How to find the love of your life?

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Before being thinkers, we are emotional beings whose most refined food is love.

Love is unconsciously what we wake up to everyday of our lives.

Each of your actions has a conscious or unconscious purpose; to love and to be loved.

In this article, I would like to offer you a different view of love and relationship.

For that, we will answer the questions: How to find the love of his life or how to make a love meeting that lasts.

You will discover that everything depends on our energy (in the invisible) ...

How to find the love of your life?

The secret of dating by affinity

"To meet and more if affinities ..."

This is the sentence that can be read on the majority of profiles of websites, but also statements made by men and women.

Indeed, the motor of encounter, the flame of love, the compatibility of love depend only on one factor; affinity.

An affinity is a relation of conformity, of resemblance, a more or less sensitive link between two individuals.

We seek in the others what looks like us, and what we like together.

There are many types of affinities that can create love union.

- The socio-professional category is an important criterion.

There are even specialized sites depending on trades or socio-professional categories.

Indeed, scientific studies have shown that in a couple where the two individuals are of different socio-professional categories they are less likely to last in time.

For example, a lawyer will have less affinity with a cashier than with a female judge.

A manager will have less affinity with a delivery person than with a company manager.

This is possible, but it rarely works in the long run.

- The culture in which one grew up is also a factor.

Culture can be the spoken language, the religious tradition or the way to eat.

For example, a French-speaking French Catholic who eats meat will develop very few affinities with a Hindoo-speaking, English-speaking Indian person eating strictly vegetarian food.

Finding the love of your life is like meeting someone who looks like us.

The websites have understood this well and sometimes, offer to choose among a hundred criteria of affinity; ethnic origin, culinary taste, physical activity, cigarette, alcohol, passion, physical beauty (being beautiful or beautiful) etc.

We can literally draw the ideal profile we sought for, but love does not always meet all these criteria!

Something invisible is at stake, and I named it energy compatibility!

The cost of harmonization and energy compatibility

Some people are chained to meetings on the Internet or meetings in real life.

This often leads to many relationships, but very often, these are ephemeral and they do not last.

The meetings remain at the physical stage, a carnal relationship that has no basis in love.

We are always alone, single, without having met the woman or the man of our life.

As I told you, an invisible power controls encounters.

This is actually energy accounting.

We all have an electromagnetic field around our body.

There is nothing esoteric in there because it is scientifically proven.

This is called the aura.

This aura, this electromagnetic field has a particular signature for each individual.

This energy that emerges from us has a vibratory rate, a precise energy frequency.

When we make a physical meeting, in one-to-one, it is not just only two bodies of flesh that meet but two energetic fields of a precise frequency.

The spark of love will certainly ignite directly if the two vibratory rates have the same frequency.

In less than a few seconds, you know deep down that it's the right person.

On the other hand, the other person feels exactly the same.

This romantic encounter will lead to a long relationship that will surely last for life.

But if the two energy frequencies are different, a phenomenon called energy harmonization will occur.

Nature constantly seeks balance.

When two auras/energies have a different frequency, nature will harmonize them to balance them.

The goal of nature and of life is always love.

But this process brings two different feelings.

The person with a lower energy frequency will feel better and better, but the other person with a higher vibratory rate will feel "diminished."

Through love, life will steal a little of this energy to offer it to the other to balance the two energies for the purpose of union.

This is easily verified. It is sometimes said of a relationship; "It feeds us, empties us, destroys us, pumps our energy, makes us tired, weakens us.

" Also, some people feel "dirty, diminished, soiled" both physically and psychologically, after an ephemeral relationship. The opposite is also possible with a relationship that "makes us happy and joyful, gives us energy, sublimates us and brings us a lot, makes us confident in ourselves and in life, etc."

In the invisible, you either give or steal energy.

In one relationship, one person gains energy, while the other loses.

It always has a purpose of union and love but the cost of energy harmonization can transform a person.

That's why some people "change" when they are in a relationship.

They no longer remain the same; either they are better, more joyous, more energetic, or they are sadder, withdrawn, and less energetic.

It depends on if you fly or give your energy.

You can imagine that this kind of relationship is bound sooner or later to failure in love.

Even if individuals stay together, the flame of authentic love will be nonexistent!

How to meet and attract the love of his life?

The solution is extremely simple.

This is often what happens at some point in our lives.

We decide to turn to ourselves, to focus on our own well-being, and on our self-esteem.

This is energetically equivalent to increasing one's vital energy, raising one's vibratory rate, and boosting one's energy frequency.

This will make us happy, energetic, smiling, fit and in love with every moment of our life.

First of all, it is therefore a question of preserving and sublimating one's energy in order to be able to make beautiful friendly encounters and not a romantic encounter of a lifetime!

Then, let life and nature go. In the invisible, your energy field will capture and attract those who are similar.

Without having to force, people with a vibratory rate similar to ours will approach us with ease.

Everything will be easy, without effort, and it will be extremely fluid!

In this kind of relationship, there is no loser.

Both gain energy and the couple sublime as much as the other.

We are all there to preserve and increase the energy of the other when it weakens.

These are rare relationships that need to be maintained.

But at a certain energy level, even the maintenance of love in this couple is done naturally and without any effort.

Both individuals are highly energetic and spiritually advanced enough to avoid dark and heavy energies, such as anger, jealousy, aggression, violence, fear, etc.

Attract the love of your life without effort

I will not advise you to sign up on any internet dating site or participate in speed dating meetings, but I will instead urge you to look inside of you.

Later, love will come naturally without any effort.

At first, you can already measure your energy level with this fatigue test to find out where you are, then I advise you to sublimate substantially through the Intermittent Breathing.

As you will discover, breathing is the tool with almost magical powers that will allow you to become a more radiant and attractive person.

Love will be ever present with or without a partner. 😉

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