How to be happy without meditation?

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If you have a minimum experience in the field of meditation, something should jump to your eyes, or should I say to your consciousness. The title of this article is contradictory, and at the same time terribly frustrating for those who hope to relieve their misfortune (find happiness). Let's get to the heart of the matter, and above all, let's open our eyes to why were unable to find a solution that soothes the mind.

Meditation to let go of the mind

Meditation and time are total contradiction! Indeed, meditation is a state of consciousness out of space time. As you have certainly seen in your sitting, time exists only with the mind. Your thoughts create time, either with stories from the past or with future projections. Thought involves time because the mind is its master.

The practice of meditation aims to escape the slavery of the mind, therefore, there is time to find refuge in the eternal present where past and future no longer exist, and where time is no longer . Some people experience these states of consciousness more or less easily. It also comes at the right time when life itself decides it or when we have good breathing for it.

Moreover, the first time we realize that we are not the mind, that we are not the slave of time, it becomes a real upheaval, a reversal, a flash of lucidity, an illumination, and I would say it's a gift from "God." Replace "God" with whatever word that suits your beliefs. Those who experience this also understand that all beliefs are ultimately illusions, mere thoughts, and mere practical labels for the mind.

Does it make you happier? Not necessarily, but still!

Does achieving all of this increase your level of happiness? Yes and no ! This brings us to the second part of the title of this article; meditation and happiness.

Meditate to find happiness ?

Can meditation bring you happiness? In fact, I would not use the word happiness, rather the word 'freedom' or 'relief.' Experiencing the state of consciousness out of time, that is to say a state of consciousness without mind, without thoughts, gives you true relief and total freedom. You can not imagine how noisy and agitated the mind is. It literally takes all the space in your consciousness. Only thoughts of the past, projections of the future, judgments and labels on the present can veil the very flavor of the moment. It is a terrible burden that can be extremely heavy for some people. Moreover, being no longer able to bear the weight of their "karma", some individuals even prefer to end their lives to relieve themselves of their restless mind.

Having a restless mind is one of the first causes of mental fatigue, psychological depression, nervous exhaustion. So yes, meditation brings happiness in that sense where for a certain moment you relieve and release your consciousness of the heavy burden of unmaintained thought.

But unfortunately, this relief, this freedom, this happiness are only temporary and artificial. Yes, you read that correctly, temporary and artificial. This is my personal conclusion after several years of intensive meditation practices (timelessness). To prolong this pseudo happiness, I even pushed the cap further by retiring to the mountains (in a comfortable house I reassure you) for several months as a monk. So yes, you have to preserve mental calmness, peace of mind, but all this remains very fragile because you have not settled the very cause of the problem, the very cause of the agitation of the mind, the bustle of the brain that generates all this thoughts.

Indeed, your mind, as elusive as it is, has its seat in your brain. It's still your nerve cells (your brain and your entire nervous system) that generate your thoughts, whether negative or positive. And it was my meeting with a yoga teacher that made me realize a real turning point in my life by whispering these few words to me; "The emotional and mental calmness that you seek will be natural and spontaneous when your body is purified".

How to be happy naturally without meditating?

Your mind dwells on your body. Some people will say that your body is the temple of "God". It's a bit esoteric, but it is very simple. To meet "God" or more simply to experience the state of consciousness out of time (without thought), you must cleanse your temple, you must clean your body, and more precisely your nervous system.

This is where it becomes really exciting! Did you know that your nervous system produces more than 80% of your happiness? Go crazy! I would even say more than 90% of your joie de vivre! This is specifically your enteric nervous system, which is the system that autonomously manages your entire digestive system from the mouth to the anus. Your entire digestive system, especially your intestines, is lined with neurons that are in direct connection with your brain via millions of neurons. Yes, yes, neurons in your intestines! Surprising, isn't it?

And do you know what neurons produce in your enteric nervous system (digestive)? More than 50% of dopamine (hormone of love and happiness) and over 95% of serotonin (hormone of well-being and relaxation)! These are the hormones of happiness, physical and psychological relaxation, sleep, relaxation, well-being. Do you understand now that happiness does not necessarily happen during your meditation sessions, rather it is made in the deepest part of your womb ?!

Now follow me well so you will understand everything. You will risk a little illumination 😉

It is your thoughts that generate time, your temporal life, and the one you live and experience everyday. If you have a "shit life", it's the perception of your mind, and not the absolute truth.

So you practice meditation to calm your mind because your life is hectic and sometimes chaotic (because of your thoughts, not because of external circumstances). Some people see an event in white, others do so in black. Unfortunately, meditation gives you only temporary relief, and your mind starts moving again as soon as you take the course of your life, which is time.

Knowing that your brain is responsible for generating your thoughts, you will understand that there is a problem in your nervous system because your brain is the master. Instead of focusing on your restless mind (the symptom), you step back and look for the ultimate cause.

You read this article and you understand that your intestines are related to your nervous system and they are the ones that produces the majority of your happiness hormones, and not your brain. You leave the head (the place of the symptom) to finally focus on the belly, the digestion (the place of the cause).

You realize that fragile and irritable bowels directly impact on your nervous system. Your brain and your nerve cells become irritable and restless because the production of happiness and well-being hormones is diminished. Guess what's happening at the mental level? Your weakened brain generates irritable and agitated thoughts.

So you try to suppress a symptom (restless mind) with meditation, while the cause is in your belly. You have a chaotic and hectic life because your intestines simply do not generate enough dopamine and serotonin. Did you know that most anti-depressant medications are chemicals called "selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors". For simplicity, these drugs increase your serotonin levels in the brain. And this is made possible if only you regenerate your intestines that on their own produces 95% of the serotonin that the brain needs.

Therefore, the great danger is to waste your time seeking happiness and soothing your mind by practicing meditation while the cause of your misfortune is only a hormonal problem that is simply in the depths of your bowels. This is for those who are depressed, anxious, agitated, bipolar and have psychological problems. This is a very personal opinion, but do not expect to find happiness and relief in mind-related practices. I exaggerate somewhat because I myself managed to get out of depression through letting go of some mental challenges. But as I say at the end of my book, the healing of the intestines will definitely heal all traces of dark mood. Return to the simple things, go back to the body, and more specifically to what you eat and how you breathe.

May your food be your only medicine - Hippocrates (Father of Medicine).

Now, it is necessary to regenerate its digestive system and its enteric nervous system (they are linked). This necessarily involves your diet, but also by optimal breathing to disable stress, which I explained in my training to relearn to breathe well.

PS: Attention! I'm not saying that you have to stop meditating, certainly not! The consciousness of the present moment is priceless, it is your life, and your consciousness itself. I'm just saying that you need to step back, not just focusing ON your mind, but on your being as a whole. The solution to a problem of the mind (anxiety, depression, stress) is often found in the body, and vice versa. Never forget, your body and mind are bound, in any case, until your last hour, and your last breath.

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