How to learn to let go?

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"You should let go ..." This is a phrase we hear almost everyday in our lives.

But what is really letting go and how do you develop it on a daily basis?

Because it is a quality that develops, that trains in the same way, and also trains your muscles.

Training, rest, training, rest ... to finally have a muscle of acceptance in top form!

Letting go in love (with a man or a woman)

It is often in the love field that we usually talk about letting go.

This can be during an argument or separation.

Letting go of someone simply means not holding back, and not getting attached any longer to something you held in a high esteem.

Indeed, the term "letting go" indicates that something has to let go of something. To let go is to let go. It is a renunciation, an acceptance.

How to learn to let go?

For example, always in the love field, the sentimental union or a fulfilling sexuality requires this ability not to resist.

Because we often resist internally, we may be blocking our feelings, our heart (we will talk about this later).

In any case, making love in a spiritual way and even in an animal way requires a certain letting go that is cultivated with complicity and ... love.

Exercises to learn to accept and not to attach

To accept and not to become attached is not learned in books, but by consistent practice.

There are a lot of exercises that can help in learning how to let go, but I will describe the most effective ones.

1) Meditation

To meditate is to quietly observe, and to become the witness of a spectacle.

In meditation, the show is often our agitated thoughts.

If we focus on these, we become lost in our imaginary world, which is that of the mind.

In fact, to meditate is to clearly learn to observe our various thoughts without being attached to them.

It's simply the art of letting go, and allowing their passage without blocking them or lingering there.

2) Yoga

Doing yoga postures is a great practice.

Entering a certain posture and keeping it in spite of a certain discomfort is precisely learning to easily let go of an uncomfortable situation, ayoga posture precisely.

But all these postures of relaxation will have no effect on your energy and your mind if you do not join them to your breath...

3) Breathe

Without doubt the most powerful exercise to really let go of in everyday life: breathing.

Indeed, it is the most effective of the exercises because we breathe permanently, 24 hours a day.

If you learn to breathe correctly inspiration after expiration, and second after second, you will really sublimate your life in depth by cultivating the letting go constantly.

Unfortunately, most people have emotional blockages in the diaphragm, which is the muscle that's responsible for breathing.

This poses problems such as blocked breathing, difficulty in breathing deeply, inability to let go, all because of a blocked diaphragm.

To learn not to attach yourself, and to accept life as it is, you must learn how to release its diaphragm 24 hours per day.

This will allow you for example, to expire much longer, which will activate your nervous system that is related to relaxation.

Indeed, the expiration is directly related to our ability to allow to let go the air which we hold because of a blocked breath.

As you can see, everything is connected. An inability to let go of the mind is ALWAYS linked to an inability to let go of one's breath due to a blockage of the diaphragm. Unblocking your diaphragm is freeing your mind from negativity.

4) Make love

As a bonus, making love is also a great spiritual practice that we should learn to accept internally.

It is not a matter of becoming a mass consumer nymphomaniac, it is a matter of releasing her sexuality, and her sexual energy in favor of a higher energy center: the heart.

This will happen in a couple (love his / her partner), but also in a spiritual union (love the "divine" in itself).

If you have emotional blockages in the sexual sphere, it is not at the level of the diaphragm that it will be necessary to look, but at the lower level of the pelvis, a place that somatizes all the emotional blockages related to sexuality.

Letting go is often the work of a lifetime, so do not wait any longer, just start today 😉

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