How to calm shortness of breath quickly after an effort?

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When you have undertaken strenuous physical activity or are under stress, you may experience shortness of breath.

In this case, you should do everything necessary to regulate your heart rate.

There are a number of methods or tricks to do this that will allow you to calm your breath quickly.

Discover them here!

Calm shortness of breath

Breathe calmly

It seems pretty obvious.

This is because when you are short of breath, your heart rate speeds up greatly.

This causes you to breathe fast enough to catch your breath.

However, breathing so quickly is not the answer in these cases.

In fact, it is recommended to breathe calmly to regain your normal breathing.

The type of breathing which is therefore recommended here is abdominal breathing.

Indeed, this will allow you to both calm yourself, but also to allow the air to circulate well in your airways.

To do this, all you need to do is:

  • To sit down
  • To put the palms of the hand on your stomach
  • To breathe in calmly through your nose.You have to do this until your belly inflates like a balloon
  • Exhale deeply.


Whatever the environmental cause, if you notice that your heart is racing, it will be imperative to calm your shortness of breath to cut off all stressors.

For this you can simply walk.

You don't even have to find a specific place to do it.

You can indeed walk anywhere you want, even for a few minutes.

Walking actually allows you to breathe deeply and clear your mind.

So it's no wonder that walking is beneficial for your health in every way.

But to clear your head, you still have the opportunity to observe everything around you as you walk.

Whether it is the colors, the smells or the trembling of the leaves, all of these circumstances can help you calm your shortness of breath.

Go to bed

Lying down can also be effective in limiting your shortness of breath.

In fact, when you are, you are not doing any activity.

In turn, your body will be able to relax, which will lower your heart rate.

As you rest or relax, your heartbeat, which is responsible for the shortness of breath, will decrease.

As it decreases, your shortness of breath will stop.

The rapid onset of shortness of breath requires calm gestures.

The shortness of breath will subside.

But as you have seen, breathing is the first thing to regulate to quickly calm shortness of breath after exertion.

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