How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks naturally?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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As a teenager, I lived for many years as a slave to chronic anxiety and I had repeated anxiety attacks. I am neither a doctor nor a psychotherapist, but I know exactly what to do to get rid of all this psychological as well as physical stress that often affect us. I'm not talking about managing, calming or soothing, no... I'm talking about eliminating and permanently defeating all the generalized anxiety and panic attacks to finally live a happy and serene life! I will explain everything on this page!

How to overcome anxiety and panic attacks naturally?

Symptoms of Chronic Generalized Anxiety

Tough life

Rather than enjoying the joys and pleasures of life, you only reap the pain and misery. The deep anxiety you constantly feel robs you of all the happiness that remains in you. As this tends to continue, life becomes difficult both physically and psychologically.

Mental restless

Your thoughts are so negative that you do not even prefer to look them in the face. The little voice in your head harasses you with fear, remorse, guilt, regret, sadness, in short, your mind becomes absolutely dark.

Negative emotions

Weak and trembling voice, cotton legs ready to collapse, knot in the throat, ball in the belly, oppression in the chest, extreme palpitations, I know... It's a horrible feeling especially when you're far from home or when you are a prisoner of a stressful situation.

Afraid to die

When one is caught in a sudden panic attack or an attack of anxiety that lasts, one has the impression that death comes knocking on our door. Our heart beats so fast that we have the impression that we are going to die. It does not happen, but what a huge stress it becomes for the body.

Fatigue and exhaustion

Generalized anxiety, anxiety, panic attacks or fear are physical and psychological states that pump all your vital energy. Your vitality decreases day by day leaving you in a state of fatigue and perpetual exhaustion. Hence, chronic fatigue becomes your companion.

Solutions to get rid of panic attacks naturally

There are many solutions to overcome his generalized anxiety. I have tried them all and I know exactly what works and what doesn't work. Let's first see what you need to avoid to heal and get away with it permanently. Unfortunately, many people fall into certain traps that make it look easy.

Medications to calm down

As a teenager, I had no choice but to take medicine, but VERY quickly. Later on, I abandoned this strategy to find a real sustainable and natural solution. The problem with drugs is that it simply removes the symptoms without addressing the root cause of the problem. This creates an addiction that becomes more and more difficult to give up over the years. The sooner you start weaning, the better!

PS: speak to your doctor before making this decision.

You avoid stress situations

At first, it is best to avoid stressful situations, but it should not last at the risk of missing out on your life! Unfortunately, if your condition does not improve, stress exposure becomes more and more difficult. You tend to become really hypersensitive to stress. Do not wait to experience deep inner unhappiness before taking control of yourself.

Positive thoughts ?

One of my Yoga teachers often said to me: "We do not solve a mental problem using the mind itself..." Yes, positive thoughts can help you temporarily, but they will never eliminate the very cause of your anxiety. Your negative thoughts are not the result of a mental hangman, but of a nervous system empty of vital energy. In other words, you cannot have beautiful bright thoughts if your body are not working well (exhaustion, anxiety, etc.).

Do you hurt your body?

Your body is already in intense stress with all this anxiety. Unfortunately, some people are always adding more; doing sports too much, consuming tons of stimulants such as coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, following draconian diets to lose their emotional pounds or playing intense sports. These strategies will never free you from anxiety.  Even worse, you're just pushing yourself deeper into the infernal cycle of nervous exhaustion.

The effective solution to overcoming generalized anxiety

Being a teenager, anxiety, stress and depression were my faithful companions on the road. Day and night, I was a slave to this burden. To get out, I literally tried everything  I could; hypnosis, sport, NLP, meditation, positive thoughts, healthy diets, etc. They all contributed to a better, but TEMPORARY well-being. It did not last long until I discovered the power of breathing and vital energy which completely transformed my life.

At the time, I was struggling with generalized anxiety, and I had a vital energy level of 9 seconds (this is a test that I will present in a few seconds). The physical and mental suffering was very intense, but I guess you know what I mean ...

By passing the 30-second mark into vital energy, anxiety, anxiety attacks, fear, stress, fatigue, depression and panic attacks have TOTALLY faded. Nothing, nada, zero, niet! You cannot imagine the relief that can be felt. It is as if you lay down a burden of several tons, you suddenly feel VERY light and serene.

What I discovered is simple. If your life energy is low, physical anxiety and mental stress comes in automatically. It has nothing to do with your thoughts, your conditioning, what's going on in your head because EVERYTHING actually comes from your cells.

If your cells produces enough energy, they are happy and so are you. If your cells do not produce enough, anxiety wins quickly and this is reflected directly in your whole body  and mind. The wise men of old, like the Chinese ancestral doctors, said: "The disease is only an energy imbalance." Your anxiety, your anguish, your depression, your nervous exhaustion are neither more nor less than your energy problems.

You MISS vital energy!

Let's check it now with a respiratory test developed by a Russian doctor who created the Buteyko method.

Sit comfortably, watch your breath without changing it, and get a stopwatch (on your phone for example). Then, at the end of an expiration (with empty lungs), pinch your nose to stop breathing and start the stopwatch. At the very first sign of a desire to breathe (do not force), breathe again and stop the stopwatch.

You have a score that represents your level of cellular energy. In truth, this test measures the level of oxygenation in your cells. The more oxygenated your cells are, the more energy they produce.

If you are struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, I bet you your score will be less than 25! This Russian doctor gave this test to thousands of patients, so he got a lot of information. What emerges is simple, below 40 seconds, the body and mind are not healthy. The lower the score, the sicker we are, and it's as simple as that.

When I hit the bottom, my score was 9 seconds. Note that the zero score corresponds to the death where the individual makes his last breath. From 30 seconds, anxiety and stress disappears completely from your life. However, you remain slightly sensitive to the most distressing situations. From 40 seconds, you are another person entirely.

This is how to naturally overcome anxiety! By increasing your vital energy to this breath test. Obviously, the secret lies precisely in your breathing. You may not have paid attention but anxiety and stress make your breathing completely chaotic and agitated. Bad breathing inevitably leads to low vital energy ...

Breathing to eliminate anxiety attacks and chronic anxiety

Breathing or relearning how to breathe properly really saved my life. I really do not exaggerate, because I explained all my secrets to overcome the anxiety in the free video training available at the end of this article.

Increase your energy level

To increase your score on the breath test, so your level of cellular oxygenation, you will necessarily have to restore a good breathing. Breathing is the secret of all yogis, martial artists, high-level athletes, etc ... to increase their energy levels and control their stress level to perfection.

Physical and mental health

To completely eliminate the anxiety and anguish of your life, you will have to get a score of 30 seconds minimum, knowing that the ideal score is 60 seconds according to the work of this Russian doctor. The score of 60 seconds represents a perfect state of physical and mental health. With this test, you can locate precisely!

Always be zen

Top athletes use breathing before any performance to control their stress. Singers and comedians all use breathing techniques to boost their self-confidence and soothe anxiety. Martial artists can keep a self-control perfect in front of any danger by mastering their breathing and finally yoga practitioners use the breath to control their body and mind at will. And you? Why not use it to its full potential?

Calm thoughts

Your thoughts are negative, agitated, chaotic? Did you know that by properly manipulating your breathing, you can stop all that mental chatter in seconds? Must we know how to breathe on a daily basis? Good breathing corresponds to a 40-second test score.

Natural treatment to cure anxiety without medication?

At the time when I discovered the power of breathing to cure my generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), my nervous breakdown, my chronic stress, my attacks of panic or my anxiety attacks went away because I trained myself to all alternative therapies using breathing.

I also took yoga teacher training to master the tools the yogis used to heal their bodies quickly and calm their minds to the limit. I also met Qiqong masters, singing teachers, doctors specializing in the breathing process.

Of all these methods, I only took the best and most effective way to increase my vital energy test score. Indeed, there is no need to waste time with a therapy or a method if they do not boost your cellular oxygenation because it is your overall life energy! The higher your score, the better your physical and mental health! Say goodbye to anxiety and anxiety ...

Over the years, my protocol has refined more and more to become a complete training to know how to breathe well. This new formation is called Intermittent Breathing, which is the concept I created to increase your energy and overcome stress by breathing better and better everyday.

If you want to know more, I invite you to follow exactly the protocol that I used to increase my test score and to eliminate my physical and psychological suffering by reading my ultimate guide on Intermittent Breathing.

If not, you can also read my testimony of healing of generalized anxiety. Do not lose hope, you can get away quickly with your breath too!

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