I quickly get out of breath when I sing: what solution?

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Singing is an activity that requires powerful breathing.

However, without a good mastery of it, it is possible to quickly have shortness of breath.

Singing and breathing

Gina Cigna used to say: “If you don't know how to breathe, you won't know how to sing. "

Out of breath when I sing

This quote is pretty true.

It can be said that it is the equivalent of the musician's musical instrument.

Without it, he cannot compose.

Breathing should be your ally in your vocal production.

It should therefore not be, by any means whatsoever, an embarrassment.

Be careful, however, good breathing does not give magical powers making everyone a singer, that's a shame ...

When singing, we can notice that there are two types of breathing.

Thoracic breathing

It operates instinctively, changing the size of her rib cage, without changing the size of her abdomen.

This results in the lungs being half or even 30% full, making the exhalation rate less than optimal.

This way of breathing is not recommended for singing.

Abdominal breathing

In this type of breathing, the lower part, the abdomen, is working.

Observe it, breathe without moving your upper body.

Only the belly area moves.

Abdominal breathing is said to be optimal for singing because it is with this that the amount of air exhaled is greatest.

This is because the lungs swell more here than with just the thorax.

So you have understood it, breathing is a natural act which allows when it is abdominal to sing correctly.

So, in order to sing more accurately and to stop feeling short of breath, it is very likely that your breathing technique needs improvement to give you more ease in your voice and a new breath.

Stop being out of breath while singing

Here are some exercises to help you stop feeling short of breath when you sing:

Abdominal breathing

Lie down on a floor, and put a book on your navel.

The exercise consists of lifting the book with your breathing.

It should go up when you breathe in and then go down when you breathe out.

Bubbles in water exercise

Take a glass of water, a straw and blow bubbles.

When you exhale, you must alternate between blowing for a few seconds making a noise and another without.

The bubbles produced should not vary in number and size during the two times.

The wall

This time, in a standing position, face a wall.

Your back is straight and you are leaning slightly forward, with your hands on the wall.

The breathing you will achieve will naturally be abdominal.

The diaphragm

Finally, the last exercise is to get into a sitting position.

The hands are on the plexus, inside the ribs.

You have to inhale and then lean forward, with your arms touching your thighs, during the exhalation phase.

This exercise involves working on your diaphragm, an organ responsible for breathing but unknown to many people.

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