel a fear of abandonment or even a fear of speaking in public in front of specific people...

Being afraid of someone in particular is often the fact that we associate that individual with someone from our past who has marked us.

From the moment that we have made this connection between the two, it becomes very difficult to be able to confront this person or even quite simply to speak to him because you have not yet been able to externalise your repressed emotions.

This problem will of course prevent us from being happy and especially from moving forward in life because this blockage can make us go to failure.

For example, if you had a romantic failure in your youth, it is not uncommon for it to reappear at a new meeting.

You will lose self-confidence in the face of this person who will make you think about your past failure.

The solution to treat the social phobia of a specific person

But it is possible to get out of this social phobia regarding a specific person by regaining full control of your emotions.

Even though it may seem like it is very complicated, it is perfectly possible to get there by following the right advice and applying the right methods to overcome your fears.

First of all, it is very important and essential not to devalue yourself, to realise that you are a person who is as important as another.

In addition, you have to know how to solve your problems related to the past so as not to make any more relationships between a person who has marked us in a negative way and this new individual with whom you have to deal.

However, it is true that this is not always very easy to achieve, especially if you do not have good advice or if you are not helped.

That's why I suggest you go out and conquer the fear of someone in particular with this free video workshop (link below).

This workshop is composed of several videos to watch at home to allow you to understand how to fight and totally eradicate your social anxiety of a person.

By following these various tips, you will quickly realise that it is ultimately not that difficult to get rid of this fear of a specific being.

Actually, it's very easy, but you have to know the technique to cleanse your reptilian brain of all your old painful memories.

By performing your unconscious emotional liberation from your past traumas, you will evacuate and conquer the fear of someone in particular but also all your other unconscious fears.

You will finally be able to face life without running away from it and especially overcome the fear of someone in particular to be able to live free on a daily basis and that is really priceless!

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