Generalized anxiety (GAD): my testimony of healing

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If you suffer from general anxiety (GAD), severe anxiety disorders, I will advise you to read this article to the end because you will get to know my story.

Through my testimony, I will explain how to get out quickly and how to treat yourself naturally without drugs!

Generalized anxiety (GAD): my testimony of healing

Anxiety disorder: how to cope?

First, you should know that anxiety is not an incurable disease, it is neither more nor less than an energy imbalance.

At the time, when I was at the heart of anxiety, panic and anxiety with repeated crises, I was not willing to hear about energy disorders because I needed a quick fix for my urgent problem!

Unfortunately, in a hurry, I lost a lot of time trying many alternative therapies that never really helped to permanently cure me!

Be rest assured that I will prevent you from losing years fighting stress by revealing exactly how I did to overcome anxiety permanently!

Understand his anxious state

First of all, you have to understand your anxiety state and then weight the situation on the stress scale.

It is normal to feel stress or anxiety once before or during a particular situation; exam, test, competition, danger, etc.

But this temporary stress aims to prepare our body for performance whether physical or mental. Natural process of adaptation ...

But generalized anxiety is a completely different stress.

It indicates an overall dysfunction of the body.

The starting point of anxiety is always the body that works badly.

The mistake I made for many years was to focus on my mind.

I believed at the time that my anxiety, my fears, and my depression were caused by my way of thinking, my psychic character, my cognitive schema.

It was a big mistake because I discovered much later that the anxiety one believes is a wrong psychic is actually a body unregulated (sick)!

Why is our body anxious?

The functioning of our organism is the result of the operation of the billions of cells in our body.

We are at the macroscopic level while our cells are at the microscopic level!

To understand why we are anxious, we need to understand why OUR CELLS are anxious as well!

In the case of generalized anxiety, not only is our body fragile, but our thoughts are also negative or even chaotic (inconsistent).

This is the result not only of weak muscle cells, but also of unbalanced nerve cells!

And we are lucky because at the cellular level, illness and anxiety are very easy to understand.

A cell that is scared, stressed, anxious cannot do its job properly.

What is its job?

Producing energy for the proper functioning of the body, and for YOUR smooth operation!

Your cells are programmed for YOU to be in perfect health!

Generalized anxiety is just the body's message that your cells are desperately short of vital energy and are afraid to die.

They fear for their survival but especially for YOUR survival.

This explains this feeling of general fear.

Again, it's not your thoughts that creates anxiety because you're not crazy!

But it's your fragile (nerve) cells that can no longer generate orderly thoughts, a coherent cognitive pattern, a clear mind, a serene mind (but especially a healthy body)!

If your neurons do not have enough energy, how do you expect them to generate optimistic, happy, confident, happy thoughts ...


This is only possible in the presence of a GREAT energy!

Solution to cure generalized anxiety: my testimony

It took me several years to truly understand the cause of my anxiety!

Once I realized that to cure my anxiety disorder, I just had to take care of the health of the billions of cells in my body, my life changed!

I freed myself from generalized anxiety very quickly.

I had spent years testing therapies like NLP, Cognitive Behavioral Approach, Meditation to accept my thoughts and anxiety, and so on.

I would not say I lost time because I learned a lot about myself.

However, the solution that allowed me to get rid of anxiety attacks, panic attacks, chronic stress (anxiety) and depression was elsewhere!

Your cells do not have enough energy

Unfortunately, your cells do not produce enough vital energy to make your body and mind work properly!

To feed your cells, you have to take a look at the two pillars of energy, the two ingredients that bring us life.

I named food and breathing!

And yes, to live, to live WELL, we must eat WELL and breathe WELL!

Let's first look at the field of food.

To produce energy, your billions of cells needs food.

I am talking about nourishing foods that not only provide calories, but especially that contain minerals and vitamins essential for cellular energy production.

There are in this case two possible causes for anxiety.

Either you do not eat enough calories or you do not eat enough nourishing foods (vitamins and minerals).

It is possible that you eat too little, or you may be a fan of low calorie diets or fasts ...

It is also likely that you have an industrial type of diet that has a vitamin and mineral value almost zero!

The first solution to overcome anxiety and cellular stress is to eat MORE (follow hunger) and BETTER (fruits, vegetables, unprocessed animal products).

This is what I did while limiting strongly the fruits "out of season".

Eating tropical summer fruits in the middle of winter strongly imbalances your mineral capital!

But the diet was far from enough!

We come to the field of respiration.

To burn food (glucose or fatty acids), the cells need oxygen! Here lies the healing secret to eliminate anxiety.

Indeed, most people believe it is all about breathing well while it is VERY FAR to be the case.

I will give you all my secrets to defeating your widespread anxiety quickly in the free video training available at the end of this article!

Generalized Anxiety and Chronic Stress: The TEST

My life really changed when I discovered yoga but especially the healing power of breathing.

It's the breathing that really allowed me to definitely get out of anxiety. What a relief !

At the time, I had the chance to discover an INCREDIBLE breathing test developed by a Ukrainian doctor!

This test makes it possible to measure its level of cellular oxygenation.

Thus, one can know his level of energy (and stress) and if he breathes good or bad.

You can do the test by following the free video workshop.

At the time, when I experienced a severe anxiety condition accompanied by anxiety attacks and deep depression, my score was 9 seconds.

The standard is 40 seconds!

It meant that I was breathing VERY bad and that my level of cellular oxygenation was flush with daisies.

This low score corresponded perfectly to my state of chronic and intense stress!

The solution was simple; increase my vital energy test score, that is to say increase the oxygenation of my cells by breathing better and better.

That's what I did...

Eliminate stress and increase energy

So I learned to breathe well.

Be careful, I'm not talking about learning to do deep breaths or sophrology exercises.

I speak well of normalizing your breathing second after second with each breath!

Having found the right protocol, I gradually increased my test score, my oxygenation.

From 25 seconds on the test, my generalized anxiety has completely disappeared!

It is important not to stop on the way because the goal is to reach 60 seconds which is a score corresponding to a perfect physical/mental health and especially to the total absence of stress!

I personally work to achieve this score, but it's been a long time since I exceeded the 25-second mark that eliminates anxiety.

For my own needs, I have put together the best of the best in breathing to create a protocol that I personally use to continue my progression.

This protocol I called intermittent breathing invites you to discover without further ado if you want to relearn how to breathe as a person free from anxiety.

To learn more, you can directly follow my breathing workshop (free videos below) or read another article where my healing testimony is even more detailed; how to overcome anxiety naturally.

PS: Note that generalized anxiety and depression are cousins, the border between the two are slim.

The healing of my anxiety also got rid of my depression.

And as my testimony tells you, it's not sports, nor hypnosis, nor osteopathy, let alone the meditation you need, but to learn to breathe well so that your cells can oxygenate properly and produce enough energy.

Good regeneration!

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