How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

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Public speaking is often a difficult exercise for many people, and an exciting and jubilant exercise for others as well. What is the secret to overcoming this fear of public speaking? Should we take medication (surely not) or face this fear by jumping directly where it "heats"? In truth, neither because there are preparatory solutions that all professional speakers use. We do not become a speaker overnight and talk in public with ease and without stress learns! Let's see the necessary steps.

How to overcome the fear of public speaking?

Causes of fear of public speaking

First of all, you have to differentiate between two things. Being a professional lecturer is a profession like any other, which means that it requires training, skills and certainly training and practice.

But this article does not try to make you become the next president of the republic. Normally, everyone should be able to express themselves in public without being afraid of any factor. We do not care whether you use your body properly, whether you use your hands as nonverbal communication, whether you use intonations or silences to give rhythm to your speech, all this is the form of speech!

I'm talking about the bottom! Everyone should be able to speak in public with ease and without stress. No one should be afraid to speak in public. But yet, there is a blockage that prevents this ease. And the cause is precisely an unconscious emotional blockage that precisely generates this irrational fear of speaking in front of a group of people. We must learn to overcome these irrational fears that block us on a daily basis!

Everything happens in your reptilian brain. It's a bit like your inner animal that governs your daily behavior. The fear of public speaking is simply an animal fear of being rejected by the group, or of being criticized by others. For the human animal, the eyes of others weigh very heavy up to the point of blocking you literally, and prevent you from expressing yourself freely in public.

How to speak in public with ease and without stress?

The solution is very simple. To speak in public with ease and without stress, you must simply eliminate what blocks you unconsciously! What are the negative emotions that block you? If you really want to overcome your morbid shyness, you'll have to cleanse your reptilian brain of all the fears that blocks it!

Fortunately, there are many ways to free yourself from your negative emotions and your fear of public speaking. You must use emotional release techniques that will purge your unconsciousness of all emotional blockages such as fear, shame, embarrassment, shyness, etc.

By releasing you quietly at home or with a specialized therapist, you will then be able to approach your speech in a much lighter way, speak without stress, express yourself with ease, in short to get your message passed to a wide range of audience without panic and being afraid to be judged.

I wrote an ultimate guide where I properly explained how to get rid of all its abnormal fears with a really powerful breathing technique. This practice helps to free your unconsciousness from the old traumas that you have experienced as a child or teenager in order to free you from the fear of public speaking. Overcoming the fear of the public, and healing this phobia of public speaking is a big step in your evolution and this video workshop will be of great help to you.

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