How to get out of burnout quickly?

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Without doubt, I named the evil of the century 'burnout!' Characterized by chronic fatigue and intense nervous exhaustion, burnout affects more and more men and women in all socio-professional categories. The most disturbing part is that it also affects teens and children. I myself experienced intense nervous fatigue when I was a teenager... At the time, the term "burn-out" did not exist yet...

Even after a full night's sleep (if I got to sleep...), I always felt tired and exhausted even though I had just woken up. I can tell you that it really ruins your life, but I guess you know what I'm talking about ...

On this page, I will explain how to get rid of psychological fatigue and nervous exhaustion! I am not a doctor but I know exactly how to cure burnout because I myself have been out for a long time now. Understand that it's not about managing or fighting burnout, it's about eliminating it COMPLETELY to transform your experience of everyday life. With renewed vitality and form, life becomes joyful!

How to get out of burnout quickly?

Symptoms of fatigue and exhaustion

Intense exhaustion

When one experiences fatigue and chronic exhaustion, he/she will have the feeling, the sensation of being completely emptied! Obviously, the energy, the joy, the happiness, the vitality left your body and your mind... It turns you into a true zombie, into a half-living person who survives rather than really live! Do a chronic fatigue test to find out where you are.

State of fragility and weakness

You do not recognize yourself anymore! Your strength of character, your more or less solid personality have given way to intense psychological fragility. The slightest stress or emotion can upset you emotionally. Your psychic stability no longer exists. You are locking in on yourself as a protective measure...

Permanent tiredness

The alarm clock just rings out that you are already tired. Your body is empty of energy, the slightest physical effort makes you completely breathless. You stay in bed or sit most of the day. Sports activity has become impossible at the risk of exhausting you even more ...


Burnout does not come alone... Often, it comes with nervous breakdown, severe digestive problems, allergies and repeated infections, physical and moral weakness... All this leads to great despair. Your esteem for you fades and becomes almost nonexistent. You do not use the right alternative healing protocol...

Difficulty bouncing

Your burnout is often caused by your stressful lifestyle. The solution is obviously to completely review his daily routine. However, sometimes there is absolutely nothing to change in your environment. In this case, it is your way of experiencing the world that will have to be reviewed. As Gandhi said, "The change of the world around you can only take place from a change within you."

Use of alternative therapies

Vigilance is here! I myself tested dozens of alternative therapies to regain my energy and beat the burnout, most of them only gave temporary results. It is sometimes better to do nothing than to do too much to avoid any additional stress ...

Too much rest

"If you are tired, you must rest." How many times have I heard this advice that NEVER worked! You see it yourself; after a night of sleep, you are tired, after weeks of doing nothing, you are always tired! The observation is obvious, you do not have enough rest. The real rest is worthy ...

Use of stimulants

This is probably the worst thing to do; stimulate the body while tired. It's like whipping an exhausted horse to keep running. It will get to a moment when it will collapse permanently... To allow the body to produce new energy, we must stop stimulants of all kinds; caffeine, theine, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, drugs, boosting supplements, emotions strong, blue screens, intense sport, etc...

The solution to cure burnout: increase your energy?

I managed to heal my burn-out, to overcome my chronic fatigue, to eliminate my mental exhaustion when I understood the functioning of the human body through Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic (Indian). For these ancestral medicines, fatigue is simply an energy imbalance. The emptiness you feel, the fragility, the weakness are only caused by a LACK of energy. It's as simple as that...

To know how to get out of burnout and intense exhaustion for the long term, one simply had to increase one's vital energy, one's vitality. At the time, I had the chance to discover the work of a Russian doctor who had developed a breath test to measure his vital energy. When my state of fatigue was at the most critical stage (I could barely get up in the morning), my vital energy level was only 9 seconds (you can do the test by following my free video workshop on breathing). According to this Russian doctor, it took 40 seconds to be in good health. I was far from the account. In addition to my state of deep fatigue, I had many other problems as well; depression, loss of libido, anxiety, digestion problem, my life was hell!

A true burnout, corresponding to a depletion of the nervous system is equivalent to a score of less than 25 seconds.

The score you are going to get is actually your level of cellular oxygenation. The more oxygen your cells have, the more energy they produce. It's mathematical! The higher your score, the higher your life energy too!

Fortunately, I quickly learned how to increase my life energy! At the time, when I reached 20 seconds, the intense tiredness had disappeared to give way to a light fatigue with always a feeling of fragility. By reaching 30 seconds, the generalized fatigue had completely disappeared (as well as all my other health problems). However, you will always feel that you are not yet at your maximum potential! At 40 seconds, it's a level of overall health.

According to the work of this Russian doctor and his team (Buteyko method), the result to reach is 60 seconds, which represents an absolutely perfect health! Fatigue is unknown at this level!

I hope it's clear to you! You must stop focusing on how to defeat, fight, fight, manage burnout and fatigue! You must now focus all your efforts, all your last strengths on one goal; to increase your vital energy level!

By increasing your level of vitality, you increase your cellular oxygenation and this will finally allow billions of cells that make up your body to produce maximum energy! With 100% of your energy potential, you will no longer feel fatigue, exhaustion, weakness, fragility! With a high test score, just say bye bye to your burnout!

Breathe well, the UNIQUE solution to overcome intense fatigue

Find ALL his energy

To produce energy, cells need two ingredients; glucose or fatty acids (provided by food) and oxygen (brought by breathing). However, 90% of people make the mistake of focusing solely on their diet and completely forget that breathing is far and away MUCH more important! You can stop eating several weeks, but breathe only a few minutes! Here, we will understand the ultimate importance of breathing WELL !

Increase oxygenation

To measure your progress, the breath test you performed will be extremely important. It measures your progress and sets a serious goal! To eliminate burnout, you must exceed 25 sec, to eliminate fatigue 30 sec, to regain your full potential 40 sec and to recover a perfect physical and mental health 60 sec! All this is possible only by controlling your breathing!

The secret of yogis and sages

I've read hundreds of biographies of wise men, yogis, spiritual masters, great men (and women), and at all times breathing is presented as an essential tool to soothe emotions, calm the mind, relieve pain, increase vital energy, relax and evacuate stress, etc. Breathing is at the heart of most traditions; yoga, qiqong, martial arts, meditation, etc. Learning to breathe is the secret of a successful life!

Eliminate stress

A good breathing can channel stress to bounce back and to overcome crisis. Bad breathing causes great fragility and devastating emotions. What are you waiting for to learn to breathe WELL?

How to breathe well to get out of nervous exhaustion?

When I realized at the time that the one and only way out of chronic fatigue and extreme exhaustion was to learn breathing well, my life took a life-saving turn! Indeed, breathing was the supreme tool that healed me from burnout. Chinese medicine uses it to balance yin and yang through qiqong. Ayurvedic (Indian) medicine uses it to increase vital energy through pranayama (yoga breathing exercises). These two medicines also use diet and lifestyle optimization, but breathing remains the central element for a successful healing process!

For many years, I have stored tons of knowledge and experiences on breathing, including becoming a yoga teacher, studying Taoism, qiqong and many other alternative medicines using breath. I even trained in diving... But as everywhere, there was always the good and the bad! How to know? I had a vital energy test to check it ...

Today, I know EXACTLY what one must do or not do to increase the vital energy. Also, I know exactly how to breathe to improve oxygenation. I wrote dozens of cards at the time for my own needs. Gradually, I kept only the essential, the digest of more than 10 years of research, studies and experiments.

I ended up creating a concept; intermittent breathing and I created a complete training to learn how to breathe perfectly on a daily basis. What is a perfect breath? It is a breathe that increases your vital energy around the clock, your cell oxygenation 7 days out of 7, and also your test score! This concept is exactly what has allowed me to permanently eliminate burnout, but especially to overcome chronic fatigue and mental exhaustion naturally (without any medication or stimulant).

I really want you to discover my concept of intermittent breathing! To do this, I invite you to discover my free video workshop where I explained how to breathe WELL everyday.

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