How to relax a blocked solar plexus?

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A blocked or simply tense diaphragm (solar plexus) can cause many problems on all spheres of the individual: physical, energetic and mental. Before giving you solutions to resolve your solar plexus, let's first look at the symptoms and problems that can cause a diaphragm blockage.

Symptoms and problems of a diaphragm blockage

I wish to remind you that the diaphragm is the muscle of the breath, located just below the lungs. It is this muscle that will allow the lungs to inflate and deflate so as to allow oxygenation of the body. If ever the lungs are no longer pulled by the diaphragm ... the first instant problem in the body, bad oxygenation!

It's like tightly squeezing your throat to keep you from breathing. A blocked diaphragm is exactly the same except that the blockage is at the level of the solar plexus in the chest, not at the level of the throat. This problem of oxygenation of the lungs, blood but especially cells, will generate a number of more or less serious symptoms...

Cramps and diaphragmatic pain and all the surrounding area, chronic fatigue or burnout, poor digestion and assimilation of your food, poor waste disposal and increased toxemia in your body, heavy and foggy spirit, dizziness and heaviness, in short, you will understand that the body and mind are completely idle.

It is urgent to revive the pulmonary breathing so as to put the body and the spirit in motion.

How to relax a blocked solar plexus?

Solutions to unlock a blocked solar plexus?

Needless to say, a blocked diaphragm has a very precise meaning: stress! And yes, stress and emotions are the root causes of blockage of the solar plexus. This stress and these repressed emotions will impact your breathing muscle, but also your posture, your spine as a whole, your back with a particular pain in the middle between the shoulder blades, etc.

The quick solution to relieve a spasmatic diaphragm is massage. Whether it is done by an osteopath, a chiropractor or by yourself, the diaphragm massage can quickly relieve any pain and tension that is accumulated in the diaphragm.

For a self-massage, it's very simple. There are several methods and solutions.

First, you can perform a massage with an essential oil or warming massage oil on the painful area. In general, this is located at the level of the solar plexus or heart chakra, just below the joint of the rib cage. Even if you have back pain, I advise you to slowly massage the upper belly because it will do you the greatest good.

Second, you can still go further by massaging under your ribs. For this, you must expire a minimum to be able to pass your fingers slightly under the ribs and make small pressure by carefully following your bodily feelings and pains, messages of the body, which come to you.

Finally, a secret technique used by emotional release methods is the little tennis ball or its equivalent. Lie on your back, place the tennis ball right under your back, and roll the ball by sliding on the ground as if you were crawling while keeping your back to the ground. The tennis ball will then help to perform a back massage and a physical pressure at the level of the back tensions, in the middle of the shoulder blades for example. Feel free to self-massage the most painful areas by insisting on certain places. This technique can be extremely liberating. It is not uncommon to observe particularly intense emotional releases.

How to quickly relax the solar plexus ball?

As we have seen previously, massaging the back, stomach and under the ribs can quickly relieve pain, cramps and physical tension. But the problem with this solution is that blocking tends to come back pretty quickly after a session. Indeed, as we have seen, the meaning of a blocked diaphragm is often a painful emotional past (stress).

While it is good to know how to quickly relax the blocked diaphragm, it is also important to know how to unblock the knots and tensions of the solar plexus. But to truly free oneself from the emotional and psychic (mental) symptoms, it will require a longer-term solution.

And the most powerful weapon to dissolve all the emotional blockages that have been somatized into the diaphragm, the belly, the solar plexus and the chest is simply breathing. And yes, by normalizing your breathing process, you will simply release your muscle from long-term breathing.

This is exactly what I propose in my full diaphragm release technique. Relearn how to breathe, relearn how to use your breath, not for a few minutes of exercises here and there when you feel like it, but for 24 hours a day, seconds after seconds, breathe after breathe. Only in this way will you be able to free yourself from the emotions that have been repressed in your body for too long.

Optimizing your breathing is a long-term solution that will enable a complete and permanent release.

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