How to be less chilly?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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In this article, I will give you the solution to be less chilly, which is the absolute cure for overcoming your excessive and abnormal chills.

I will rely on my testimony because I know exactly what it is to be always cold and to be constantly tired.

How to be less chilly?

Causes of reluctance

We can approach the problem from several angles and find several triggers.

In truth, there is only one cause for excessive reluctance, which I named the lack of vital energy.

First, it must be understood that the body must maintain day after day, second after second, an ideal temperature in the body.

This ideal temperature, precisely 37 degrees, allows the proper functioning of the body and all vital functions.

This temperature helps to fight and eliminate germs and harmful bacteria.

There is for example the famous mushroom candida albicans or seasonal viruses that seize!

More than 2000 years ago, a famous Greek physician named Parmenides said; "Give me a chance to create a fever, and I will cure any disease."

This is how important body temperature is!

The problem is that if you still feel cold, it is likely that your body temperature is below 37 degrees.

It is a certainty itself considering the body standard temperature.

Just measure it in the morning when you wake up using a digital dial thermometer that costs 3 euros in any pharmacy.

You risk having a bad surprise; temperature much lower than 37 degrees, sometimes even below 36 degrees ...

We say that ONLY ONE degree is not that important ...

In reality, it changes ALL !

This is what makes the difference between a tired cold person and a healthy person who has good resistance to cold.

This temperature test is recommended by an American doctor named Broda Barnes.

This thyroid specialist endocrinologist measures the state of health of her patients not with a blood test, but by measuring their temperature on waking.

According to this expert of the endocrine glands, a temperature below 37 degrees indicates a state of hypothyroidism.

The lower your temperature, the more your thyroid gland malfunctions!

At this point, you have two choices; take medicine to raise your "thyroid" level or restart your energy metabolism in a natural way!

If you choose medocs, you can stop reading now, otherwise we continue together ...

Thyroid and abnormal coldness

If your temperature is below 36.6 degrees, your thyroid malfunctions to varying degrees.

While you are constantly cold, hypothyroidism causes a lot of problems.

Endocrinologist Broda Barnes has written a study listing more than 150 modern diseases related to thyroid dysfunction.

It contains all the "commonplace" diseases of today; diabetes, obesity, overweight, fatigue, metabolic problems, anxiety, depression, etc.

Indeed, this endocrine gland situated at the level of the neck is essential for our health because it regulates the energetic metabolism of the body.

The thyroid determines how much your cells will produce energy!

If you do not have enough energy, how do you want to have a normal body temperature?

It's quite impossible !

The heat is the result of a GOOD cellular energy production.

If you are still cold, if you continue to fight against reluctance despite several layers of clothing, it means that your cells simply do not produce enough energy!

It's as simple and mathematical as that!

What to do to fight against this feeling of cold inside the body?

It's simple; boosting energy production at the cellular level.

You will have to restart the thyroid function that manages your energy metabolism.

To know how to increase one's vital energy and to produce more and more heat, one must control the functioning of the cell.

The cell produces energy with 2 ingredients; glucose and oxygen to transform/burn.

This transformation produces ATP (energetic molecules) and especially a lot of HEAT! To imagine the process, let's take the example of a campfire.

Wood is glucose (food), fire is what the cell produces, and oxygen happens to be the source that blows it. More oxygen = More flame and heat!

No more abnormal cold, excessive tiredness, whether you're a senior, a man, a woman or a child!

The remedy for overcoming this feeling of coldness inside the body is probably not homeopathy or synthetic thyroid hormones, but simply to bring the two necessary ingredients to the cells; glucose + oxygen.

The healing strategy is very simple; eating WELL and breathing WELL.

Eating WELL to revive metabolism

In the category of the chilly and chilly, we sometimes find people who are on the diet.

These are people who eat very little!

The strategy will be to eat a little MORE, but especially to reintroduce foods that you may have eliminated from your diet.

I think of people who have completely eliminated lipids (good fats) or animal proteins.

The body has nutritional needs that must be respected.

Also, there are certain types of foods that smother the cell fire, that is to say that the proper functioning of the cells.

I named cooked and processed oils, added chemicals (flavor enhancers), pesticides and fertilizers, and so on.

It will be advisable to choose a healthy diet closest to nature.

Breathing WELL daily to eliminate the cold

As much food is important, breathing is essential as well!

We can stop eating for several weeks without problems ...

but we cannot stop breathing for more than a few minutes!

Just her, we understand the importance of good breathing to provide the body with the oxygen necessary for the energy metabolism of our billions of cells.

Because even when fasting, cells can burn fatty acids from our fat stores.

But to turn them into energy, it will take more and more oxygen!

Most chilly people have very bad breathing because their way of breathing does not bring enough oxygen at the cellular level!

Oxygen is the key that will turn your inner cold sensation into a sensation of body heat.

You will finally become a warm person, in every sense of the word! Warm physically with warm hands and feet, but also psychically, radiating joy and good mood!

You're lucky today because I've created a training to oxygenate your cells to perfection so as to boost your energy metabolism and produce enough heat again to reach 37 degrees!

If you want to stop being cautious, here is the breathing workshop you need (see below)!

PS: This article is a form of testimony because I myself experienced extreme coldness when I was a teenager.

This cold was accompanied by a great fatigue that ended in a burnout!

Indeed, without energy, not only the body does not produce heat to fight against the cold, but it becomes very tired!

I will explain on this other page on how I got out of the burnout I experienced!

Have a good reading 😉

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