How to lose weight naturally?

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As a teenager, due to many health problems, I quickly gained weight to reach 105 kilos! To lose weight quickly, I tried all possible methods: low calorie diet (eat less), intense sport (move more), well hydrate (drink more), supplement (vitamins and fat burning products), lift the melting (muscle) or the detox treatments (fasts and cures of juice). Unfortunately, ALL of his strategies had only temporary effects. Yes, they all worked for a while at the cost of exhausting effort, but quickly I gave up because I was tired, stressed and I was terribly FAIM! In fact, by doing all that, I seriously damaged my metabolism!

How to lose weight naturally?

On this page, I will explain exactly how I was able to lose weight naturally, that is to say without diet, without sports, without medication, without weight training and above all WITHOUT stress! Believe me, the man and the woman are made to be thin naturally without any particular effort.

Yet, obesity and overweight are scourges that affect more than one in two French people (60%) at the moment! Even children are concerned today. But do not worry, once you know exactly what to do, lose weight and regain a weight of form and become a breeze!

The suffering of overweight and obesity

Physical appearance

Of course, health is paramount, but we must admit to our physical appearance, the one we see in the mirror every day counts for a lot! Excess fat is abnormal and inevitable, you would prefer to have a slim body. This quest to know how to be beautiful or beautiful is somewhere normal, a return to balance.

Physical fatigue

Having several tens of pounds more is tiring for the body. It requires a lot of vital energy! You obviously feel a feeling of heaviness that weighs you down everyday. Obviously, your overweight causes a lot of fatigue and shortness of breath at the slightest effort!

Overweight causes illness

Obesity and overweight never come alone! They always bring lots of problems: hypertension, hypothyroidism, chronic fatigue, bad cholesterol, diabetes, difficulty in breathing and many more. I know you're worried about your appearance, but it's your health that needs to be focused on now.

You are hungry

Who has not already fallen into the trap of a low-calorie diet to lose weight! Everyone advise it! But it is bad knowing fully well the body and the functioning of energy metabolism. Sooner or later, the body will compensate with what is called the yoyo effect: as soon as you crack, you take back all your weight with an extra bonus! By the way, your digestion and your metabolism took a big hit...

Loss of self-confidence

You will be told that self-confidence is in your head, that you must have a positive image of yourself, in order to maintain thoughts of love! It's not enough! After years of experimentation, I discovered that self-confidence depends only on one thing: the level of cellular energy! The more energy your cells produce, the more confidence and stability you radiate. I will soon explain to you how to do it!

Bad solutions for losing fat quickly

Fat Burning Products

Who has not already bought diet pills? I'm talking about dietary supplements that are supposed to speed up weight loss, fat burning products, supplements that block hunger, and so on. Many of these products are very harmful to your body and especially to your liver. You "hurt" your health for your appearance. Moreover, this strategy does not work in the long term...

Low calorie diet

The truth is that ALL diets work! That's why there are so many! But they work temporarily until the day you take ALL your pounds! When hungry, you do the worst thing: you stress your reptilian brain, the one that manages your survival. In front of this danger, this famine, its only objective will be to make a maximum of reserves to survive. This is why NO low calorie diet is effective in the long term...

Sports and cardio training

You still believe that doing cardio training for hours on a machine at the gym will make you lose weight. Certainly, physical activity is crucial! But there is a way to do it: without stress, without intense effort, without getting tired, without running out, without starving! It's the same with bodybuilding, you may take muscle, but you will not be thin. You will have to do a dry then take back all your pounds. Why not learn to lose weight and lose weight naturally without killing yourself in a gym?

Lack of self-esteem and abuse

Running when you do not feel like it, playing sports when you're not fit, starving yourself when you're hungry, going on a diet while eating an entire buffet, etc. call for self-suffering! You inflict punishments on yourself, you mistreat yourself... Unfortunately, the body will categorically refuse to get rid of its fat reserves in these conditions!

The easy and fast solution to lose weight without stress

I had to study how the body, the brain and the nervous system work to understand obesity and overweight. There are dozens of theories on slimming. There is the theory of caloric deficit. We must spend more calories than we eat. There is the hormonal theory. Insulin must be handled by various strategies to prevent fat storage. There is also the physiological theory. Man is made to eat only this and must avoid all that. In truth, all these theories are founded!

For my part, I will clearly explain the theory that allowed me to lose weight without special effort! I named the theory of vital energy or metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of processes in the body to turn food, water and air into vital energy. If you have fat reserves, it simply means that your body does not produce enough energy. Your cellular metabolism does not produce enough energy, the brain, as a precaution (survival), and decides to make fat stocks. Your overweight is only a problem of energy production, in reality, YOU MISS cruelly of energy!

To understand how you produce energy, you have to look at the cellular level. It is very simple! For a cell to produce energy, specifically, to produce ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is an energetic molecule that allows the body to function properly, a cell needs 2 ingredients: glucose (or fatty acids) + oxygen! Glucose (or fatty acids) is food! Oxygen is breathing!

It's completely incredible because we live in a society that is saturated with plenty of food! You probably eat 3 to 4 meals a day and yet, your brain still decides to make reservations in case of famine! Where is the problem? You understand it: oxygen is missing from your cells! Your cells simply do not have enough oxygen to produce the vital energy needed for your body to function properly! You do not enough oxygen to oxygenate your billions of cells to produce a maximum of ATP! Your cells are hungry, not food but oxygen! They are suffocating! In front of this GREAT stress (energy famine), the brain has no other solution than to make reservations!

Breathing differentiates people who can eat anything and everything without taking a gram of people who store any food gap. Indeed, the first people burn / oxidize everything they eat while the second burn nothing, everything simply accumulates...

At the time, I was lucky to find a vital energy test that allowed me to measure my cell oxygenation. When I weighed 105 kilos, my test score was 9 seconds! The standard according to the doctor who had developed this test is 40 seconds! I finally understood why I had so many extra pounds, and especially why I had so many health problems (fatigue, depression, anxiety, hypertension, digestive disorders, etc.).

I will soon make you to discover this breath test from the Buteyko method!

The score you will get is of paramount importance because it allows you to know what the level of oxygenation of your billions of cells are! The closer your score is to 40 seconds, the greater your energy output, and the better your metabolism! The closer your score is to 0, the sicker you are! Zero being considered as death...

I lost all my extra pounds when I passed the 35-second mark. At this level, your cells produce enough energy to tell the brain to no longer make reservations. There is no more stress, danger of famine, energy debt! The brain which is in charge of our survival no longer has any interest in storing extra pounds!

You now understand that to eliminate your overweight in the long term, to lose weight sustainably and naturally without a diet or intense sport, you will have to restart the production of energy at the cellular level. You will have to increase your metabolism, your test score and thus, your oxygenation! And guess how one improves his oxygenation? By breathing better of course!

The secret to losing weight naturally: BREATHING!

Increase your metabolism

Cell metabolism and energy production depends on two things; glucose (or fatty acids) brought by food and oxygen through breathing! Seeing all the glucose (carbohydrate) you ingest and all the fatty acids (lipid) you carry on you, you mostly lack oxygen to boost your metabolism to its full speed and burn / oxidize all this surplus!

Objective: 40 sec on the test

From 30 sec, you eliminate all your excess fat, but the goal is clearly 40 seconds which corresponds according to the creator of the test to a good level of health! This corresponds mainly to good cellular oxygenation and thus, to a high level of energy. Breathing will be essential to provide the oxygen necessary for the production of ATP (scientific term which designates an energy molecule).

Reduce stress

Breathing is known to soothe stress, eliminate anxiety, calm the mind, and relax the body. It is found for example in all relaxation workshops whether for high level sport, singing or drama classes, yoga with pranayama exercises (yoga breathing), etc. Breathing is the secret of relaxation and stress reduction!

Transform your body by eliminating excess fat

When we understand that oxygen is the essential element for ALL burning in the cells, we realize the importance of WELL breathing every day! I do not mean to do some deep breathing exercises here and there, but to breathe properly for 24 hours a day, second after second, breath after breath!

Breathe well to burn the belly fat and hips fat durably

If you understand that your overweight is only the result of low energy production at the cellular level, you know that you must relearn how to breathe to transform your metabolism into a true fat burner! If you have a score less than 25 sec in the test that I am going to show you, it is very likely that you have a good ten kilos in excess especially at the level of the belly... If you have a score lower than 20 seconds, you are probably in the category of obesity! But be rest assured, by relearning to breathe, you can say goodbye to the body that you currently have!

WARNING! However, I want to warn you! My training is not intended to have a hyper muscular and dry body with bulging abdominals and large pecs! As you can see in my photo before / after, my body is not impressive and I do not have the beautiful chocolate bar magazines! On the other hand, I am slim and naturally carved without going on a diet, without running, without muscle, without any supplement, but just with a good breathing pattern and a rather healthy lifestyle!

For a physical magazine, you will need much more: seasonal low calorie diet, sport and intense bodybuilding, dietary supplements for drying, recovery and weight gain. In short, it's another lifestyle... even though my breathing training can make the whole process easier!

The training, which I created and named Intermittent Breathing, has for sole and sole objective to increase your metabolism burner of calories! The higher your score, the more oxygenated your cells are and the more vital energy they produce! With maximum energy potential, your brain has no reason to maintain fat reserves, your body will automatically eliminate any surplus. You will lose weight naturally and lose weight without any special effort...

All you have to do is to normalize your breathing. This will obviously require special exercises as well as improving your lifestyle in everyday life. Everything is simple and easy to set up! The other important goal of my training is to decrease your STRESS level. To breathe better is to live without stress, without anxiety, without fatigue! Here is the power of a good breath!

One of my spiritual masters often said: "The breath is so powerful that it can sublimate a man and give him powers if he breathes well or destroy it if he breathes badly." The degeneration of man through obesity, overweight and all the associated health problems, are only due to a bad breath, a prisoner breathing and subject to the stress of everyday life!

I really want to share with you all my knowledge about the power of breathing and its effect on its transformation potential! Indeed, this is the only solution that really worked for me! If you are ready to transform yourself physically and mentally, then I invite you to join my video workshop to learn how to breathe.

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