How to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome? Do the TEST

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Welcome! This guide will allow you to test your fatigue online so as to ascertain the level of your vital energy. This test will tell you if YES or NO you are tired.

How to get rid of chronic fatigue syndrome (TEST)?

Your internal energy level depends directly on a physiological process called metabolism. Metabolism is the process within your body (cells) that transforms food, water, and air into energy. In the absence of energy, fatigue arises. Without a high metabolism in the internal body environment, chronic exhaustion also arises.

In this very simple online test, you will discover what your true energy level is. And conversely, you will also realize the level of your level physical and mental fatigue.

Energy and fatigue are on the same scale of value.

Specifically, the higher your metabolism, the more energy your body produces and the better you become.

The lower your metabolism, the less energy your body produces and the more tired you become.

Your metabolism is also closely related to your hormonal profile, and the endocrine glands that produce the different hormones in your body. Hormones are the messengers, and the givers of the metabolism.

For example, the most known endocrine glands are the thyroid and the adrenal glands.

The thyroid gland releases hormones that controls your body temperature or the speed of your metabolism. Here, a common symptom of fatigue is hypothyroidism.

The adrenal glands release hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol that control the overall energy level and your ability to handle stress. Cortisol is responsible for waking you up in the morning and it also gives you the energetic impulse for the whole day. Cortisol also play a significant role in the management of stress during an examination or another performance. Here, we often talk about adrenal fatigue.

But there is also the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland, the ovaries or the testicles or the thymus.

Your metabolism involves all your endocrine glands and your entire nervous system just for one purpose; to produce and increase your vital energy.

It is a complex and highly sophisticated internal mechanism. However, it is very simple to know when your metabolism is no longer working at full speed, when your energy level is decreasing and when you have chronic nervous fatigue.

This is the very purpose of this test; to check if your energy level (metabolism) is at optimal level.

The test is actually very simple. Therefore. I will list and describe the most common symptoms and side effects of a damaged metabolism and a low level of energy, i.e fatigue.

You will only have to count how many times you answered YES to the question of each point.

We will then see the result of the test.

Let's go there.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Do you have excess abdominal fat?

No matter how much weight you have in excess, your overweight is a reliable indicator that your body does not generate enough energy to burn those body fat.

Your body is in a logic of energy storage. Why does the body store energy? It is because your body does not have enough. Grease is only a reserve of precautionary energy.

When you have a high metabolism, your body tends to have no interest in making energy reserves. On the contrary, it burns all excess fat quickly because your body is in top form. What is the point of making energy stocks when it is already producing a maximum? No !

The excess fat implies that you are either obese, slightly overweight or "fake skinny", i.e thin in appearance but still fat. In any case this happens to be your case, then your metabolism is not optimal.

You even have a tendency to store food discrepancies easily and quickly while others can eat anything without taking a single gram. It all depends on the level of your energy (metabolism).

Optimal metabolism results in a firm, sculpted body with no excess fat.

Are you often subject to intense fatigue?

How do you know your energy level? Just by knowing if you are tired and how much/how often you get tired.

Fatigue is simply a lack of energy caused by a weak metabolism that does not produce adequate power and vitality.

This manifests itself in different ways according to the people.

You are tired in the morning when you wake up, while you have slept all night.
You get up late in the morning because you say you are an evening person.
You are tired after meals with a desire to nap, especially after lunch.
You are tired when you fast or skip one to two affiliate meals.
You are tired when you make a particular physical effort.
Several types of fatigue that simply reflect a crucial lack of vital energy is caused by weak metabolism.

An optimal metabolism allows one to have a stable and constant energy throughout the day.

Do you have a low/average libido?

The body has a very natural basic function which is procreation. Nature has created man to reproduce and has also given him the means, especially the energy (the libido) to do it.

For men, it shows very quickly. If you run out of energy, you tend to have soft erections that lacks power. Here is a very simple test, if your erect penis does not point powerfully up without having to contract the perineum, if your penis is pointing horizontally or downward, this is the clear sign of a lack of energy vital, and therefore of a damaged metabolism.

For women, it's more subtle. Your lack of sexual desire is manifested mainly by a weak internal excitation or nonexistent and a lack of letting go. This also results in a lack of lubrication in the mucous membranes, thereby making lovemaking unpleasant or painful.

A libido at half mast is a sign of a low level of energy.

Optimal metabolism increases sexual desire in a natural way. Your libido pushes you to share many moments of intimacy and sharing with your partner.

Do you have a tendency to be cautious?

One of the first functions of the metabolism is to maintain a high body heat. Your body must be constantly warm, whether you are in winter, in the snow-capped mountains, or in the summer in the Namibian desert.

If you are rather chilly chilly, that you must cover yourself with the slightest breeze or the slightest cooling, then this indicates a lack of vital energy to supply and heat all the parts of your body properly.

If you do have cold extremities with icy hands and feet, it is a blatant sign of a weak metabolism and a lack of internal energy.

An optimal metabolism produces a body temperature that is always stable, high and pleasant. In another article, I gave a clear detail on how to be less cautious of this.

Do you experience anxiety or irritability?

When the body is tired and lacks energy, it easily experiences a feeling of anxiety and irritability. You become somewhat agitated and stressed by the slightest thing that upsets you.

It can be very subtle, such as feeling easily annoyed and irritated by an outside event, or getting angry at little or nothing.

This does not come from a particular psychological profile, rather from a lack of vital energy that makes your body anxious, especially to your nerve cells. This results in an overall feeling of anxiety or irritability.

Optimal metabolism engenders high self-confidence and strong emotional stability.

Do you need stimulants?

Are you the kind of person who can start the day without a cup of coffee or tea. You need it, otherwise you cannot start your activities properly.

Caffeine are energetic stimulants of the nervous system. You absolutely need it because your metabolism does not produce enough energy on its own for you to function normally.

You are surely addicted to sugar in all its forms; cakes, cookies, sweets, sodas, juices, etc. Sugar is a powerful stimulant that releases adrenaline and acts as a drug on your brain. This is why you often have cravings (cravings) for sugar when you are tired.

And then there are all the other natural stimulants such as ginseng, guarana, spirulina, maca, etc. that also stimulates your tired body.

Unfortunately, by regularly consuming energy stimulants, instead of resting your metabolism, you whip an already tired horse. It is the fatigue of the nervous system.

When your metabolism is optimal and your energy is constantly high, you do not need stimulants. On the contrary, stimulants would make you anxious and agitated.

Do you have problems with digestion?

Your digestion is regulated by your enteric nervous system itself as it is controlled by your metabolism.

If you have a slow, difficult and heavy digestion, your metabolism is sorely lacking the vital energy to manage a perfect waste disposal.

You also surely have irritable and fragile intestines. This means that you easily experience digestive problems such as constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.

Also, stool quality is a good indicator of the health of your metabolism. If optimal, your stool should be perfectly molded. This means that they should  leave no trace on the toilet paper, otherwise, your body will lack the energy to eliminate internal waste perfectly.

Globally, perfect digestion reflects a high level of energy.

Results of the online fatigue test

We reviewed 7 crucial points related to your metabolism.

Do you have excess fat?
Are you tired ?
Do you have low libido?
Do you have a tendency to be cautious?
Do you experience anxiety or irritability?
Do you need stimulants?
Do you have problems with digestion?
How many times have you answered YES?

Not once

Bravo. You have an optimal energy level and your metabolism is in great shape. You are always full of energy at any time of the day and year. Chronic fatigue? You do not know!

Between one to three times

Your metabolism is showing signs of weakness and is clearly not at its best. You are sometimes full of energy, but often very tired, sometimes exhausted. You alternate between energy ups and downs that destabilize you physically and mentally as well. It is important to restore your vital energy as soon as possible.

More than 3 times

Your metabolism is clearly damaged. Your body is not producing enough energy to function properly and you are completely exhausted. Your cells endure a heavy burden because they do not have enough vital energy to do their internal work. Unfortunately, it is a safe bet that you whip daily and all day long, your horse breathless with stimulants; caffeine, sugar, supplements, multi-vitamins, etc. In your case, it is urgent and vital to reverse the situation or your nervous system fatigue will deteriorate rapidly.

How to overcome fatigue and increase your vital energy?

Your vital energy level (metabolism) is the bedrock of your physical and mental health. Without internal energy that travels through your nervous system, you live a half-life without taste.

The health of your metabolism affects all areas of your life!

Do you want to permanently eliminate your chronic fatigue and powerfully increase your vital energy level?

Do you want to eliminate all your excess fat and have abdominals visible and drawn all year?

Do you want to increase your libido and have a strong sexual desire and rejuvenate?

Do you want to increase your body temperature to eliminate cold, cold hands and feet?

Do you want to overcome anxiety and eliminate irritability to finally be in a good mood and happy all day long?

Do you want to eliminate all the stimulants that you are addicted to and that increase your adrenal fatigue to finally be able to feed you healthy foods that nourishes your vital energy?

Do you want to completely eliminate your digestive problems and finally have a comfort and a powerful digestive fire?

If you answered YES to only one of these questions, then I must explain to you how I personally regenerated my metabolism and significantly increased my vital energy level.

At a very young age, I personally had a lot of problems with my metabolism by experiencing almost all the symptoms of the above test, and so I know exactly what it is. In addition to having more than 25 kilos in excess, I was on the kneecap; complete exhaustion of the nervous system, intense adrenal fatigue and damaged basic metabolism. It's called burnout and depression 🙂

After many years of research and experimentation, I created for myself a simple and effective method to overcome my chronic fatigue to quickly increase my vital energy level and to regenerate my metabolism and my nervous system. I called this method Intermittent Breathing.

Breathing is obviously the key to self-healing.

Thanks to my breathing protocol. I am now in better shape than ever and I have obviously no problem with fatigue and energy. I would have never hoped to have so much. A strong and constant energy throughout the day transforms you deeply, believe me!

Obviously, by solving the cause of my problems, i.e my energy metabolism through breathing, the beneficial effects have transformed my overall health and of course, I lost all my extra pounds. Flat belly, constant energy, generous libido, ideal body temperature, good mood, permanent digestive comfort, that is what an optimal metabolism offers.

To restore my energy to its highest level, to completely eliminate fatigue and exhaustion and naturally have a proportionate body, I integrated simple principles to implement in my daily living.

Like all other diets, Intermittent Breathing does not focus on weight loss, but on the cause of this physical problem, which is lack of vital energy or low metabolism. Overweight is just one symptom of fatigue among many others. This concept has regenerated my energy to its highest level.

I cannot guarantee anything about you, but I invite you to discover my training on Intermittent Breathing to relearn how to breathe well.

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