How to overcome sugar addiction?

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Sugar addiction is affecting more and more people. I almost want to say that the majority of the population is affected by this sweet taste addiction. Be rest assured that there is obviously a solution to stop depending on this sweet drug ...

How to overcome sugar addiction?

Why are you addicted to sugar?

Sugar is a drug! Surprising is not it? In fact, refined white sugar acts on the brain just like hard drugs, such as cocaine. Industrial sugar will further stimulate the brain area related to pleasure and reward. It follows a cascade of reaction like the release of certain hormones including dopamine, the hormone of happiness.

This explains why we feel so good after eating sugar or industrial products containing sugar. But the problem is that this particular stimulation creates a psychological link between sugar and happiness. Without knowing it, we become hooked and thus, addiction sets in. Without knowing it, you constantly buy and consume sweet products to boost your level of happiness.

Sugar: a poison?

It is not a problem to want to be happy, except that sugar is also a poison for the body because it has an extremely negative impact on our intestines and our nervous system. On the one hand, white sugar will cause inflammation in the intestines that will generate good numbers of digestive problems that vary between individuals. On the other side, we have the nervous system and especially one of the endocrine glands (adrenal glands), which are constantly stimulated by the ingestion of sweet products. Indeed, some studies find an adrenaline release during the ingestion of sugar. Adrenaline boosts the body at first, but by stimulation, it causes exhaustion of the adrenal glands and chronic fatigue that produce other hormones crucial for the proper functioning of the body.

How to stop your sugar addiction?

Once we understand the mechanism of this drug, we either continue to be its slave or we decide to wean themselves seriously! For this, there are many alternative methods such as drugs, homeopathy, hypnosis, but all these methods do not work sustainably!

There is a much better treatment; do not stop the sugar!

Industrial sugar VS natural sugar

Sugar may be a poison, a drug, but our billions of cells still need glucose (refined carbohydrate molecule) to produce vital energy! The solution is certainly not to stop sugar, but to choose sugars that are GOOD for our health.

While industrial white sugar acidifies the intestines and stimulates the nervous system in excess, natural sugar improves our health at all levels!

Natural sugar comes from foods such as vegetables and fruits. I think it's not necessary to talk to you about their positive impact on our health to heal quickly.

The idea is to completely replace refined sugars (industrial products) with natural sugars (vegetables and fruits). At the beginning, there is a time of adaptation especially at the digestive level; not easy to digest a ton of vegetables (fibers) after a diet of refined products (without fibers). Also, your brain will surely claim its "dose" of drugs for a few weeks, but if you eat a lot of vegetables/fruits, it will quickly turn to this new source of completely natural energy with extremely beneficial effects on the health of the body and spirit!

Emotional pounds and stress

In addition to changing its source of sugar, it will also reduce your stress level because it pushes to consume "comforts" that are often industrial products (cakes, candies, cookies, etc.). Good stress management necessarily involves good breathing and good cell oxygenation. I created a training to learn how to breathe on a daily basis. Do not hesitate to take a look to soothe your anxiety quickly.

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