Smoking and respiratory diseases: what solutions?

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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The link between smoking and respiratory disease is well established.

This addiction to cigarettes or cannabis destroys the smoker's lungs and can be the cause of various other diseases.

But rest assured if you are a smoker and want to quit, because there are solutions to limit the consequences of your addiction, or even to quit smoking completely.

What are they ?

Smoking and respiratory diseases

The laser to stimulate the ear

The laser is a device that works on the basis of an optical amplification process.

It emits light in a process in which emissions of electromagnetic radiation are stimulated.

By opting for laser treatment, also called laser therapy, you are giving yourself a chance to quit smoking.

A powerful laser beam with an intensity not exceeding 60 watts should be used.

It will stimulate the various auriculotherapy points located around your ears.

Practiced for nearly 30 years, this technique continues to evolve and increasingly sophisticated means are emerging to perfect it.

Laser treatment does not cause any skin problems and is painless.

There is also no contraindication, unless you are seven months or more pregnant.

The treatment success rate is 85% and after the first session you are sure to quit smoking for at least 12 months.

However, it is going to take a lot of willpower and real motivation to get rid of your addiction to nicotine or THC in the case of cannabis.


Acupuncture is a Chinese medical tradition that has been around for centuries.

It consists of small stimuli of the epidermis on very specific areas.

Very often needles are used, but such means as magnetism, electricity and mechanics are not excluded.

No contraindication is attached to it.

As a solution against smoking and respiratory diseases, acupuncture acts as a complementary treatment.

In other words, it is still not scientifically validated and must intervene only as an adjunct to another type of treatment more conventionally accepted.

Several studies have been published on the subject and show that despite a temporary beneficial effect on stress reduction, there is no long-term effect.

For example, one of these studies comes from the "Cochrane Collection" and concludes that 6 months after the start of treatment, people subjected only to this method relapsed.

The electronic cigarette

It is one of the most widely used alternative solutions to fight against smoking and respiratory diseases.

The electronic cigarette is a device in which there is a flavored e-liquid.

It may or may not have nicotine added.

Its user sucks in the liquid, which mixes with the air he has inhaled.

The gas obtained is then slightly heated by means of a resistance and expelled in the form of vapor.

The advantage of the electronic cigarette, unlike the traditional cigarette which does a lot of damage, lies in the composition of the vapor.

That of the electronic cigarette does not contain any tar that is harmful to the lungs.

It also does not contain carbon monoxide which can destroy arteries and cause cardiovascular disease.

Be careful not to confuse it with the carbon dioxide (CO2) , a vital gas for the body!

It is odorless and the aromas introduced into it are for the sole purpose of giving the smoker the impression of smoking a cigarette, when he is not actually smoking.

You can "vape" and change e-liquid as many times as you want.

The electronic cigarette is therefore an ideal alternative to reduce the impact of smoking on your health and on your bad breathing.

The final judgment

This is obviously the best solution to effectively cope with smoking and avoid the various respiratory diseases that result from it, such as respiratory indrawing , asthma, or even lung cancer.

The definitive stopping of the cigarette depends on a firm will of the smoker not to put his health in danger any more.

To begin with, you must necessarily choose a quit date and establish a non-smoking contract.

You will mention the reasons why you want to quit smoking and the activities planned to help you reach your goal.

Once the contract is signed by yourself, get rid of all lighters, ashtrays and cigarettes and then move away from anything that might make you want to smoke a cigarette.

Change your routine completely and quickly indulge yourself in programmed distractions and relaxing activities such as walking, painting or even a breathing exercise .

Also remember that the urge to take a cigarette first increases, then it reaches its peak, then it regresses.

The peak usually lasts no more than 5 minutes.

Whenever you feel it, make sure you don't dwell on it.

You will achieve it without even realizing it.

To motivate yourself even more, don't forget that cigarette smoking leads to smoking and causes respiratory ailments and diseases such as cancer of the pharynx, cancer of the throat and cancer of the lungs.

For any chronic smoker, it is important, if not vital, to use either of these methods as a solution to quickly quitting smoking.

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