Is it possible to fight cancer naturally?

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In this article, I will explain how it is possible to naturally defeat cancer, that is to say without chemotherapy or medication.

For this presentation, I will base myself on the work of a famous doctor Nobel Prize in Medicine.

How to defeat cancer naturally?

Healing cancer: the secret of a biochemist?

Otto Heinrich Warburg is a German physician, physiologist and biochemist.

He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1931.

Dr. Warburg understood the secret to cure cancer.

He said at the time; "cancer is impossible in an alkaline environment."

To eliminate the cancer cells, it was sufficient to alkalize the body and more precisely, the billions of cells that composes of it.

Alkalinity VS acidity

If the cancer cannot grow in alkaline cells, on the other hand, it proliferates rapidly in an acidic environment.

The alkalinity and acidity of a cell depends on the pH (Hydrogen potential) which varies depending on the amount of hydrogen ions or H +. pH is a unit of measurement of acidity or basicity of a substance on a scale from 1 to 14.

A solution of pH = 7 is called neutral;

A solution of pH <7 is called acid; the lower its pH, the more acidic it is;

A solution of pH> 7 is called basic; the higher its pH, the more basic it is.

The acid/base or acid-base balance is an essential factor in maintaining the health of the body.

In the body, the pH is maintained at different levels depending on the location: saliva, blood, stomach, urine, intestines, etc.

But what interests us most is the pH of our billions of cells.

The test to measure the acidity of a cell

There is no official test to measure the acidity or basicity of a cell, that is to know if the cell is alkaline or acidic.

However, I had the chance to meet the work of a team of Russian researchers and doctors led by Dr. Konstantin Buteyko.

He has developed a breath test to measure the level of oxygenation of a cell.

Indeed, breathing and the balance between O2 oxygen and CO2 carbon dioxide is the body's first tool for regulating acidity in the body.

If the breathing is intense which involves breathing a lot of oxygen (which is a base), it indicates that the body (cells) is acidic.

The more alkaline cells are, the calmer the breathing because there is little acidity to counterbalance.

The test is simple; sit comfortably upright, observe your breathing and at the end of an exhalation (empty lungs), pinch your nose to make an apnea and time the apnea.

Breathe again at the very first sign of discomfort.

I insist that the apnea test must be done after expiration.

You have just got a number of seconds.

You most certainly have a score of less than 60 seconds.

According to the work of these Russian doctors, one minute of apnea without discomfort after expiration (desire to inspire) represents a perfectly alkaline body that is to say perfectly oxygenated.

The closer your score is to zero, the more your chance of developing cancer increases as your level of cellular oxygenation decreases.

How to fight cancer by improving cell oxygenation?

In the rough scheme above, it is understood that the more acidity accumulates in the cell, the less space is left for oxygen.

Oxygen is essential to the cell because it allows the body to produce energy.

The more acidified your cell is, the less energy it can produce because there is less and less oxygen.

The goal, whether you have cancer or not is to reduce acidity (pollution) and increase oxygenation.

There are two powerful ways to quickly balance the pH of a cell; food and breathing.

The diet allows to basify (oxygenate) or acidify (pollute) the cell.

For example, if you choose an acidifying diet with industrial sugar or processed fats (frying), the cells will quickly become acidified.

If you choose a basifying diet with fruits and vegetables (preferably organic), the cells will quickly become alkaline.

But food is a secondary tool in front of the power and supreme power of breathing. While you can change the pH of the body only at each meal, that is to say a few times a day for food, breathing allows to oxygenate the cells second after every second with each breath!

You can start lowering acidity and increasing oxygenation now as long as you know how to breathe well to oxygenate yourself.

And that's a whole different matter ...

If your score is less than 40 seconds on the above test, it means that you are not breathing properly on a daily basis.

If your score is less than 20 seconds, you seriously increase your chances of developing cancer or other modern illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, etc.

Below 10 seconds, you are seriously ill.

I created a complete training to learn to breathe well and oxygenate our billions of cells.

The goal is obviously to increase our test score which represents a better oxygenation so as to have an increasingly alkaline body where the cancer cannot develop.

My training is called intermittent breathing and it brings together all the secrets of the yogis to oxygenate to perfection by learning to breathe on a daily basis.

Good oxygenation!

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