How to cure sleep apnea naturally ?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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In this article, I will reveal a completely different view of sleep apnea.

Keep an open mind as some alternative protocols may save your life and in our case, naturally cure sleep apnea.

First, what is sleep apnea?

Everything is said in its name; you do apnea during your sleep, says otherwise, and your breathing stops when you sleep.

Surprising no?

It can even be scary because if you stop breathing completely, it would lead to death...

How do you know if you sleep apnea?

You go to your doctor who will refer you to a specialist, and who will even lend you a respirator to place on your face during the night.

The device will detect and record if your breathing stops or not during your sleep.

Why do you sleep apnea?

My answer may surprise you, but it is the vision of Yoga Therapist.

Sleep apnea is a defense mechanism of the body to restore your acid-base balance, the harmony between the two most important molecules of your body: oxygen O² and carbon dioxide CO2.

The mechanism is simple.

It's your reptilian brain that detects too large a fall in your CO2 concentration which is caused by your nocturnal hyperventilation.

So, to restore balance, the reptilian brain will voluntarily stop your breathing because it is one of the only ways for him to restore the correct concentration of CO2.

Heal sleep apnea through breathing

Sleep apnea is only a respiratory problem.

To be more specific, respiratory apnea is a protective mechanism against hyperventilation.

Why are you hyperventilating?

You are simply stressed.

As I explained in this article to overcome stress naturally, stress always leads to hyperventilation (even if you are not aware of it).

Besides, you do not know that you are hyperventilating while you are sleeping, or that you are doing apnea (unless it wakes you up).

How to stop hyperventilation?

You must learn to breathe less (but better).


As surprising as it may be, by doing apnea voluntarily, but during the day! Surprising is not it?

Be careful, there will be a slight shade that will make all the difference.

Breathing is really a matter of subtlety...

You probably do not know, but during the night, your sleep apnea occurs with full lungs.

You exhale, you inhale, and APNEA sleep...

Then the breathing cycle resumes.

As your body and mind are in a state of stress, the reptilian brain will set up this full lung breathing pause to promptly requisition the adrenal glands that will have to produce bicarbonate, a CO2-like molecule to replace the evacuated CO2 during your night hyperventilation.

In the medium-long term, this leads to complete exhaustion of the endocrine nervous system (intense fatigue and burnout).

The natural solution to cure and cure your sleep apnea (according to the vision of yoga) is to practice breathing pauses "opposite" to those of sleep apnea.

In other words, instead of having full lung breaks, we will voluntarily take empty lung breaks (the day).

The more you practice VOLUNTARILY empty lungs during the day, the more you cancel the full lungs at night (sleep apnea) because you normalize your breathing, but especially the two crucial molecules O²/CO2!

I explained precisely the physiology of respiration in my method of Intermittent Breathing.

As you will discover, this breathing technique implements voluntary breathing pauses following a very precise protocol in order to eliminate your stress and increase your energy.

There is no better way to normalize your breathing and learn how to breathe better.

By taking great care of your breathing, it will be good for you whether you want to treat asthma, unlock your diaphragm, or cure your sleep apnea.

PS: Sleep apnea is an advanced stage of stress.

While you will have to relearn how to breathe well, there will be need for you to reevaluate your lifestyle entirely to eliminate other stressors such as diet that plays a secondary role, but just as important.

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