How to age well physically and stay healthy?

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This is a question that arises when the body begins to show signs of aging; 50, 60 years ...

But given the decline of the society despite greater life expectancy, many young people in their thirties are already beginning to take a path of regeneration rather than degeneration.

In this article, I will give you a very particular point of view to answer the question: How to age well physically to stay healthy despite age ...

How to age well physically and stay healthy?

How to stay fast despite the years?

To age well, we must first understand why we are getting older and the causes of aging?

It's actually quite simple to understand.

Just observe nature.

When you cut an apple in half or whatever the fruit, it darkens quickly.

A degradation process starts until decay.

Matter becomes dust again.

Even stronger materials such as iron eventually degrade over time as it tends to become rusty.

Whether apple or iron, the process of destruction, aging of the material is called oxidation.

It is in contact with oxygen that the materials disintegrate!

It is exactly the same process that is at stake for the aging of the human body because it oxidizes with time.

This is called oxidative stress.

Oxygen allows us to degrade ingested food into energy, but it also degrades our tissues and cells.

We are aging because we breathe!

Surprising isn't?

Indeed, we come to Earth with a first inspiration and we will leave it by making our last breath.

Life therefore allocates us a life that will be punctuated by our breathing.

It is interesting to know that yogis measure the longevity of a man (or woman) in number of breaths rather than in number of years.

Concretely, the more you breathe, the faster you get older.

That's why yogis do everything to slow down and stretch their breath.

The art of staying healthy

To know how to grow old in good health, one must learn to breathe well, that is to breathe less.

Indeed, aging is caused mainly by hyperventilation.

Each time your breathing accelerates, becomes unbalanced, you accelerate your level of oxidative stress and your aging speed while doing so!

Guess what causes the acceleration of breathing?

The stress!

That's why we say that stress kills!

Indeed, stress causes many health problems, but especially accelerated aging because we breathe too much and too quickly.

This excess of oxygen will oxidize our cells and tissues and degrade them faster.

The art of staying healthy in spite of age will depend on your ability to reduce your stress level, but especially on your ability to calm your breathing to breathe LESS oxygen.

This is for example the whole purpose of yoga, qiqong or other spiritual practices that involves breathing.

Calming your stress with breathing

Stress and breathing are closely related.

The more you are stressed, the faster you breathe.

Conversely, the less you are stressed, the less you breathe (in volume of air) and the more your breathing is calm.

It is said; "a calm breathing leads to a calm mind."

It mainly leads to a significant decrease in stress.

This is how you slow down your aging considerably and extend your life in the process.

Breathing is the secret of longevity.

I learned that at my expense of falling sick when I was a teenager.

Many health problems led me to discover the healing power of breathing.

I did a complete training that I called intermittent breathing to learn to breathe well.

You will discover the secrets of yogis to live old and stay healthy physically and psychically.

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