How to increase the production of white blood cells?

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White blood cells (leucocytes) are cells that are specialized in the defense and protection against the threat and attacks of external organisms.

In other words, white blood cells are the soldiers of your immune system.

If you do not have enough white blood cells to defend yourself, your immune system is in great danger.

In this article, we will see how to increase its production of white blood cells in a natural way to boost its immune system to the maximum to protect against all attacks of viruses and pathogens.

How to increase the production of white blood cells?

How to strengthen your immune system?

There are many methods to increase one's immune defenses by increasing the production of white blood cells.

But first, you need to know where are white blood cells produced?

They are produced exactly by the bone marrow and the thymus.

In this article, we will be particularly interested in this thymus, which is a gland of the endocrine system.

The thymus is located in the chest just behind the rib cage.

In the yogic language, the thymus corresponds to the heart chakra.

The thymus is therefore responsible for our physical immunity, but also energy.

To stimulate this thymus so that it produces more white blood cells to strengthen the immune system, there are many solutions.

Natural solutions to stimulate the thymus

While the thymus is of optimal size and capacity during childhood and adolescence, this endocrine gland weakens and declines drastically with age.

Which explains our immunological fragility when we get older.

But there are solutions to naturally stimulate the thymus and the production of white blood cells, whatever your age or your level of health, whether you are already in full form or in full chemo (cancer).

For example, many use plants from the Chinese pharmacopoeia or a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

Unfortunately, this is not the solution, it is even a trap.

By the way, most super-centenarians eat very few vegetables. You only have to see Jeanne Calmant, world record holder, who was eating olive oil and chocolate with a little meat and a cigar.

True stimulation of the thymus to reach 122 years 🙂

The secret is elsewhere, invisible with the eyes, as always ...

Free the heart to increase its energy

As I told you, the thymus is connected to the heart, not the physical heart, but the energetic heart in yoga (chakra).

Also, the thymus interacts strongly with its partner chakra: the solar plexus which is just a little lower (at the top of the belly).

And who is the sworn enemy of this area, the heart and the solar plexus?

Emotional blockages my friends!

As Chinese doctors said, the disease is a blockage of energy caused by emotional shocks.

It is not old age that kills us, but the accumulation of emotional shocks in our (energetic) heart.

The emotions have more precisely somatized at the level of the chest (heart), the belly (plexus), but ESPECIALLY at the level of the diaphragm, which we already know as the muscle that is responsible for breathing.

You get sick because of a thymus that may be under-regime, but the ultimate cause, according to the ancestral doctors, is a blockage of energy that is caused by the emotional shocks that will come to create knots, physical tensions, and blockages.

This will create oppression in the chest, a ball in the stomach and a blocked breathing.

All this will obviously block the thymus and decrease the production of white blood cells.

Say bye bye to your immune system.

The solution to strengthen your immune system is not to gorge yourself on plants or vegetable juices, but to open your heart physically, energetically, and spiritually.

How to open your heart?

This may seem so obvious to the individual who has grown up surrounded by love, but completely incomprehensible to the person who has suffered many traumatic emotional shocks.

But here are the steps to open your heart my friends! These are the steps of Yoga Therapy.

1) First, there is physical work.

The only way to act on the heart (I'm not talking about the organ, but the energy zone of the bust) is to unlock its diaphragm.

It's all about relearning how to breathe for 24 hours a day.

It's a must and also the main objective of my training.

This is the starting point for all therapies.

Do not make the mistake of focusing only on meditation or other technique that does not act first on the body, you will end up wasting your time.

2) Second, there is energy work.

To feel and work on this step, you will have to learn how to steal the work on breathing.

This is the advanced step after mechanical work on the body.

First, we activate the diaphragm, we soften it and then steal the breath for energy purposes.

This is an already advanced level that I already explained in my training.

3) Finally, there is spiritual work.

I also devote some modules in my complete training.

It is not a question of meditating for 2 hours a day, but of knowing the spiritual laws that open or close your heart.

For example, when you hate your neighbor, your government, or your enemy, you do not hurt him, but you do a lot of harm by closing your heart (and your thymus).

To open your heart instantly in a snap, the best technique is probably to learn to smile, despite the fear or emotions.

Here is! As you can see, it's not just about eating some broccoli rich in vitamin C or eating antioxidant-rich organic bananas to increase white blood cell production.

It's all about keeping your heart open and in PEACE. When you read all the stories of the super centenarians, that's the point they all have in common.

They all cultivated the peace of the heart, whether they are eating meat, olive oil or chocolate, or that they drink their glass of alcohol every day (90% of super-centenarians).

As one of my great friends, a Benedictine monk often told me: "The most important thing is not what comes into your mouth (food), but what comes out of it (words that hurt or heal the soul)."

Otherwise, to unlock your thymus, there is nothing better than this free video workshop to learn how to breathe daily.

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