How to externalize your repressed emotions?

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When it comes to healing ones past problems, turning the page and unlocking one's situation in order to move forward, the obligatory passage will be to exteriorize one's repressed emotions in order to free oneself completely from negativity. Expressing your buried emotions like anger, sadness, hatred or even fear, will demand that you reconnect to your emotional symptoms first so as to allow them to completely free themselves.

Let's see all this in detail in this article.

Feel and reconnect with buried emotions

The first thing to do and the first exercise to perform is to simply reconnect with this inner suffering. You live with it everyday, but this inner malaise must be felt in depth, and in every single detail.

For this first exercise, simply lie down and pay close attention to the physical tension present in your body. Ask yourself this question: where are these negative emotions buried? Where are they in my body? The belly? The throat? The back? Legs? Review your tense body to understand where the emotional blocks are.

Indeed, since your childhood, you may have been living without wanting to somatize the emotional shocks present in your body. Somatization is the inscription of psychic shocks on the physical level. For example, a shock of the past where you could not "talk" or "express" yourself can literally block your throat today...

So, the first step will be to feel the emotion in your throat, in your chest, and maybe at the diaphragm...

Externalize and evacuate emotional blockages

To bring out the old buried emotions that is inside of you, you will need another exercise. But first of all, you have to understand what an emotional blocking is...

An emotion is neither more nor less than an energetic charge. In English, emotion is said: E MOTION- E = energy and MOTION = movement. Emotion is therefore known as only energy in motion. In the end, an emotion is neither positive nor negative, it's just a charge of energy.

The problem occurs when this energy remains stuck in the body. And in general, this energy often, if not always, blocks the diaphragm which is the muscle that manages the aspect of breathing. Indeed, the diaphragm is a muscle that helps to ventilate the lungs with its contraction on the inspiration and relaxation on the exhalation.

But if the diaphragm hangs with negative emotions such as sadness or anger, the muscle that allows LIFE in you becomes broken, blocked ... and unfortunately the degeneration begins directly at the physical level with poor oxygenation cell, but also a psychic block with black thoughts that will turn in a loop.

The solution is to exteriorize your emotions with breathing exercises. The best which are already known are deep breathing exercises but unfortunately, they are not always well practiced because there are rules to respect (rules that I explain in detail in my full workshop).

Indeed, by wanting at all costs to stretch the diaphragm and force emotional blockages to evacuate, some people eventually tie and block their breathing abilities even more by wanting to deepen their breath even more. Indeed, as one of my masters often said: "One does not enter the heart with his big hooves, but with the greatest delicacy."

For this great delicacy is learned with some techniques that I explained in my workshop (which you will discover at the end of the article). You will have to learn to breathe with great finesse, a subtlety imbued with relaxation of compassion to allow the heart (diaphragm) to release the buried and repressed emotions of the past.

For that, I strongly advise you to read my ultimate guide on the liberation of the diaphragm and the breathing to relearn to breathe to unblock your breath of the fears and the suffering...

Empty her anger or inner sadness

Once you acquire knowledge on how to breathe calmly/subtly. This prompts the diaphragm to evacuate and release these emotional blockages, and you just have to let go and allow the body to empty its inner anger or deep sadness according to the individuals and emotional shocks experienced in the past.

This letting go is learned, which is also the first module of my full workshop on the breathing and on the release of the diaphragm. You will learn to let go by normalizing your breathing process in order to allow the body to dissolve the negative blockages and emotional knots that tends to hold you back in your daily life.

You will somehow EMPTY the energy charges trapped in your body ... This often causes great relief...

Indeed, for you to live fully, you must COMPLETELY free yourself from your old demons. And these old demons are blocked for the most part in the solar plexus, the chest and more specifically in your respiratory muscle. You must release your breath to revive the LIFE in you, increase your oxygenation, your energy production, and allow the circulation of fluids and energy.

The great wise men of old said: "Illness is only a blockage of energy." Now you know what it's all about ... Do not waste a single second of living an unhappy life, and free yourself from your burden as quickly as possible. To learn more, I strongly advise you to read my free ultimate guide on Intermittent Breathing.

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