How to Reduce Stress Naturally in 2021?

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🔥 Intermittent Breathing : Practice this technique 3 x 20 minutes a day to quickly reduce your stress and calm your mind (guaranteed result).

How to reduce stress naturally ?


5 minutes of practice instantly soothes you, one hour of practice makes you zen for the day, one hour of practice a day for a month completely eliminates any form of stress and anxiety from your life...

This breathing technique is very effective in eliminating:

✔ Punctual stress. This powerful technique will instantly soothe you (5 minutes of practice) before facing an occasional stressful situation (exam, interview, contest, speaking, competition, etc.).

It is the favorite tool of the performers (comedians, singers, top athletes, speakers, etc.).

✔ Regular stress. This formidable technique will keep you in a state of daily relaxation (1 hour of practice per day).

You will not be disturbed by regular stressful situations (stress at work, a professional trip by car or public transport, the stress in the couple or in the family, sports stress, etc.).

It is an essential tool to live an intense life while remaining calm and relaxed.

✔ Chronic stress. This exclusive technique is the most effective that exists today to permanently reduce your chronic stress, which unfortunately exhausts your nervous system (burn-out, nervous exhaustion, depression, illness, etc.).

This technique is an essential tool to find all your potential after a big period of stress (1 hour of practice per day for at least a month).


The best exercise of anti-stress breathing

Whatever the cause of your stress, the fact still remains that your reptilian brain (animal part of the brain) unconsciously manages your entire stress response.

You do not need to think about it, it's your unconscious reptilian brain that will handle stress for you.

Unfortunately, the reptilian brain always reacts in the same way; it speeds up your heart rate (palpitation) and your breathing (hyperventilation).

Depending on the intensity of your stress, your reptilian brain makes you breathe more than usual (even if you do not notice it).

If it's a "little stress," the throbbing and hyperventilation will go unnoticed, and you'll feel just a little anxious.

But in case of "heavy stress," your heart and your breathing will run out of steam (anxiety attack), and cause many very unpleasant symptoms.

You will surely recognize the symptoms below for having already experienced them.

So, what is the ultimate solution to manage your stress to perfection to stay calm in all circumstances?

🔥 Control your breathing!

The technique you will soon discover is surefire because it will stop the cycle of hyperventilation, which will instantly eliminate the associated symptoms (dizziness, palpitation, tremor, sweating, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, etc.).

Thus, by breathing less (more calmly) to stop the hyperventilation, you then deactivate your stress at the source, i.e. at the level of your reptilian brain.

Rather than letting your reptilian brain take control and automatically activate the cycle of hyperventilation, you consciously disable it through the exercise that follows, thereby, eliminating all the unpleasant symptoms that disturb you.


Breathing techniques to avoid

If you are deeply interested in your well-being, you already know that a good breath is a secret to better manage your stress and regain your self-confidence.

Unfortunately, millions of people have been doing bad breathing exercises for several years.

They remain always so stressed, anxious, and tired.

Deep breathing. You must have already heard about deep breathing or diaphragmatic breathing (with the belly swelling).

Although this practice can relieve tension in your diaphragm (muscle breathing), this relaxation is very temporary, and your stress will resurface very quickly.

Why? Deep breathing does not turn off the cycle of hyperventilation generated by your reptilian brain.

Thus, you can deeply breathe all your Life without ever eliminating your stress at the source, i.e. at the level of your reptilian brain.

The technique which you will soon discover is not deep breathing.

Pranayama Yoga. In Yoga, there are more than a hundred breath techniques.

Although some of them may be highly effective, most are complicated to practice and will require years of practice to master all the subtlety.

Worse or bad practice can further activate the cycle of hyperventilation and stress if you breathe too quickly (hyperventilation).

Thus, you can do Pranayama for years without ever eliminating your stress at the source (hyperventilation generated by your reptilian brain). The technique you will soon discover is not a traditional yoga exercise.

Voluntary hyperventilation (breathing more).

Some gurus advocate hyperventilation exercises to unleash your inner potential.

Unfortunately, this potential is generated by the adrenaline produced because of hyperventilation and stress.

Adrenaline actually gives you a feeling of power, but at the cost of great stress on your nervous system.

Thus, voluntary hyperventilation (breathing more) is the worst exercise you can practice because you voluntarily generate all the symptoms you would want to avoid (dizziness, palpitation, trembling, sweating, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, etc.).

In addition, by constantly producing adrenaline, you exhaust your adrenal endocrine glands that produce precisely this adrenaline and you risk burn-out.

The technique which you will soon discover completely disables the cycle of hyperventilation by breathing less (more calmly).


Voluntary hypoventilation (breathe less).

To disable the cycle of hyperventilation, it is obviously necessary to breathe less (more calmly).

But unfortunately, some methods are too extreme in advocating a permanent restriction of breath, which also ends up in generating stress.

To breathe too much (hyperventilation) is quite stressful, as much not to breathe enough is also stressful.

The secret is in the middle ground.

For this, you need a customizable technique at your current level, exactly what the technique that you will soon discover will reveal.


If you do not want to SUFFER from stress and anxiety, Intermittent Breathing is exactly the method you need to regain your self-confidence.

This EXCLUSIVE breathing technique (never seen elsewhere) will completely disable the cycle of hyperventilation and stress by making you to actually breathe less (more calmly) through small breathing pauses in your natural breathing cycle.

🔥 Attention! To be effective, these breaks must be done extremely accurately! Do not try to do it alone without being guided precisely...

PS: Intermittent Breathing follows the same principle as intermittent fasting which will disable the cycle of over-eating (overweight) by making you to eat less, thanks to very short fasts (skipping one or two meals for example), except that Intermittent Breathing disables the cycle of hyperventilation (stress) by making you to breathe less (more calmly) with very small breathing pauses.

But to succeed the Intermittent Breathing technique and completely eliminate your stress and anxiety, you must follow a very specific protocol that you will soon discover in detail.

You must learn to breathe to manage your stress

✔ Your breathing is what keeps you alive, second after second.

While rapid and agitated breathing (hyperventilation) leads to a stressful and hectic life, a calm and harmonious breathing so also leads to a calm and serene Life.

Intermittent breathing is the most powerful technique to leave the hellish world of stress for calm and serenity.

In what world do you want to live?

✔ Intermittent Breathing is very effective instantly from the first use.

You will very quickly feel a state of calm and inner calm.

Obviously, the more you practice it, the better you will come to master it.

Thus, she will become your faithful partner on a daily basis and for all the challenges that you will have to face.

✔ Intermittent Breathing is the favorite anti-stress tool for thousands of people who have already tested and approved it by ordering its official guide on our site.

✔ There are hundreds of breathing techniques on the Internet.

But if you only had to choose one to quickly and effectively reduce your stress and anxiety, it would be this one.

✔ Intermittent Breathing is fully customizable.

This is the reason for its success and efficiency. 100% of customers are fully satisfied with its beneficial effects.

Indeed, rather than practice general exercises that is being given to everyone, this technique adapts perfectly to your breath and your lung capacity.

There is no exercise as customizable and as effective as this one.

✔ Stress is the worst enemy of energy! By reducing your stress with Intermittent Breathing, you will automatically increase your vitality.

In addition to turning off the cycle of hyperventilation, Intermittent Breathing will boost your metabolism by improving your level of oxygenation.

Thousands of scientific studies have proven the benefits of a well-oxygenated body and brain.

✔ Eliminating your stress is quite good, but the goal is really to regain all your confidence in you!

And Intermittent Breathing is without a doubt the most powerful natural tool to increase your level of confidence.

Who am I ?

Loris Vitry

I am Loris Vitry, Yoga Therapist and Breathing Coach.

Several years ago (child and teenager), I myself have truly experienced the disastrous effects of chronic stress.

To regenerate myself completely and regain all my self-confidence, I had to learn to completely eliminate my stress and anxiety.

In more than 10 years I tried everything, but nothing was as powerful as breathing.

Since then, through my training and internships, I have helped thousands of people to better manage their stress conditions, and to eliminate their anxiety background thanks to the exclusive method that I developed: Intermittent Breathing.

I invite you to discover the ultimate guide to intermittent breathing.

This free eBook will show you how to how to breathe properly with no negative effects.

❤ The ultimate guide to breathing

Intermittent Breathing : Discover the method to quickly relieve your anxiety and chronic fatigue (positive effects from the first use).

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