How to become beautiful (inner VS physical beauty)?

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Behind the desire to lose weight and get a sculpted body lies the fantasy of physical beauty.

You want to secretly become and be more beautiful/beautiful physically.

Is it a legitimate desire?

Of course, yes, but there is another primary need deeper than what you absolutely need to achieve.

How to become beautiful ?

How to be physically beautiful?

Physical beauty is a subjective judgment. Here are some examples to understand.

▶ A bodybuilder will be beautiful if he has a maximum musculature, i.e huge muscles. For this, he will focus his life around bodybuilding.

▶ An athlete will be beautiful if he exhibits an ultra dry and athletic body. For this, he will focus his life around sport and nutrition.

▶ A Brazilian (it's a cliché) will be beautiful if she exhibits voluminous buttocks and an extremely gorgeous chest. For this, she will focus her life around cosmetic surgery.

▶ A round woman will be beautiful if she keeps voluptuous shapes and gorgeous curves. For this, she will not intervene specifically on her diet to know how to lose weight, but will instead work on her body language and the choice of her underwear.

▶ A fashion enthusiast will be beautiful if his clothes are trendy and different to stand out from others. For that, he will focus his life around trendy shopping.

▶ A tattooed person will be beautiful only if beautiful drawings are marked with ink on his skin. For this, she will focus her life around tattoos. For others, it will be the piercings.

▶ An anorexic person (extreme case of mental projection) will be beautiful only if his body is thin. For this, she will practice severe dietary restriction as well as other harmful dietary behaviors (bulimia, vomiting, hypocaloric diet, etc.).

As you can see, beauty is very personal from one individual to another.

It is a subjective judgment from your mental conditioning.

A person can have a unique look on beauty while some people will focus on the physical attributes, and others will prefer to focus on packaging, i.e accessories, tattoos, piercings, or clothing.

Physical beauty is therefore totally subjective and visible with the eyes.

But is there another type of beauty?

An inner beauty that attracts and radiates in an invisible way?

Obviously, yes, and it's the hidden secret to really become beautiful or beautiful whatever your physical appearance.

To find oneself beautiful: a need for Love?

Behind this desire for physical beauty lies the desire to please, to radiate, and to attract.

In short, it is a basic need to love and be loved.

And I speak of need because it is vital for an individual to feed on Love.

Love is not visible with the eyes, but perceived with the heart.

Love is an energy invisible to the naked eye.

Optimizing your appearance is just a search for more energy.

When you give it to others, you also to receive it.

It is a permanent energy exchange.

It may seem difficult to understand at first, but once done, everything becomes very clear.

To radiate a thousand lights so as to energetically attract the opposite sex (like a magnet), to release something strong (to release a particularly powerful energy), to be a warm person that people like, you will need a lot of energy.

Take this fatigue test to find out where you are at the vital energy level.

Beauty and inner energy

There is a direct link between beauty and energy, between the physical appearance and the underlying inner energy.

To be beautiful, you must not focus on the physical beauty (personal mental image) that you desire and on the inner energy, radiant and warm, which makes you extremely attractive and irresistible.

I am sure that you have already met people you found beautiful, who did not necessarily have the physical and cliché appearance of beauty. However, a powerful energy emanated from her, an invisible force.

Conversely, you probably know people who stick perfectly to physical beauty, who are cold and do not release any energy, no particular heat.

This is true beauty, an invisible energy that is powerful and communicative.

By understanding this, you realize that the pursuit of an ideal physical appearance is not the way to go.

Extreme bodybuilding, piercing, tattooing, drastic diet, and cosmetic surgery are the only pursuit of an illusory, superficial beauty.

You must today turn to the production of more and more internal energy, which is actually a love energy.

This will naturally increase your magnetism, your power of attraction, your radiance, your energy heat, especially your level of well-being, your happiness.

By understanding this, many people are throw themselves into the intensive practice of meditation, or rather lost-mindedness.

This is a good thing, but the danger of meditation is to focus only on increasing one's spiritual energy.

Meditation is the art of channeling your energy, giving it meaning, intention, direction.

A mind sharpened and soothed by meditation allows you to focus your energy on a point, which in turn becomes a goal.

And you have guessed that the ultimate goal of meditation is love.

Meditating is the art of channeling your energy to the benefit of love.

Not only, to love yourself, but also to love others.

However, millions of people are stuck at this stage.

They seek to channel a weak or nonexistent energy.

To feed the mind, you have to generate energy, to love, you need energy.

Meditation is the channel of energy, not the energy itself.

How do you like yourself if you do not have the strength, the energy?

How to increase one's inner beauty (aura)?

The truth is that we all already have a lot of energy, but we squander it quickly everyday.

The good question would be how to conserve energy and not waste it unnecessarily.

Of course, there is meditation (supreme tool despite all my criticisms) that will channel your energy and especially avoid the waste of mental energy.

Negative emotions, anxiety, mental stress, parasitic thoughts are energetic vampires.

But I attach great importance to the physical dimension of energy.

For me, it is essential to perform a work on the physical body, purely cellular, and not in appearance.

Do not make the mistake of focusing only on your physical appearance.

Do not make the mistake of focusing only on the practices of the mind such as meditation.

It is essential to work on what is called your energetic body, i.e at the level of energy production.

And it happens directly in your cells because it generates this invisible energy, which is the force of life.

In the end, you are only the sum of the billions of cells that make up your being.

Your very mind is ultimately generated by the billions of neurons that make up your brain but also your entire digestive system. Besides, did you know that happiness is made in your intestines?

To have a healthy mind, you must have a healthy body.

To channel your mind, you must optimize your body.

To love (you and others), your cells must produce enough energy.

If you are tired, have pain, inflammation, digestive problems, an irritated nervous system, excess weight to wear everyday, cancer cells, high toxemia, intestinal parasites, etc., your cells will NEVER be quiet and fit.

How do you want to have the energy to radiate, love, be loved, be beautiful and beautiful, while your body, your cells are suffering and struggling for basic health? It's impossible.

How to become beautiful internally?

If you want to be beautiful, if you want love and to be loved, you must first have healthy cells that produces a lot of energy.

To sum it up, you must be in perfect health. Whatever your age, your current illness, the return to health is ALWAYS possible!

You understand that my coaching slimming and regeneration is the opposite of all that can be found on the market.

I never focus on physical appearance, but on your vital energy level.

Of course, by increasing your energy level, increasing your inner strength at the cellular level, your physical body (your appearance) transforms itself.

To do this, it will be necessary to resume the basics of health.

You will need to optimize your diet, your physical activity, your breathing (the central pillar), and even your posture.

And in all these areas, there are several angles of approach.

It can be entered with the sole intention of a perfect physical appearance, or with an energetic intention.

If you can afford a spiritual parallel, then you can enter these areas either with his head or with his heart.

By regenerating your inner energy, your cellular health, you will finally get the body you so desire.

But that will not matter much in the end because you will have realized that beauty is invisible to the naked eye but only perceptible with the heart.

In the end, you no longer see beauty, you only feel it.

That's the truth about physical and inner beauty.

This is how you can stay beautiful all your life no matter how old you are or who will still continue his work until the end.

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Now, I'll have to leave you with my cells demand exercise.

I will go for a walk in the forest 😉

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