How to overcome fear in 3 steps?

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Fear is an emotion that affects millions of people in France and around the world at large. But I'm talking about irrational fears that do not happen.

Indeed, there are two types of fears. First, you have the so-called normal fear, which is a reaction to a real danger, a really dangerous situation where your life is really endangered ... And secondly, you have all the so-called abnormal fears, which are a reaction of fear irrational panic, but this time facing an unreal danger, a situation that presents NO real threat to your life.

For example, if you are in the middle of the forest, and you fall face to face with a group of wolves or a bear, you will obviously be afraid. The adrenaline released at this moment will allow you to flee as quickly as possible and believe me, you will surely run faster than Usain Bolt, the fastest Jamaican athlete in the world!

How to overcome fear ?

But if you are shaking because you have to make a public speech in front of several people, if you are afraid because you are flying, if you are anxious and you panic about taking the elevator or approaching a car, then you are unfortunately trapped in an abnormal and irrational fears, because these situations pose no real danger to your life.

The method to conquer his fear definitely

I will introduce you to a foolproof method that will allow you to understand how to overcome the fear and phobias that block you in your life.

1) Identify the irrational fear

First, you need to identify your abnormal fear and your irrational phobia by simply asking yourself the question: What am I afraid of? What is the specific situation that scares me? What triggers in me a panic fear, a phobic disorder that generates really uncomfortable negative emotions?

This will vary depending on the people involved. It may be fear of others' judgment, fear of public speaking, social phobia, which is a form of sickly shyness, phobia of closed spaces (claustrophobia) such as elevators or movie theaters, in short, for you to determine clearly the situation that generates a crisis of anxiety.

2) Identify and observe physical emotions

Once your particular phobia comes to light, you must now identify the physical symptoms, i.e. the negative emotions that your panic fear generates in your body. This can be the throat tightening, intense palpitations, a ball in the stomach, and excessive sweating or a feeling of dizziness...

Whatever the oppressive emotions, you must identify them, but especially observe them in your body. This step is essential to allow your repressed emotions to evacuate completely. Indeed, the awareness of emotions in the body is the gateway to allow your emotions to evacuate completely. By evacuating and expressing your emotions, you also evacuate at the same time your irrational fears.

3) Clean up the unconscious reptilian brain

What you absolutely must understand is that all your fears take root in your unconscious reptilian brain. Awareness of the body actually makes it possible for you to connect to this unconscious brain because your animal reptilian brain is connected to your whole body.

Awareness of the body to free yourself from negative emotions is the first step. But you must not stop there, and you must go and purge out your unconsciousness of all your fears that annoy you on a daily basis.

How to overcome fear and phobia?

Identify, become aware of the body, and cleanse the reptilian brain, here are the 3 essential steps to free you from your fears and overcome your irrational phobias. But this process is only the beginning of the way to your emotional release. If you really want to be relieved of your emotional blockages (fears, phobias, anxieties), you will have to begin an emotional cleansing deep in your unconscious brain.

And to do this, the most powerful technique to overcome fear and phobia by cleaning your reptilian brain is breathing. By controlling your breathing, you can control all your fear like yogis conquers the death fear. I invite you to read the most efficient method to do that; intermittent breathing.

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