How to breathe properly (nose breathing) ?

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I'd like to introduce you to the ultimate rule of thumb to learn how to breathe properly for the purpose of eliminating fatigue and stress in just a few seconds. I imagine that you are anxious to discover this famous rule which, in my opinion, is obligatory to assure a total regeneration of its body and its spirit. By applying it meticulously day after day, we will find out all its energy and even increased tenfold! I said goodbye to chronic fatigue, nervous exhaustion and physical and mental stress!

How to breathe properly (nose breathing) ?

How to breathe well to reduce stress?

To regenerate, the body definitely needs energy. Yes, it is the energy that will allow his body, and more precisely, the billions of cells that make it up to do their job properly. For optimum organ functioning, optimal elimination of metabolic waste and accumulated toxins, maintaining an excellent immune system, cells have a big role to play. But if there is no energy, or not enough, your machine breaks down. This is the beginning of chronic fatigue.

It is important to understand that energy is the most precious good. The older we get, the less we have. The more one burns his reserves, the faster the dry failure happens. People who have hit the bottom are perfectly aware of this state of nervous exhaustion, where the spark of life has disappeared. There is simply no more energy at home.

It is therefore necessary to quickly recharge the batteries. However, energy has a rival that you know well, very well even, it's called stress. No matter what form it takes in the body or mind, stress decreases energy reserves, in fact, it steals them. The more you are stressed, the less energy you have. The less energy you have, the more you are stressed. This is the hellish spiral that leads to burnout and depression.

But the opposite is also true. The less you are stressed, the more energy you have. The more energy you have, the less you are stressed. It is in this virtuous cycle that one has to position oneself to begin the process of one's regeneration. And that as soon as possible.

There are several processes that bring energy every day. The two main ones are diet and breathing. Here, I will focus on breathing because it is the first and most important source of energy in living things. You can stop eating several weeks without problems, but you cannot stop breathing for more than a few minutes, otherwise the resultant effect is death. Every second is the breath that brings Life to your body and mind.

Breathing, connection between the body and the mind

Understand the fact that breathing is the vehicle of the energy that gives life. Call it what you want: Prana, Chi, Ki, God, cosmic energy, whatever, it's what keeps you alive second by second. Without the act of breathing, there will be no energy and life.

Breathing is an essential subject, you cannot imagine how much! I have many things to say about this area (I have also created an entire training on breathing), but here I will reveal the most important of all.

Let's go!

There are two ways to breathe. To put it straight, it’s either your breathing generates stress, or it generates appeasement. There is a pattern of breathing that indicates to the body and mind that there is no stress (when you breathe calmly for example), and another pattern that indicates that there is danger (when you breathe quickly), and this activates what is called a stress response.

This stress response triggers a series of internal processes such as:

- Release of stress hormones such as short-term adrenaline and long-term cortisol that mobilize all the body's resources for flight or combat.

- Release of glucose from the liver into the blood to allow the body an intense effort that should be either the leak or the danger.

- Mineral leakage like sodium or magnesium, and this to "boost" the body to the maximum. These two minerals, for example, contribute to the muscular and nervous relaxation of the body. But in the face of stress, the body gets rid of it quickly because it is not the moment that it relaxes since you have to face "a flight" or a danger.

And many more processes... This stress response is natural and helpful most times. But if you activate it everyday throughout the day, you will end up inevitably some time later in a state of intense fatigue, deep exhaustion that will require a long recovery.

To return to your breathing, it is a reflection of your state of stress. The more you breathe quickly and deeply, the more it indicates intense stress inside the body. The more you breathe calmly, without forcing, the more it indicates a calming of the overall nervous system.

To make the link, the faster you breathe, the more you activate your stress response, and the more stressed you are, the faster you breathe. You may not notice it, but the volume of air and your breathing rate increases significantly. It can even go as far as hyper-ventilation that causes such effects as hypoglycemia (craving for sugar), head turning (dizziness), difficulty breathing (shortness of breath), general anxiety (restlessness), etc.

On the other hand, the more you breathe calmly, the more you deactivate your stress response. The body remains in a state of calm and peace. The energy is in this case entirely directed towards the regeneration of the body and the mind. Physical and psychic digestion, elimination of toxins, reconstruction of weakened organs, renewal of cells, soothing of the nervous system, etc.

How to have a good breathing to relax and calm down?

You have now understood the overall principle, and what's great is that you can control your breathing. By "controlling" your breathing pattern, you voluntarily control the activation or deactivation of your stress response. Clearly, you choose between directing your energy towards stress (flight or fight) or towards regeneration (body and mind).

Now, it's time for me to unveil the famous rule to regenerate you completely. This rule simply allows you to NEVER ACTIVATE your stress response.

As you can see, ALWAYS breathe calmly and never exceed a certain limit on your breathing pattern. If you exceed this breathing limit and breathe "too fast," then you will activate your stress response, and this stops any further regeneration. If you stay below this limit, you turn off your stress response and stay in your regeneration zone where you accumulate energy day after day.

But what is this limit not to exceed? How to know in which zone I am? The rule is the answer.

The absolute rule to turn off stress and regenerate yourself completely is to always breathe through the nose.

Mouth breathing VS nose breathing

This conclusion is the result of several years of yoga training, intense research in physiology of breathing and stress, and especially many experiments in everyday life.

The physiological secret behind this rule is simply to maintain the perfect gas balance in your blood between oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2). I will not go into full detail here because I have created a training session to learn how to breathe with more explanations. For the moment, it is rather urgent to position yourself in a regeneration phase by deactivating your stress response.

A great sage once said, "The mouth is made to eat, the nose to breathe."

Do not make the mistake of taking this rule lightly because it has literally transformed my life and it will also transform yours. This simple but powerful rule will simply allow you to disable any physical stress. You will never cross the limit if you always breathe calmly through the nose.

I will give you concrete examples.

- At rest, why breathe by mouth? You must always breathe calmly through the nose. This indicates a state of appeasement of absolute calm. Thousands of people literally have jaw drop, look around, and you will be surprised. This increases your breathing rate in a harmful and unnecessary way.

- When you walk it's the same, you must always breathe through your nose. If you are forced to open your mouth, it is because you are walking too fast. Stressed people walk fast, run literally and are forced to open their mouths to breathe more. Unfortunately, they do not know that they are activating their stress response. By slowing down the pace, while breathing quietly through the nose, they position themselves in a regeneration zone. This simple change changes everything!

- When you run the same. Ah ah, I can already imagine getting up and protesting: "It's impossible to run with your mouth shut." Obviously it is possible, but it requires more patience and better physical condition. You see, when someone runs with their mouths open, the body receives a clear message: "I have to flee, I am attacked." Energy is directed to the stress response, activation of the sympathetic nervous system, release of adrenaline, you run faster, then you feel good with the release of other "pleasant" hormones that compensate for internal stress. Yes, you like this sensation, but it is caused by the activation of stress in your body. You think you are doing good running so, unfortunately, you exhaust faster than the music. If many runners end up exhausted, burn-out and look no further.

On the other hand, if someone decides to run by breathing through the nose, it's different. At first, he will have to run very slowly so he does not have to open his mouth or he will activate his stress response. Indeed it is much harder. No performance is possible, but you always stay in "calm, stress-free" mode. This avoids over-training and impromptu injury. If you really want to regenerate yourself, you'll have to give up the mindset of performance for a state of mind of appeasement and tranquility.

- When you do bodybuilding it's the same. Oh I see them at the gym (I did the same before and this contributed to a lot of fatigue). Excessively heavy loads, endless repetitions, hours to lift from the cast, with agitated breaths, mouth wide open. Result is great, a very great stress on the body. The body will manage for a few years, until the day when chronic fatigue and injuries will invite each other. It is enough to practice without aiming at the performance, the pleasure must prevail. Choose suitable charges to breathe quietly through the nose without stress.

So, there are many situations where you have to apply this rule. Nothing complicated, you just have to close your mouth and breathe through your nose.

The effects of bad breathing (fast and restless)

Understand this, when you breathe through your mouth, you activate the mechanisms of stress, and this causes many side effects: premature aging due to oxidative stress (hair loss, white hair, wrinkles, etc.), accumulation of fatigue up to total exhaustion, anxiety more and more palpable until depression, digestion increasingly fragile, demineralization accelerated, heart or respiratory problems (asthma for example).

Athletes believe that they feel good by exercising every day, breathing hard, performing every day. Unfortunately, these are people addicted to adrenaline and especially to the "appeasing" hormones that follow and come to balance this internal stress. They feel good about exercising, but it does not last. They will need their new dose of adrenaline the next day.

Sedentary people are not spared. They watch TV, they cook, they read, they surf the web, but they forget to close their mouths and breathe through their noses. Bad habit, blocked breathing and difficulty because of old emotional shocks and blockages and many other causes that we will see later. But for now, it is urgent to restore balance.

Some will not stop breathing through their mouths because they have a state of mind of performance. They must give everything every time. Suddenly, opening the mouth allows much more gas exchange. But this is translated by our reptilian brain as a danger (it is he who manages the whole process of breathing). Leak or fight, danger, stress, in short this energy is entirely dedicated to survival. All this vital energy spoiled will unfortunately not be available for your regeneration.

But all this is old history! Now by applying this rule, you can redirect your precious energy towards your self-healing. You will then prevent the stress of stealing it.

Attention, I’m not saying that one should stop any physical activity, all I’m saying is that it is essential to breathe through the nose. This obviously limits your performance, but it keeps you below the stress limit. Just when you have to open your mouth to breathe, be sure, you start activating your stress response.

So, now, breathe through the nose, calmly, when you rest, in front of the television, cooking, walking, running (yes it is possible I do it sometimes even if I much prefer a peaceful hike, but good c is another story), doing weight training (just put your ego aside and take lighter loads), etc. If you feel that you need to breathe more, then you need to open your mouth to support yourself, slow down your pace or lower your bodybuilding loads. Immediately, adjust your effort forever and still stay below the limit not to cross.

Breathe to become aware of the Present Moment

Do you know what happens when you really start integrating it into your life? All of a sudden, you slow down, your life slows down, your thoughts slow down and calm down, your body calms down, you feel calmer, more serene, you start to really appreciate what is called the present moment, you leave the agitation of the world and society for; it is an expression I learned during a trip to London; "Take your time to smell roses on the road." Translation: "Take your time to smell the roses on the way." Concretely, you take your time to appreciate every moment of this magnificent life.

And all that, just by breathing through your nose, not your mouth.

Never forget this breathing rule which is a form of meditation in itself. Cannot relive the hell of nervous exhaustion, impossible to touch the bottom of the hole again! Now, you let the body "be calm," you leave all your energy to your healing and your physical and psychological regeneration! Let others perform, you, act quietly.

An oriental proverb that I like a lot and that sums up the spirit of this guide: "Get quietly active and get active rest." This means that you activate the day without any stress (because you breathe calmly through the nose) to return home at night without fatigue (you have kept your energy).

Of course, this rule will not change you overnight, though... it's so powerful. It really embodies the most important rule of a set of rules which I have established for my own regeneration. All these simple and effective rules, once established in your daily life, literally transform your life. Energy rushes back, your energy reserves refuel, you feel good, radiant and happy.

Nasal breathing (through the nose) is the subject of a module of my training to relearn how to breathe well where I explained how to breathe daily to eliminate fatigue, stress, and anxiety.

Here, this article to optimize its physical and mental regeneration by breathing is already ending.

May the energy be with you! And do not forget, close your mouth and breathe quietly through the nose, except to speak of course... lol

❤ The ultimate guide to breathing

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