How to unlock your diaphragm quickly?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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The secret of breathing? A diaphragm that is free of all tensions!

As you know, I realized a complete training with several modules and several hours of videos, to relearn breathing so as to oxygenate better and properly.

But to be frank with you, the secret of breathing is to be able to breathe freely, that is to say to breathe without blockages at the diaphragm.

How to unlock your diaphragm quickly?

The release of the diaphragm and the solar plexus is a crucial step if you want to have a smooth and efficient breathing.

Indeed, today, good breathing with a relaxed diaphragm instantly relieves anxiety, stress, difficulty breathing (painful breathing), asthma, panic attacks, painful emotions, hypertension, psychological depression, overweight (slow metabolism), diseases linked to poor oxygenation (cancer), chronic fatigue, digestion problems (ball in the stomach), and many other symptoms.

And smooth breathing is only possible if the diaphragm is relaxed, released, unblocked, otherwise you will have trouble breathing deeply.

And believe me, these difficulties in breathing properly will have an impact on your whole being and will therefore make you suffer physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Here is an article to understand the secrets to unlock your diaphragm.

You will especially understand how stress acts on your diaphragm.

The diaphragm is the breathing muscle.

It is it that allows you to oxygenate yourself by filling and emptying your lungs.

With a blocked and tense diaphragm, all your energy, your oxygenation and your Life itself will be blocked.

Unfortunately, the diaphragm is a muscle that is extremely sensitive to stress and emotions.

It contracts at every little stress, it knots a little more after each emotional injury and over time, it ends up blocking completely, which will literally spoil all areas of your life: personal, friendly, in love, professional , etc.

This is the reason why I carried out a complete training to teach you how to release its blocked diaphragm.

You must quickly release your solar plexus from its emotional blockages in order to release your stress and anxiety.

Blocked diaphragm and difficulty breathing deeply?

According to ancestral Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines, the disease is caused by emotional shocks that somatize in the body.

If each person had the chance to learn to breathe well to release their blocked diaphragm from an early age, physical and mental illness (caused by the somatization of stress) would have no chance of developing.

Alternative medicines have affirmed this for millennia: physical and mental illness is only a blockage of energy.

But then, what is the cause of this blockage of the solar plexus?

This blockage of energy comes essentially from emotional shocks experienced in the past (or the present) which have somatized in the body and more precisely at the level of the main muscle of respiration which is none other than the diaphragm.

The diaphragm is the muscle that allows the lungs to fill and empty (pulmonary ventilation) in order to oxygenate our billions of cells and eliminate our metabolic waste.

If this muscle is blocked or even slightly tense, our body no longer produces enough energy and no longer properly eliminates its waste.

It is the beginning of cell constipation and energy blockage.

The body then begins to degenerate.

Fatigue and illness gradually settle until death.

This degeneration process is more or less rapid depending on the intensity of the emotional shocks.

The blockage of physical energy (at the level of the diaphragm) also has immediate consequences on our mind by creating a phenomenon of psychic blockage: negative thoughts which loop in its head, anxiety, stress and oppressive emotions, mental instability and obviously state depressive.

In truth, with a blocked and tense diaphragm, it is the whole region of the solar plexus which is also blocked, with in particular a knotted belly (lump in the belly), a tight throat (lump in the throat), an oppression in the chest (tight heart) or acute pain in the middle of the back especially at the level of the shoulder blades (carrying a burden).

You can't imagine how your whole chest and back can be affected by diaphragm tension.

The solar plexus is a crucial area for our health because it is an area through which a lot of nervous information passes.

It is the place where the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body, travels, in particular with the vagus nerve which makes the link between the brain and the belly (which is called the second brain).

As Chinese doctors say so well, blocking the solar plexus and therefore the diaphragm will block energy circulation and communication between the two brains (head and intestine).

It's just the beginning of the disease ...

Symptoms of a blocked diaphragm

Here is a list of common symptoms when your diaphragm is blocked:

➡ Sensitivity to stress and negative emotions, difficulty in managing anxiety, all this can lead in the long term to panic attacks, anxiety attacks and even phobias.

➡ General chronic fatigue, exhausted adrenal glands, lack of vital energy, lack of endurance on a daily basis, you get out of breath quickly, as much in the face of physical trials as in the face of life's challenges.

➡ Pain and physical tension in your back (middle of the shoulder blades) and in your chest (pain in the solar plexus at the ribs).

➡ Difficulty breathing well (shortness of breath) with the impression of not being able to oxygenate yourself properly.

You have trouble breathing deeply and relaxed.

In the long term, this can lead to asthma and other breathing difficulties.

➡ Sensation of physical oppression at the level of your chest with the impression of having a tight or heavy heart, or at the level of the back with the impression of having a full back, of carrying a burden (stress).

➡ Sensation of psychological oppression on the mental level with the impression of always rehashing the same negative thoughts and emotions.

Feeling of being mentally restless and never feeling peaceful, at peace.

➡ Feeling of being blocked in your life with the feeling of being unable to move forward and evolve in the direction you really want.

This is often caused by fear or lack of confidence.

All of these symptoms are related to a strained diaphragm.

The body and mind are linked, a blocked diaphragm will block all other areas of your life.

The solution for your diaphragm blockage

What is the solution for finding balance, both physical and mental?

To unblock your diaphragm, you have to release your breathing from emotional blockages (pulmonary ventilation) to revive Life in our body and in our billions of cells.

This has an immediate effect on our body by allowing the circulation of energy (breathing) but also on our mind by allowing flowing thoughts which circulate without remaining blocked.

Anxiety, stress, mental instability and depression are instantly relieved as if by magic.

A process of self-healing then takes place ...

For millennia, we have known that breathing is the link between body and mind.

By learning to breathe well to release its tense and blocked diaphragm, we quickly regain balance on the physical and mental level.

It is in any case the protocol of Yoga Therapy, and it is precisely what you will learn to do in my training on breathing.

As I told you above, the diaphragm is the breathing muscle.

It is what allows the lungs to inflate and deflate.

If this muscle is tight, the lungs no longer oxygenate properly.

When we know that oxygen is the most important element for living and producing energy, we understand that the simple blockage of the diaphragm can have fatal consequences for an individual.

The ancestral Chinese doctors said that the disease is only a blockage of energy caused by emotional shocks.

Indeed, an emotional shock, if it is not expressed and digested, somatizes in the body.

Somatization is a process which registers a psychic tension (spirit) in physical tension (body).

And the diaphragm is surely the most favorable place for all somatizations.

Every emotional shock, no matter how small, has physically entered your diaphragm.

If you have lived a rich life emotionally speaking (I am not talking about joy and happiness but negative emotional shocks), it is a safe bet that your diaphragm is completely blocked, stuck, tense by tensions!

You must therefore find a solution to remove the blockage from your diaphragm ...

Benefits and Benefits of Unblocking the Diaphragm

➡ You breathe better because your breathing muscle is released (release of the solar plexus).

You can finally breathe deeply and get full oxygen.

➡ Your energy level increases instantly because your cells are better oxygenated and can produce more energy (better oxidation).

➡ Your sensitivity to stress and emotions decreases significantly because your breathing makes it easy to activate your parasympathetic nervous system, that of relaxation.

➡ Your physical pains and tensions disappear as if by magic.

The pain points in the middle of the back (between the shoulder blades) and at the level of the solar plexus quickly fade.

➡ You feel lighter and freer internally.

You see life, not as a scary adventure, but as a paradise to explore.

➡ You find yourself being happier and happier without necessarily depending on external events.

Releasing your diaphragm has powerful physical and psychological effects, which significantly increase your level of well-being on a daily basis.

And many other benefits that you will experience yourself in your new life because a released diaphragm transforms your perception of life in depth.

Your breathing being linked to your mind, you no longer see things from a closed and blocked mind, but from an open and relaxed mind.

It changes everything!

How to relax your solar plexus and relax your diaphragm?

As you saw at the beginning of the page, I carried out a training to teach you to relax and relax your tense diaphragm and more generally the entire area of ​​your solar plexus.

What will you find in my breathing training?

❌ What you will not find:

- no yoga exercise, no postures, nor pranayama techniques

- no hyperventilation, exercise to avoid if you want to reduce your stress

- no musical audio to listen to relax

❤ What you will find in this training:

- simple but powerful rules for good breathing 24/7

- effective techniques to relax your diaphragm second after second, breath after breath

- the state of mind to be kept 24 hours a day to allow the release of your somatized emotions at the level of the diaphragm

- my personal advice to breathe well on a daily basis and be less disturbed by stress and emotions generated by society

- very simple practical exercises, to do standing or sitting in front of your computer, following my instructions

Who is this training for?

- people who want to better manage their stress during important events (competitions, exams, etc.)

- people who wish to improve their breathing at rest but also during their physical activity

- people who feel physically blocked (tension and pain) and psychically (fear and mental restlessness)

- people wishing to improve their health and their immune system (by releasing the thymus for example, endocrine gland which produces white blood cells)

- people wishing to increase their feeling of well-being and joy on a daily basis, without necessarily depending on external factors, but just by feeling free from the inside.

- to practitioners of breathing techniques who doubt their daily practice: Yoga, Qiqong, Sophrology, Rebirth, etc.

As much breathing well can sublimate you (by balancing the nervous system), as much breathing badly (during badly practiced exercises) can destroy you (exhaustion of the nervous system).

If you are directly or indirectly interested in breathing and stress management, this training is obviously made for you!

Whatever your age, your gender, your physical condition, your problem, this workshop will bring you a lot.

Honestly, this training should be mandatory from an early age.

This would avoid so much emotional suffering that leads to so many illnesses (as asserted by ancestral medicines).

Learning to breathe quickly frees your breathing from somatized emotions and allows your body to initiate a regeneration process with in particular a thymus (white blood cells) which once again functions optimally.

Why does this training work so well?

To live well and have maximum energy for as long as possible, you must eat and breathe.

While on the one hand, you have access to a profusion of food (starvation no longer exists today in our modern societies), on the other hand, you do not take advantage of the abundance of oxygen in our atmosphere because your breathing is blocked because of a diaphragm stretched by somatized emotions that trap your breath.

Relearning how to breathe is above all to free your diaphragm from stress and old somatized emotions to boost pulmonary ventilation, cellular oxygenation and obviously LIFE in your body and mind.

Simply remove the blockage located at the respiratory level (diaphragm) and you allow the body to self-regenerate whatever its problem.

Why choose your method over another?

Most of the diaphragm release methods (massage, physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, stretching, wim hof method, deep breathing exercises, etc.) are very effective in the short term.

But unfortunately, if you don't learn to breathe properly the rest of the time, 24 hours a day, your diaphragm will continue to somatize emotions and will lock up again.

You will become dependent on all of these breathing techniques.

My training is a long-term method because it teaches you the steps to learn how to breathe well 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in order to constantly have a smooth breath to literally prevent the somatization of emotions and stress in your diaphragm.

By breathing properly second after second, you remain free of blockages 24 hours a day.

My training will also allow you to release, by yourself, the emotional charges trapped in your diaphragm, without resorting to outside help.

This does not prevent you from consulting a specialist therapist from time to time and practicing all other methods.

I personally consult an osteo once a year for a global assessment and I practice some stretching postures daily.

What if it doesn't work for me?

This training is so effective that it works for 100% of the people who follow it.

However if it does not suit you, you have 5 days to send me an email and I will reimburse you in full without asking a single question.

I have never received a refund request to date.

Who are you?

My name is Loris Vitry, I am Yoga Therapist and breathing coach.

When I was very young, I was confronted with several emotional shocks that completely blocked my diaphragm and spoiled many areas of my Life.

So I became interested in the world of wellness and alternative healing very early on.

Over the years, I have trained in many alternative therapies and I have really flourished thanks to Yoga and more precisely the art of breathing.

Even if I don't teach traditional yoga techniques in this training, I still share the basics, the prerequisites, the rules of good breathing 24 hours a day.

Because it's not about doing an exercise for 20 minutes and then breathing badly the rest of the time.

It is a question of reconditioning your breathing so that it is effective with each inspiration / expiration, 365 days a year!

Here is the promise of this training.

We say to you right away in the training, otherwise I wish you a good continuation and say see you soon maybe.

Warning: I am not a doctor. All the information available in my training is not intended to prescribe medicine and does not replace a consultation with your doctor. You must consult your health doctor.

Shall I have to do Yoga?

I am indeed a Yoga teacher but in this protocol, there is no posture, no traditional yoga breathing technique or any sitting meditation technique.

We are just going to use modern breathing exercises and special techniques to unblock the strained diaphragm by simply normalizing your breathing process.

Am I going to take deep breaths?

No, there is no deep breathing exercise.

On the other hand, the relaxation of the diaphragm is part of the protocol, but by following extremely precise rules that nobody respects (and even some therapists or Yoga teachers).

You could do deep breathing exercises your whole life without ever releasing and unblocking your tight diaphragm.

Some people, by insisting on stretching their diaphragm at all costs (excessive stretching of yoga), even end up blocking it and tying it even more.

In the training, I will explain specific rules to take full advantage of breathing, and you will see, it will make all the difference;)

How will it be after my order?

After your order, you immediately access the training.

Do you have another question?

Send me an email to loris.vitry (at)

The day you realize that your breathing (diaphragm) impacts the quality of your life second after second, you start to take care of the 17280 inspirations / expirations that you do each day (on average) in order to transform your existence in depth.

Evidence of release of the stretched diaphragm

Here are some testimonials that I have received and that I continue to receive daily by email.

Many of you will feel great relief in your daily life after releasing your diaphragm, obviously the two are directly related.

This training on breathing is effective for: pain in the middle of the back, plexus knotted with the ball in the stomach, tight and knotted throat, pain in the chest when breathing deeply, tightness in the chest linked to stress, etc.

Jessica D. - stuck in my life

For a long time, I felt restrained and blocked in my life due to stress and a lump in my stomach.

I didn't understand why, until the day I realized that my breathing was blocked because of old emotions.

When I learned to breathe smoothly through this stress management workshop, I immediately felt relief in my daily life!

It’s quite surprising how breathing impacts his whole life ...

Thank you for this truly liberating breathing workshop!

Raphael P. - blocked breathing

I had difficulty breathing and I felt my diaphragm blocked when I wanted to take a deep breath.

Fortunately, I discovered this workshop which made me easily understand where the problem lay.

And especially thank you Loris for having released my breathing so easily through your easy to apply modules in his daily life.

Perline Q. - Knotted throat and belly ball

Each time the exam period approached, I immediately had the sensation of having my throat tied and a lump in my stomach.

Thank you for this comprehensive workshop which allowed me to understand the problem of stress but above all to free my diaphragm and make my breathing more fluid when the exams are approaching but also in all other stressful situations.

I recommend to all students who are a little anxious!

Marc A. - emotional shocks

Like so many people today, I experienced several emotional shocks that really changed my personality.

Even my friends said to me: I'm not the same person anymore ...

I was completely dull, tired, sad, breathless and stressed out by life!

What a relief to release your blocked diaphragm, this precious muscle, so sensitive to shock and emotional injury.

Loris, a big thank you for your modules, which are so simple but so effective in everyday life.

Really, thank you so much!

Roger T. - hyperstressed

Hypertensive, hyperstressed, often sick, I simply thought that my body was fragile due to age (I am retired).

Fortunately, I discovered that the immune system (thymus) is directly linked to breathing and the diaphragm.

Indeed, I had not really paid attention, but I felt that my breathing sometimes hampered me.

I had not made the link!

I haven't become a superman yet, but I do feel a lot more serene and free in my daily life. Many thanks for this training!

Karine V. - sports coach

As a sports coach and life coach, I obviously used deep breathing with my clients.

But as you say Loris, the exercises are effective temporarily but very quickly, blockages return to most customers.

Your respiratory release workshop is really different because it is not simple exercises but a normalization of breathing and the functioning of the diaphragm in the long term.

Bravo for your workshop which personally brought me a lot.

You won't mind if I use a few techniques with my clients.


Omar P. - tightness in the chest

I had an oppression in the chest, it was horrible!

It even affected my throat by tightening it, I felt like they wanted to prevent me from breathing ...

Indeed, you have put your finger on the problem, the emotions!

I had just changed jobs and the atmosphere was not terrible with the pressure of the patient!

I understand why there is so much burnout today!

I was going to spend there too I think if I had not discovered your workshop which really relieved me deeply.

I do the same job but it's amazing how you can feel differently when your breathing is released.

Thanks to you!

PS: I send you my colleagues who will end up doing a burnout;)

Matthias H. - quit smoking

I've been trying to quit smoking and get back into sport for years, but it was impossible.

Reading a book, I realized that there was a link with stress and breathing.

While doing research on the Internet, I came across your site and I directly understood where my problem came from !!!

I applied your modules without delay and frankly, it was almost instantaneous!

My breathing fluidized directly.

But hey, must say that your modules are super efficient, as you say 24 hours a day, especially with the one with the belt which is super efficient!

I recommend to all people who live a little stressed ...

Nathalie D. - buried emotions

I did not imagine having so many buried emotions, I shed a lot of tears, but I feel much lighter inside ...

Thank you for this magical workshop!

Michelle S. - teacher

Super workshop very effective, we should teach this to children from an early age.

PS: I am a teacher!

Philippe N. - palpable stress

Good breathing is the first step, but what a step, probably the most important!

Thank you for your teaching, I really appreciated it and the effects on my stress are palpable.

My wife finds me more relaxed, me exploding for nothing.

Thank you sir !

Kamel O. - qiqong teacher

Not bad at all!

I am a Qiqong teacher and your pedagogy for teaching good breathing is very interesting.

Thanks for sharing.

Dylan D. - anxiety and stress

I recommend to all the anguished!

There is work to be done on his mind but breathing and the diaphragm are extremely important!

Your workshop seriously relieved me of my stress!

Thanks again.

Paul S. - curiosity

I followed your workshop out of pure curiosity ... and I have absolutely no regrets!

Breathing is really something important for me now, I was not aware of it before.

Thank you.

Mathilde P. - lightness

I feel revived!

What a feeling of lightness!

I'm a fan!

Habiba F. - relaxation

I really enjoyed your workshop.

I feel much more relaxed! Please notify me by email if you are organizing a summer course.

Colette P. - mental blockages

I never thought that my mind could be so linked to my body ...

I felt like I had mental blockages and in fact it is much better since I learned to breathe well and relax my diaphragm.

Thank you dear sir.

Nadine M. - problems with breathing

I knew I had a problem to resolve with my breathing.

Your workshop has arrived at the perfect time.

It's simple but really effective, thank you.

Hamida M. - learning to breathe

Super training!

I have been doing yoga for 2 years, and I have never been explained so well how to breathe !!

Excellent !!

Nadia P. - belly ball

With each little stress, I had a lump in my stomach!

It was my diaphragm.

My physiotherapist managed to relieve me but it came back every time ...

By learning to breathe well thanks to your workshop, now I no longer have this ball in my stomach and I feel more relaxed.

I highly recommend!

Pearl H. - subtlety of breath

I really liked the exercise of the samurai, it teaches the subtlety that the rude modern world no longer knows.

Thanks for your subtle training;)

Patrice N. - very shy

Very shy, your workshop helped me a lot.

I feel more confident and more open to the world after only a few weeks of practice.

Thank you for notifying me of your next workshops.

Sylvain C. - basis of respiration

Used to pranayama, I expected more "impressive" exercises.

In fact, you are just teaching the basics of good breathing 24 hours a day as you say!

Inevitably it works on stressed people!

If you do an advanced workshop with yoga or other techniques, I will be more interested!

Nabilla R. - chronic fatigue

I didn't think my chronic fatigue was related to the way I breathe.

At first, I said to myself: "anything, everyone can breathe", but I finally understood that my tight diaphragm could have a negative effect on my life and my fatigue or a positive effect. he was relaxed!

Thank you sir for your video workshop!

Léandre F. - hypersensitive

Your workshop was very beneficial!

I thought I was hypersensitive to stress naturally, in fact I discovered thanks to you that my breathing - diaphragm was very tense.

Today I manage to manage my stress better, it's day and night!

Christopher L. - stress at work

The stress at work had become unbearable.

By doing your exercises, I immediately understood that I was breathing really badly.

Fortunately, that I discovered your workshop, I think I would have ended up in burn-out if not.

You should offer your workshop in all companies, it would help a lot I think!

Damien P. - agoraphobe

I have always been agoraphobic, afraid of the crowd and your workshop has allowed me to free myself enormously.

I'm not at the stage of speaking in front of a crowd, but there is indeed a link between psychological fear and the diaphragm.

Your workshop has really brought me a lot and I thank you!

Sylvie B. - emotional shocks

Like you, I experienced terrible emotional shocks when I was a child.

I had known for a long time that my diaphragm was blocked.

I have tested a lot of methods but indeed yours seems to me the most effective because it is really a way to breathe well 24/7 rather than an exercise like we find everywhere on the internet.

Thanks for your help anyways.

Ketty N. - irritable

I became extremely irritable and anxious, at the slightest stress, I panicked.

Thank you for your workshop, I really relaxed a lot more today.

Céline B. - under pressure

Work, family, etc ...

I was under pressure and clearly my diaphragm was tense, I felt a ball at the level of the solar plexus ...

This workshop really helped me to release my stress but above all to breathe well every day!

Very good.

Amed Q. - diaphragm released

Already the video presentation had convinced me, but then from the first modules of the full workshop, we feel that the gentleman really masters his subject.

I loved !

Thank you

Marine D. - Yoga teacher

As a Yoga teacher, thank you.

The basics that you present are too often forgotten in group lessons.

This workshop is really the obligatory passage before getting into Yoga.

I recommend !

The solution to unblock your solar plexus

In truth, if the diaphragm is stretched, the whole region of the solar plexus is also blocked, with in particular a knotted belly (lump in the belly), a tight throat (lump in the throat), tightness in the chest ( tight heart) or acute pain in the middle of the back (carrying a burden).

You can't imagine how your whole chest and back can be affected by diaphragm tension.

The solar plexus is a crucial area for our health because it is an area through which a lot of nervous information passes.

It is the place where the parasympathetic nervous system, which relaxes the body, travels, in particular with the vagus nerve which makes the link between the brain and the belly (which is called the second brain).

As Chinese doctors say so well, blocking the solar plexus and therefore the diaphragm will block energy circulation and communication between the two brains (head and intestine).

It's just the beginning of the disease ...

The solution to quickly relax the knotted solar plexus is precisely to unblock the diaphragm in order to free this whole area of ​​physical tension.

The diaphragm being the breathing muscle, it will therefore be enough to restart your breathing, to unblock your breath, to free your chest from physical and emotional blockages.

As many massage sessions with the physiotherapist or the osteo can be of great help to quickly relax your breathing muscle, learning to breathe well 24 hours a day to permanently release your blockage of the diaphragm will be the ultimate and final solution.

This is the whole purpose of my training: normalize your breathing quickly to relax the diaphragm.

In this practical training, we will approach the mechanics of breathing and its normalization to release and unblock the blocked diaphragm in the long term.

Remember, you are alive because you are breathing.

As a great master said: " Breathing is so powerful that it can sublimate a Man if he breathes well or destroy him if he breathes badly ".

Unfortunately, stress and emotional shock have disrupted the breath of most of us and it is essential to relearn how to breathe, the ideal solution to free yourself from old emotional shocks by unlocking your tight and tense diaphragm.

I am waiting for you right away in my training to explain how to breathe well to free your body and your mind from emotional blockages by working directly on the unblocking of your congested diaphragm.

You will be able to access one video per day for 15 days.

Don't wait any longer and start freeing yourself now!

❤ The ultimate guide to breathing

Intermittent Breathing : Discover the method to quickly relieve your anxiety and chronic fatigue (positive effects from the first use).

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