How to get out of deep depression naturally?

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On this page, you will discover how to overcome the deep depression in a completely natural way, that is to say without any anti-depressant medication or anxiolytic. I am neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, but I went through a severe depression myself during my adolescence. I know exactly what you are going through right now, and I know how much you are suffering from having lived through it for many years. Be rest assured that it is VERY easy to get out of depression when you know exactly WHAT to do. I will explain this to you now!

How to get out of deep depression naturally?

Symptoms of psychological depression

Great psychic suffering

You do not live anymore, you survive! Somehow, you resist this great inner suffering that gnaws you everyday a little more. Happiness seems to have definitely left your body and your mind ...

Inner fragility

You feel so fragile inside that you could collapse psychically on the spot! You have no more strength, you feel empty and without any power in front of so much inner suffering!

Chronic fatigue

Psychological/psychological depression is like a vampire who sucks you all your vital energy. You feel tired and completely exhausted. With little energy, you surely wonder how to overcome this deep depression! Take the chronic fatigue test.

Generalized anxiety

A general anxiety has seized you. Anxiety, fear, all its negative emotions are daily martyrs and they literally prevent you from standing up and living!

Low self esteem

Self-confidence? Self-esteem? Self love? You do not know what it is! How could you trust yourself by going through such a chaotic situation? Unfortunately, you make the wrong choices ...

Drugs and anti-depressants

At the time, without seeking an alternative solution, I was sent directly to the psychiatrist who prescribed anti-depressants to me. While these drugs have eliminated the symptoms of my depression, they have created many side effects in the process. The worst of all; the feeling of being cut off from his deep nature, of not feeling this emotions and feeling superficial ... I quickly stopped my treatment when I realized what to really do ...

Social isolation

Unfortunately, depression pushes one to isolate more and more. We think it will be better tomorrow, but in tomorrow, nothing changes. Everyday, we sink more and more into solitude ...

Too many meditations

Yes! As surprising as it may seem, meditation will not help you solve your depression, not now! Meditation could even make it worse because you do not have enough psychic stability to explore the world of the mind! At the stage of depression, there are more urgent and above all simpler things to put in place in your life ...

Make your body suffer

It is common to see depressed people abused their body; calorie restriction (low calorie diet) or excessive physical activity (too much sport and lack of rest). Depression often begins in a tired and abused body...

Overcoming Chronic Depression: My Story

My life really changed when I met the field of Yoga (Ayurvedic Indian medicine) or Qi Qong (Chinese medicine Taoist). For these ancestral practices, ALL diseases are only due to a lack of vital energy. Depression is caused by a major energy imbalance in your body and mind. Clearly, you run out of vital energy when you allow your body and mind to overcome serenely the hardships and challenges of life.

I also discovered a method to measure my vital energy level with an extremely SIMPLE breathing test. You will do it right now ...

Sit comfortably, watch your breath without changing it, and get a stopwatch (on your phone for example). Then, at the end of an expiration (with empty lungs), pinch your nose to stop breathing and start the stopwatch. At the very first sign of a desire to breathe (do not force), breathe again and stop the stopwatch. The score you gwet is of extreme importance! It corresponds to your vital energy level and more specifically to your level of cellular oxygenation. The more your cells are oxygenated, the higher your overall vital energy! It's that simple...

The lower your score, the more intense your depression! The higher your score, the more joy and happiness increase everyday... The creator of this test, a yogi and Russian doctor often said; "Below 40 seconds, life is lived in suffering". When I was depressed, my score was 9 seconds! Believe me, the physical and psychic suffering were VERY intense...

Fortunately, I learned how to increase my score, which mean an increase in my vital energy! At 20 seconds, the deep depression disappeared as if it was magic, and leaving a background of anxiety. At 30 seconds, the anxiety disappeared at once. At 40 seconds, you will NOT experience any symptoms of depression, anxiety or fatigue! At this level, say goodbye to your depression because you will never be depressed again (unless your score relapsed)!

How to get out of deep depression naturally without any medication? You will understand that by simply increasing your vital energy level and measuring it. Thanks to the test above! At first, you have to reach 20 seconds to get out of hell! Then the goal will be to reach 40 seconds to be 100% serene!

You are certainly asking yourself another question; how do I increase my vital energy? You are right, this is the only real question to ask because with MORE energy, depression and ALL diseases are impossible! It is the teaching of Indian and Chinese ancestral doctors, but also of the greatest spiritual masters of all time.

Breathing to get out depression naturally

Boost your vital energy

Breathing is the ultimate tool for increasing your energy level. It is not for nothing if breathing is at the heart of the practice of yoga (pranayama), qi qong (Chinese medicine), martial arts or high-level sport ...

Increase your energy

To increase your score on the breath test and to reach 40 seconds, you will have to control your breathing and precisely soothe it more and more till your vital energy develops. Thanks to a calm breathing!

Eliminate your chronic stress

In all stress management workshops, in all sports that require great self-control, in all occupations where self-control is crucial, in all theater and singing classes, in all spiritual practices such as yoga and qi qong, breathing is the key to soothing or even eliminating stress by learning to unblock your diaphragm, the muscle of breathing!

Calming your mind

What characterizes a depressed person is probably the ceaseless mental chatter but especially very negative! Breathing has sedative and anti-depressant effects as potent as drugs, but without all the side effects. By learning to breathe well, it is much easier to soothe the little voice in your head!

How to breathe perfectly to end the depression

When I realized that my healing was only possible by increasing my vital energy through breathing, I began to train myself seriously on the subject. For many years, I have been studying Pranayama (yoga breathing exercises), Qi qong breathing, sophrology (exercises similar to yoga), rebirth (conscious hyperventilation), conscious breathing associated with meditation (major teaching in Buddhism), singing (unblocking the diaphragm) and many other therapies related to breathing (Alexander Technique, Buteyko Method, etc.).

Of all that, I have learned and experienced over the years that I have only retained the essentials, which REALLY works to create a protocol for my own needs! My breathing protocol had only one goal; to increase my vital energy test score! Because I knew that by increasing my energy, all my problems would disappear. This is what happened! As my score went up, all my health problems were magically eliminated ... It's for example from 9 to 20 seconds that my deep depression disappeared, then from 20 to 30 that my background anxiety also disappeared. Of course, we must not stop in the right path because the goal is to reach 60 seconds, which represents a physical health and and  absolutely perfect psychic!

This protocol, I called it Intermittent Breathing. To share it on the Internet, I turned it into a complete 25-day training! In this one, you will discover the secrets of Breathing, those which allowed me to cure my depression by simply increasing my vital energy! Do not waste a single second and discover how to learn to breathe!

❤ The ultimate guide to breathing

Intermittent Breathing : Discover the method to quickly relieve your anxiety and chronic fatigue (positive effects from the first use).

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