How to overcome sadness ?

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Why are more and more people interested in well-being?

The reason is obvious!

Because a deep malaise is brooding for too long and threatens to explode in our heart.

Psychological or physical, the malaise can have several causes and symptoms according to the individuals.

In this article, we will see that there may be an ultimate solution to overcome this malaise or to dissolve it effortlessly ...

How to overcome sadness?

Evil of permanent living for no reason?

Some people may have an uncomfortable feeling of permanent malaise.

What is most confusing is that this malaise seems to be for no reason.

This is just an impression because there is always a reason.

For the moment, we have not yet sensed it.

The problem is still hidden in our unconscious mind, away from the light of our consciousness.

And I will soon reveal to you the truth about this sickness of living and this anxiety that broods ...

Psychological problem (in the head)?

Is the problem psychological?

Does this uneasiness take root in your head?

Sometimes yes, oftentimes no!

Indeed, in certain situations such as the loss of a person dear to us whether by a break-up or death, a psychological malaise can be established.

But in this case, the reason is obvious.

There is not much to do except by letting the spirit purge itself.

It takes time to mourn because it is a perfectly normal process.

But some people have a mind that is easily bogged down in depression and anxiety which cannot bounce back, and cannot find the joy of living on a daily basis.

In the case of insurmountable deep malaise, the real cause may be elsewhere!

Feeling of physical discomfort

In all spiritual traditions, it is said that the body is the temple of the spirit.

The spirit is incarnated in a body of flesh.

The crucial question to ask is; is there a connection between mind and body?


A psychological problem in the head, a profound inner psychic malaise is linked to a body, a temple, poorly maintained.

Yes, you read that correctly!

A healthy body is a mandatory prerequisite for a healthy mind.

This is a big debate in many esoteric practices!

Can we have a healthy mind in an unhealthy body?

That's the question to 1 million!

My own experience has shown me that it is always a NO.

You must absolutely regenerate your physical body to eliminate your inner pain.

My testimony and my solution to get out of anxiety

As a teenager, I experienced a profound inner malaise that nearly killed me.

Depression, anxiety and anxiety attack, etc., while everything seemed to be going well in my life!

In truth, I managed to overcome my discomfort the day I left my head to take an interest in my belly.

Some people speak of a deep malaise ...

This depth often indicates a specific place, the depths of our bowels, and our intestines!

In truth, it's very simple to understand!

Our intestines are composed of millions of nerve cells.

Yes, neurons which are themselves directly connected to the brain via the nervous system.

There is a direct link between our brain and our intestines.

Now, drum roll ...

The intestines produces more than 95% of serotonin (well-being hormone, I repeat WELL-BEING), and about 50% of dopamine (hormone HAPPINESS), the other 50% is being produced by the brain.

What does that mean?

If you have a DEEP problem in your bowels or some digestive problems, you will surely sooner or later have a deep inner malaise for no apparent reason ...

This is my personal testimony, but I meet so many people who have had the same problem!

A bad feeling that we believe in the head often comes from our second brain; the intestines!

The solution is simple; regenerate your body, especially your intestines.

But beware, diet is obviously important but the secret of your healing lies in your breathing.

I have prepared a breathing training (free workshop) of several hours to explain exactly how you get out of your misery and anxiety permanently.

Whether it is to get out of deep depression or to eliminate digestive problems, breathing will always be the key to healing!

Do not hesitate to read my testimony to learn how to overcome generalized anxiety.

PS: Even if we live in a society and a time that creates malaise, do not lose hope because you can get away quickly!

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