Chronic depression: healing testimony

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My breathing technique was born out of a deep depression, which I went through as a teenager. This was my starting point. Not only did I go through psychological suffering, but in parallel the quest for happiness! The Buddha himself said; "The more intense your suffering, the stronger your aspiration for liberation." This is indeed the case. As much as this major depression provoked intense psychic pain, it created a powerful aspiration for the liberation of physical and psychic suffering, otherwise said, for health and happiness.

Chronic depression: healing testimony

Testimony of a cured teen depression

As I told you earlier, everything started at the beginning of the teenage years, but in truth, the fall was already preparing since childhood. The causes are many and multi-factorial as a scientist would say... Abnormal family environment, sudden loss of many loved ones, industrial diet, use of antibiotics that destroy the intestinal flora (involved in the production of happiness hormones). In short, the many triggers (especially emotional) that will overcome the psychic stability of the young teenager was exactly who I was. This is what happened to me.

Quickly, I was "treated" by anti-depressant drugs to stabilize my psychic state. This was the case, but I quickly experienced the flip side of the coin; a life lived and felt in size. As much as I no longer felt painful emotions, fears and anxieties, I no longer experienced the joy and happiness of every moment of your life. I was clearly on the surface of life, and I did not feel anything deeper.

Very quickly, I decided to stop the treatment on my own. Given the psychiatrist's lack of consideration for my condition (the session lasted only 10 minutes and ended with a prescription for medocs), I quickly realized that I needed to find an alternative and lasting healing solution through me - even. Quickly, the symptoms eliminated by the drugs came back but I continued to live resisting this great suffering and inner pain.

I was trying all the possible therapies at the time, and I was reading books like you're gobbling up chocolate ... with an ever-growing appetite. I will pass you the details, but all the methods I have tried have brought me only superficial well-being. Something significant was missing.

Several years of experimentation later, I discovered yoga, but especially the power of breathing. And that was the trigger as I realized that my healing would go through the sublimation of my breathing. The Buddha said; "Just follow your breath, and it will lead you to the liberation of all your sufferings." This sentence did not fall on deaf ears. In several years, I became a true expert in breathing.

Incidentally, I discovered the work of a team of Russian doctors on breathing. They had developed a simple breath test to determine our level of physical and mental health. The first time I did the test, my score was 9 seconds (the norm was 40). I realized that my breathing was far from correct and my health, but that I already knew!

Breathe well to cure depression ?

Thus, thanks to the yoga pranayama, the Buteyko method and also the Taoist breathing I learned to breathe better and better. Indeed, my depression was caused by a lack of pressure precisely. Specifically, it was an imbalance of CO2 pressure in the body caused by hyperventilation or breathing too much and too quickly. According to Dr. Buteyko, all my physical and mental health problems were simply the result of hyperventilation.

From 20 seconds on the test, all the symptoms of my depression disappeared as if it was magic! Really, I could not believe it, I thought I had to lug my anxiety and anguish all my life! I had managed to cure my deep depression of adolescence in a few months just by learning to breathe well. I was stunned by the results I achieved!

I obviously continued to work on my breathing as I still do today. It is a permanent work that continues until our death in the end. Everyday I learn to take care of my breath before one day my last breath! All this work gave birth to my own method of breathing, which is a mixture of Yoga Pranayama, Buteyko method and also Taoism. This is how Intermittent Breathing was born.

I am neither a doctor nor a psychiatrist, but my testimony proves that it is possible to get out of depression by learning how to breathe properly on a daily basis. Whether you are a child, a teenager or an adult, it does not change the symptoms of a major deep depression. It's always the same thing; tiredness, fear, anxiety, fragility, helplessness, chaotic and negative mind. Do not think it's final, just learn to put pressure (CO2) to overcome your depression (lack of CO2). I know that these physiological terms of CO2 (carbon dioxide) or O2 (oxygen) can be difficult to grasp, but once you understand the process, you can easily understand how to get out of depression forever!

Here is my humble testimony of chronic cured depression (see my testimony of healing for anxiety, faithful companion of psychological depression). May the force and pressure (positive) be with you 😉. Good healing!

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