How to increase your blood pressure (hypotension)?

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Unlike hypertension, which can be dangerous for the cardiovascular system, hypotension is more harmless.

However, the symptoms can be quite complex to manage.

These include dizziness, visual disturbances and many more.

Increase your blood pressure

To avoid these concerns, it is recommended that you increase your blood pressure.

You still have to know how to get there.

Here are some tips in this article.

Consume salty

If you are unfamiliar with the properties of salt, you should know that it essentially helps retain water that can end up in your arteries.

This will help your body to raise blood pressure.

This is why eating salty foods is so beneficial for your body.

This will help reduce all your concerns about high blood pressure.

However, this should not be exaggerated either.

Indeed, like anything, too much salt could harm you.

So take the trouble to eat salty foods properly.

Drink regularly

It is undeniable that drinking water is beneficial to you on a daily basis.

And it also helps you deal with low blood pressure.

In fact, you have to admit that having fluid in your body can significantly increase your blood volume.

This is especially true when you consume water that is sufficiently high in sodium.

Of course, there are certain fluids that you should moderate.

This is the case with alcohol.

Indeed, its action tends to dilate the vessels and cause hypotension.

Plus, as a diuretic, it will be able to make your hydration worse.

This is why when you have a drop in blood pressure, it is best to take drinks such as coffee or green tea.

These two will help stimulate blood circulation for a relatively short time.

However, here too it would be best not to overdo it.

Because in the long term, they can also dehydrate you.

Adopt good movements

It is not uncommon for you to experience discomfort during a drop in blood pressure.

In this case, it is quite advisable to mobilize your body to avoid them.

So you can stretch, massage your legs, or wiggle your toes.

Apart from that, you can also engage in physical activity.

This will help you stimulate the circulation of blood in your system.

Opt for compression stockings

This option can be considered if you tend to stand for too long.

Compression stockings will not only help you feel comfortable, but they also keep blood from clumping in your legs.

When this is the case, you may feel unwell.

Favor rest

Rest is one of the easiest and most effective ways to fight low blood pressure.

When you suffer from it, it is advisable to take a break after the meal.

By lying down, you will be able to help your body use the flow of blood.

In all cases, hypotension causes poor oxygenation and conversely poor oxygenation can be the cause of hypotension.

So, to effectively increase your blood pressure, it is essential to breathe properly and to have the diaphragm (breathing muscle) relaxed.

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