How to lose weight by breathing better?

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In this article, I will explain how you can lose weight by breathing better and better. Indeed, you will soon discover that our ability to burn fat depends essentially on our ability to oxidize cells. Oxidation? Oxygen? Yes, there is a link.

How to lose weight by breathing better?

Burn your fat with better breathing

Oxidation is a process that takes place in the heart of our billions of cells. To turn food into energy, our cells need enough oxygen to do so. Oxygen is a highly flammable gas that will literally consume everything in its path; glucose (from ingested carbohydrates) or fatty acids (from our inputs or our reserves).

To lose weight and burn fat will increase our ability to oxidize. This is related to the amount of oxygen that reaches our cells. Indeed, while oxygen is in unlimited access, it does not enter our cells easily. Otherwise everyone would be perfectly thin.

If you are overweight, especially with visceral fat in the stomach, it simply means that your oxidation capacity is not optimal. Instead of burning your fat and your meals, you keep storing continuously. Indeed, your cells do not have enough oxygen to turn your food intake into a virulent blaze!

The test to measure its level of cellular oxygenation

The fatigue/energy test that follows is truly revolutionary. In fact, not only will you measure your level of cellular oxygenation, but this data implies that you will also know your oxidation capacity, your energy level, the intensity of your metabolism (transformation of food into energy), and even more, your level of physical and mental health. Indeed, the more your cells are oxygenated, the more they produce energy. A body and mind with more energy will necessarily work better.

Now let's go to the test. Sit comfortably in silence, watch your breath without modifying it, then when you are ready, at the end of an exhalation (I repeat an exhale, NOT an inspiration), pinch your nose and observe the time you can stay without breathing. This is not a performance, so do not hold the maximum time, but it is necessary to stop precisely at the first sign of discomfort. If your score is less than 40 seconds, your breathing is not optimal. If your score is less than 25 seconds, you probably have a belly. The lower your score, the lower your cellular oxidation capacity, the weaker your health ... Note that this test was developed by a Russian doctor and verified on tens of thousands of patients 😉

How to lose weight when learning to breathe?

You will understand that to lose weight and lose belly naturally without special diet, you will have to increase your cell oxidation capacity. To do this, there are no secrets ... You will have to learn to breathe better second by second, otherwise you will remain a subscriber for life slimming products, diets or excessive sports activities.

The oxygen is in unlimited access to the atmosphere and your blood is also saturated, so therefore, it is called verifiable blood oxygen saturation with an oximeter. On the other hand, to better oxygenate your cells, you will have to learn, or should I say, relearn how to breathe properly on a daily basis.

I myself lost more than 20 kilos without dieting, without intense sports, without taking any additional weight, without doing any jogging, without any particular effort. I managed to lose weight just by breathing better. I have also created a training to learn to maintain a good breathing around the clock to slim down naturally. I explain everything on this page: How to lose weight naturally?

Good oxygenation!

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