What to do to stop depression?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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First of all, I want to say that I am neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist.

The method I will outline below is a personal method.

This is the one I personally used to heal and cure  myself from my severe and chronic depression.

This method which I call the winning trilogy is not intended for medical prescription.

It uses only natural tools to overcome the depressive state without antidepressant drugs.

The winning trilogy will use psychology or how to position oneself at the level of the mind.

Then she will use the food or how to eat to heal her intestines and recreate a healthy and powerful intestinal flora.

Finally, she will use breathing or how to breathe more and more slowly to reduce impending stress.

While the first two points are relatively easy to integrate, breathing can be more complicated because some people inherit a heavy breathing like that of their mother.

If our mother was stressed by nature, repackaging our breathing will be a real challenge that will give meaning to our life.

What to do to cure depression?

My testimony of healing depression

The path I advocate here is an alternative path.

I myself was treated with antidepressant drugs at the beginning of my depression.

At the time, I was a teenager and neither my family nor I were sufficiently "educated" to choose another alternative.

Fortunately, I quickly stopped the medications (by myself) to live and feel the suffering that rumbled inside of me.

I tell you this simply to let you know that the method I am going to offer you here can NOT work if you continue to take antidepressant medications.

You will have to stop them gradually.

Be careful, I am not a psychiatrist, so take a time out to talk to your doctor before making such a decision.

First, psychic healing or what I call emotional purging, can only be done if you feel the so-called pent-up emotions.

Feeling means accepting and being one with your emotions.

In other words, you must LOVE your disturbing emotions.

You must LIKE your depressive state.

It may sound crazy, but it's the only way I've been able to drain destructive emotions that had affected me in the past.

For years, I refused to accept them into my life, I resisted seeing them and feeling them until they became so strong that I no longer had the strength to fight them off.

It was Life itself that forced me to give up the fight by teaching me how to let go.

Life itself forced me to love depression, to accept it as a part of myself.

Secondly, intestinal healing has a very specific purpose: to produce enough serotonin and dopamine.

As a reminder, 95% of serotonin (the hormone of well-being) and 50% of dopamine (hormone of happiness and love) are produced in the intestines.

You may not know it, but the majority of antidepressants are known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SRI).

What does that mean?

These drugs artificially act by regulating the level of serotonin (the hormone of well-being) in the brain.

This is interesting to suppress the symptoms of malaise, but unfortunately, it interferes with the communication of the second brain, which I named the intestines.

If we artificially regulate serotonin in the brain, the intestines are no longer requisitioned for this work, which is normally reserved for them.

To revive the communication belly / brain and restore the proper production of serotonin, not only must the intestines be cured, but it must also eliminate the drugs inhibitors reuptake of serotonin that interferes in the smooth progress of the process.

Finally, the breath can never be normalized if the physical purging and bowel healing do not properly take place.

I know that stopping antidepressants is frightening because reliving the symptoms of depression is quite a big challenge.

This will put you in front of your demons, which is your inner suffering.

It will mess up your whole life, your work, and your daily life.

I agree, it's a real challenge.

But the game is well worth the effort.

This feeling of psychic freedom of emotional lightness of living, and feeling the simple happiness of being alive are sensations that are priceless, believe me.

Whatever your decision, here are the 3 steps of my winning trilogy to overcome depression for good.

How to cure depression without antidepressant drugs?

Step 1: change your mindset

Clearly, you can live your life as a king or as a slave, whichever way you want.

A king is never depressed, it is he who decides the rain and good weather on his kingdom.

A slave is constantly subjected to the tortures of his executioner.

In a very pictorial way, I will try to explain to you how to position oneself on the psychic level to change one's state of mind.

We are all  king of our kingdom, the master of our spirit and our life.

We sort of decide the direction of our life.

To be a king is to be in the highest position psychically.

You are the conscience, the witness, the master of everything that takes place in your mind.

Your kingdom can be at war, with fire and blood, in total chaos, but still you always remain the king.

You are always aware of the situation and you can always decide what actions to put in place to restore order and calm in your realm, and in your mind.

Concretely, being the king means being aware of your thoughts and emotions, no more and no less.

No matter if your thoughts and emotions are happy or chaotic, the king stays in his place and continues to reign!

He continues to be aware of the chaos in his mind, and in his realm.

To live conscious, whatever the agitation of the mind, the circumstances of everyday life, it is what I call a successful life.

To succeed is to remain conscious, present and continue to reign despite the external circumstances.

You may have experienced only failures in life, have been depressed, have experienced the worst emotions in the world, and if you have remained the king being aware of all this, you have already managed your life!

Being the conscience (the king) is in a way transcending good and evil, happiness and pain, joy and sadness.

Being a king is a great spiritual journey!

But the depressed person is rarely the king in his kingdom.

She is rather the slave, or the victim.

She does not remain quiet in her imperturbable king's throne.

The depressed person descends into the streets so as to participate in the chaos, the destruction of his own kingdom.

The executioner is obviously the mind that generates thoughts and emotions.

The depressed person struggles daily against a terrible inner malaise that is eating away at it all the time.

This is characterized by chaotic thoughts and emotions of a very negative nature.

The mind is ruthless and persecutes its victim at its own will.

If the king takes part in the onslaught of the mind, then he becomes the victim, or the slave.

He leaves his upper place to be whipped and beaten to death psychically.

Concretely, it means believing in your thoughts and emotions.

It means to identify with them.

Flee absolutely from the philosophy of René Descartes, who says: "I think so I am."

I think I'm bad so I'm bad.

I think I'm good for nothing so I'm good for nothing.

I do not think I'll ever get through so I'll never get out of it.

There is nothing more false.

This philosophy is true only if we believe it.

To understand well, there is one side of your thoughts and emotions.

If you can observe your emotions and your thoughts in your head, who are you?

You are obviously the observer, the witness, the consciousness of all this.

You are neither your thoughts nor your emotions.

By simply understanding this, you automatically free yourself from your mind.

It can continue to create chaos in the realm, in the spirit, and if you continue to stay in your place as consciousness, it does not affect you anymore.

That's exactly what happened to me.

The day I gave up my fight against the mind, the day I let go without resisting it, a GREAT emotional purge and an inner healing took place almost instantly.

A deep sense of relief swept over me quickly to give way to an incredible inner process, an automatic psychic healing.

I explained this whole healing process in detail in my e-book: Happiness in a Smile.

I also explained in detail the functioning of consciousness and the mind and how to succeed in letting go very quickly. This is really the starting point for a successful healing.

There are 3 great spiritual rules to know if you are on the path of a psychic healing.

They include; not to resist, not to judge and not to attach.

Not to resist means to accept what is at any time.

If you experience great suffering, accept it completely and live it completely.

Not judging means that what is neither good nor bad is just what it is now.

Depression is neither good nor bad, it's just an experience like any other.

Finally, not to become attached means that what is today is quite different from what will be tomorrow.

The depression is not fixed, it evolves constantly and will eventually leave as it came as long as you do not get attached to it.

Step 2: Choose the best diet to heal your intestines

The goal here is clearly to regulate as much as possible its level of serotonin (hormone of well-being) and dopamine (hormone of happiness and love).

For this, it's very simple, we will have to recreate a healthy and powerful intestinal flora!

The intestinal flora is made up of billions of bacteria that are truly our frontline soldiers!

80% of our immune system is in the intestines.

If our intestinal flora is powerful, then our immune system is so strong and our digestion is very effective!

Not only do we assimilate our food perfectly, but above all we completely eliminate foreign bodies (viruses, foreign bodies, harmful bacteria, etc.).

When our intestinal biota are at the top level, our production and regulation of serotonin and dopamine are optimal!

How to cure and restore our gut microbiota?

On the other hand, it will be necessary to avoid ingesting what destroys it.

On the other hand, it will be necessary to ingest what rebuilds it. Easy no?

Let's start with what destroys it.

Everything that is chemical in nature is toxic to our intestines and destroys our intestinal flora.

It starts with the water we drink. It is essential to avoid the intake of tap water, which is a real health disaster.

A quantity of chlorine, harmful bacteria, and there are even traces of excrement or medication.

In fact, the wastewater recycling stations are not perfect and they let a little pollution pass.

Then there are fertilizers and pesticides that contaminate soils and food products respectively.

It will always be better to choose untreated organic fruits and vegetables.

However, even if they are treated, the vegetables will always be our allies in this battle.

There are also animal products that are stuffed with antibiotics.

Animal products are not harmful, but toxic drugs are.

It will always be best to choose unprocessed products.

Also, there are medications that are ingested by animals, but there are also the ones that you ingest by yourself.

The antibiotics you take systematically destroy your intestinal biota!

Finally, in general, it is essential to avoid industrial products because unfortunately, there are many food additives of a chemical nature.

Taste enhancers (glutamate), chemical preservatives, stabilizers, dyes, etc., all these industrial products irritate the intestines and strongly disturb our intestinal flora by destroying it little by little.

The worst of all is probably refined industrial sugar.

It is a true acidifying poison for the intestinal flora! It may be good to taste, but know that you kill millions of precious soldiers in your intestines.

Now, let's see the products that are suitable for consumption in order to restore a good intestinal flora.

Billions of intestinal bacteria love a particular ingredient - it's about dietary fiber. What are the foods that the bacteria in our intestines love? Organic fruits, and vegetables.

Seasonal vegetables will be an essential pillar for the repopulation of our microbiota.

I do not mean to eat a few leaves of salad a day, but to eat several kilograms of vegetables (including white rice) a day!

No, I'm not exaggerating!

Be careful though!

It is not a matter of eating pounds of lettuce or raw vegetables a day because it would produce the opposite effect, but several kilograms of steamed vegetables will do.

This may impress you, but all this weight is actually water ...

And yes, you do not really eat 3 kilos of food, maybe 500g of dry matter for 2.5 kilos of water, or 2.5 liters of water.

Vegetables are just water trapped by plant fibers.

Vegetable water contains the minerals and vitamins that will nourish and hydrate our cells.

The fibers or the dry matter will feed our first-line soldiers!

Nothing is lost with vegetables!

At first, you will probably experience many digestive problems such as gas and bloating.

This shows an intestinal flora that is in a very bad condition.

Do not give up steam vegetables at will and your animal products, but maybe reduce them to white rice (few fibers).

Sooner or later (between a few weeks to a few months depending on the damage), your digestion will normalize and your intestines will heal! How to know?

You can do without toilet paper so that your stool is clean and perfectly molded.

This indicates an intestinal flora at the top level.

Step 3: how to breathe well?

There is a strong link between stress and breathing.

As I have already explained, everything happens in the reptilian brain.

Faced with a danger (stress), the brain triggers a physiological reaction that will activate and accelerate the respiratory rhythm.

Concretely, stress makes us to breathe more and faster.

Unfortunately, chronic hyperventilation will decrease the atmospheric pressure of CO2 in the body.

As a reminder, the standard is about 40 mmHG (Torr) of CO2 for all of us.

This corresponds to a 40-second score on Dr. Buteyko's breath test.

If your score is lower, it means you are breathing MORE than normal.

Clearly, your body and your mind are in a stress situation.

Unfortunately, we inherited the breath of our mother, while already in her womb.

Then the emotional shocks and the stress of everyday life further conditioned our breath.

So, we have a breathing pattern that determines our CO2 pressure.

If we want to normalize our breathing and restore the equilibrium of CO2, we will have to learn how to breathe less and less, in other words, more and more calmly.

In fact, the more calm our breathing, the less we hyperventilate and the more CO2 accumulates in the body.

This restores a positive internal pressure that automatically eliminates all symptoms of depression and discomfort. Dr. Buteyko often said: "Below 40 seconds, life is lived in suffering." Which truth!

Stress causes hyperventilation. Hyperventilation causes stress.

The secret is that everything is connected and if we stop hyperventilation by breathing less, we directly eliminate the stress in question.

For example, it is the precious secret of yoga with its great practice called pranayama (word for yoga breathing exercises).

It is also the essence of sophrology, Qi Qong's Taoist breathing, and even meditation!

All these spiritual practices have one and the same goal: to calm more and more the breath, to eliminate stress and to live in what is called peace of mind.

Is not that what you are looking for?

This is obviously the secret goal of all depressed people: to live calm and have peace of mind.

This is of course possible with the only condition to repackage and normalize his breathing to reach the score of 40 seconds on the breath test.

Breathing has truly become my passion, I live only for her and through her.

The secret of happiness is hidden there!

The Buddha himself said: "Just follow your breath, it will lead you to the liberation of all your sufferings."

This was his main teaching, and that is how he reached what is called the awakening or liberation of all suffering.

He sat down at the foot of a tree and decided never to leave the place until he found peace of mind.

He only followed his breath for days and was finally released from his suffering.

It's a story that inspires millions of Buddhists around the world...

I have so much to say about breathing that I decided to explain everything in this ultimate guide on Intermittent Breathing, to learn how to breathe on a daily basis.

At the end of the guide, you will be able to access my exclusive technique to permanently reduce stress and depression.

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