How to eliminate your digestion problems naturally?

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Gastric reflux, bloating, extremely swollen belly, abundant intestinal gas, smelly flatulence, irritable and porous intestines, severe constipation or acute diarrhea, the problems around the digestive sphere can make you live a real hell! I experienced most of these digestive disorders while I was still a teenager! It was a horrible time of my life! Also, I think you should know exactly what I'm talking about if you read this page!

But do not worry, for there is a durable and natural solution! On this page, I will explain how I virtually eliminated all my digestion problems overnight. Attention, I am not a doctor but simply a person who is passionate about the field of health and well-being to cure me of my difficult digestion problems! That's what I did many years ago!

How to eliminate your digestion problems naturally?

Symptoms of difficult digestion and intestinal problems

Intestinal pain and stomach ache

To have a stomach ache, to have pains in the intestines, to have acidic reflux refluxing in the throat, to feel heavy because of a constipation, all these problems can be painful and make you suffer martyrdom! Moreover, this permanent uncomfortable physical sensation is unbearable on a daily basis!

Chronic fatigue

Digestive disorders do not come alone! Most of the time, it causes great fatigue! Indeed, digestion but especially the assimilation of nutrients are at the heart of the energy production of the body! Without perfect digestion, your body is malnourished even if you eat the healthiest foods that exist!

Depressed state

Personally, my irritable and porous bowel syndrome is what caused my psychological depression. Indeed, when we know that the intestines are lined with millions of nerve cells (neurons) that produce more than 95% of the serotonin (relaxation hormone) and 50% of the dopamine (happiness hormone), we come to understand why digestive problems can send us straight to the nervous breakdown! It is not for nothing that we talk about the intestines as the second brain! Your well-being is made!

Loss of self-confidence

When you suffer from intense bloating, foul smelling intestinal gas or even a simple stomach ache, you lose all confidence in yourself and your self-love takes a big hit! Difficult to stay in group situations or worse in a relationship...

You use TOO toilet paper!

Do you know how to recognize a powerful and effective digestion? Your stool leaves no trace in the toilet bowl or toilet paper. To tell you the truth, you could do without paper because it's so clean! An indicator of perfect digestion is the appearance of the stools: they must be perfectly molded!

Bad solutions to improve digestion

The diet too healthy    `

At the time, when I had digestive problems, I focused on food by having a perfect diet! Natural products, organic, vegetables, fruits, etc ... Guess what? I still had digestive problems even after years of vigilance! Later, I understood one thing: "food is nothing, digestion is everything." You can have the best diet in the world, but if your digestion is weak, you will get sick. Conversely, you can have the worst diet in the world, but if your digestion is powerful, you will be healthy! I will soon explain to you how to improve your digestion, whatever the food...

Colon hydrotherapy

In some cases, a few sessions of colon hydrotherapy (cleaning the large intestine with water) can be highly beneficial! However, the systematic use of enema bags for bowel movements or excessive hydrotherapy sessions can be negative!

Regime too strict

Even if "the food is nothing, the digestion is everything," it is necessary to review a minimum diet. Some foods or mixtures may cause these digestive problems. Sometimes the food could be perfect, but it's the way to eat that needs to be reviewed. Some people swallow their food without chewing it conscientiously, perfect digestion is impossible in this case! It often happens that the entire metabolism must be reviewed, including the energy production itself!

Coffee and stimulants

When you have digestive problems of any kind, the use of stimulants does not make things worse because you do not give the opportunity to the body to act on its own. Caffeine coffee in the morning to get stool, laxative to drain, and stimulating herbs are not viable strategies in the long run...

The solution to eliminate digestive disorders

I had to understand how a cell works so that my life would take a major turn! To understand the cause of my digestive problems, you had to know how a cell digests. Our good digestion is the result of the good digestion of our billions of cells!

First of all, it is crucial to understand that our digestion has ONE PURPOSE: to produce energy, to bring us vitality, to give us form! Then, we must zoom in on the digestion of the cell. To produce energy and more specifically ATP (adenosine triphosphate) which is an energy molecule, the cell needs 2 essential ingredients! On the one hand, it needs glucose or fatty acids brought by the diet, on the other hand, it needs oxygen to burn / digest / transform these nutrients (glucose or fatty acids).

The conclusion is simple: you can eat as much as you want, choose the healthiest foods, IF your cells are poorly oxygenated, your cells will NEVER produce enough energy. In other words, your cells will never digest nutrients, you will never digest efficiently.

The day I realized that my problems of digestion (irritable intestines, gas and excessive bloating, acidic gastric reflux, etc.) were due to poor oxygenation and therefore bad breathing, my life was transformed for the better!

In truth, not so fast because I had to learn to breathe properly daily, i.e 24/7 to improve my digestion and eliminate my digestive disorders. I have literally studied all the breathing practices that exist in this world: yoga (pranayama), qi qong, rebirth, technical Alexander, Buteyko method, diving apnea, sophrology and many other therapies...

I also discovered a revolutionary test developed by a Ukrainian doctor and yogi. This test allowed me to measure my level of cellular oxygenation and thus, my level of energy production. Indeed, the more the cells are oxygenated, the more powerful their digestion and the more they produce energy (ATP).

When I took the test for the first time, my score was only 9 seconds. At that time, my life was pretty chaotic! In addition to digestive problems, I struggled with depression, anxiety and fatigue. I will soon explain to you how to do the test!

If you are struggling with big digestive problems, your score will probably be less than 25 seconds! Indeed, after learning to breathe well, I exceeded the 25-second mark, and that's when ALL my digestion problems had completely disappeared! Finished the irritable intestines, finished the digestive disorders, I was finally released from this burden!

According to the results of this Ukrainian doctor who has passed the test to tens of thousands of patients, a body and a healthy mind correspond to a score of 40 seconds minimum! I was far away with my 9 seconds of the time! Indeed, at this level (40sec), your digestion is perfect: molded stools that leave no trace, no smelly gas, no bloating, no abdominal pain, in short it is a feeling of lightness that invades you! What happiness! Indeed, what happiness especially that the intestines produce 95% of your relaxation (serotonin), and 50% of your happiness (dopamine)!

You would have understood it! To improve and facilitate your digestion to the maximum, to heal your irritable and porous intestines, to eliminate gas and bloating, you will have to increase your energy production by improving your cellular oxygenation! This passes MANDATORY by a good daily breathing! If your score is less than 40 seconds, it means that you are breathing badly! As this Ukrainian doctor often said: "Below 40 seconds, life is lived in suffering." Indeed, a bad digestion generates little energy... Result: fatigue, anxiety, depression, sadness, despair and of course SUFFERING!” What are you waiting for to breathe?

To breathe well to increase your digestive fire

Revive the digestive fire

As a reminder, the cell burns nutrients (glucose / fatty acids) thanks to oxygen! If you breathe badly, you will NOT even digest the best healthy and natural diet! On the other hand, if you have a GOOD breathing of 24 hours a day, you will immediately restart your digestive fire and digest any food without any problem, even the worst junk food!

Increase your vitality

Good digestion has only one goal: to turn foods into vital ENERGY! To "burn" whatever you eat and assimilate it to perfection, you must oxygenate your cells perfectly. This obviously involves a good breath 7 days a week!

Anti-stress and anti-depressive breathing

Breathing is the fatal weapon against stress and depression! This tool is used in all courses of stress management in business, in all high-level sports to control anxiety, in all trades of the show (singing, comedy, theater, etc.) to relieve the pressure! Breathing is also the mainstay of all spiritual practices such as qi qong or yoga! In some yoga texts, it is said that the yogis tested their digestion efficiency by ingesting poison (snake venom)... They had first sublimate their digestive fire through breathing, again...

Soothing body and mind

Breathing has powerful anti-depressant and relaxing effects on muscle cells, but also on nerve cells! This means that breathing well improves the relaxation of the body and the calmness of the mind! But the most important thing is that the breathing soothes the intestines so that they can do their job safely (without stress).

Learn to breathe to avoid slow and difficult digestion

At the time, when I relearned the ways to breathe properly to produce vital energy again in my billions of cells, my respiratory test score, which you will soon discover, increased quite rapidly. Specifically, when I exceeded the score of 25 seconds, ALL my digestive problems are gone! However, you should not stop there because according to the Ukrainian doctor who developed this test, we must all try to reach the level of 60 seconds which corresponds to a perfect physical and mental health! At this level, he said that the vital energy is only used to sublimate the spirit and develop his spiritual skills since the body is in perfect health!

Since then, I have trained so much in breathing like no other person! I have read, practiced and experienced all methods of breathing. Let me tell you a secret: 80% of what you read is wrong! Obviously, these are not words in the air! I personally tested hundreds of methods and exercises with the breath test! Today, I know exactly what to do and how to increase its cellular oxygenation so, its vital energy!

This necessarily involves a very particular control of breathing, but also by an optimization of his lifestyle. All my knowledge allowed me to create a complete training of 25 days where I revealed all the secrets to increase its global oxygenation thanks to a better breathing. In truth, this training focuses primarily on increasing its respiratory test score. The higher the score, the higher your level of physical and mental health! From 25 sec, finished digestive disorders, from 40 sec, welcome the perfect digestion!

My training, I titled it: Intermittent Breathing! It's a concept I've refined for years to bring together and modernize the teachings of the greatest yogis and spiritual masters in the world!

But I do not tell you more because I’ve explained everything in this breathing guide to learn how to breathe! You will also discover the breath test to measure your metabolism and oxygenation.

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