Intermittent Breathing (Full training in 15 days)

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The best breathing technique to reduce your stress and increase your energy by improving your cellular oxygenation! More than 15,000 people have already adopted it... and you ?

I offer you a 5 day money back guarantee. 97$ (or 80€) is the video training price but you can order the one-to-one training for $1000 by sending me an email

Here is the program of the method over 15 days

After your order, you will get one video (+ text transcription) per day for 15 days.

The content is accessible for life in your private member zone.

The menu:

MODULE 0 : Introduction: The 3 objectives of intermittent breathing and how this technique will change your life.

MODULE 1 : Explanation of the basic technique: The customizable and scalable exercise to boost your cellular oxygenation.

MODULE 2 : The state of mind to ban absolutely to be efficient during the breathing exercise in order to oxygenate yourself as quickly as possible.

MODULE 3 : The surprising technique that will multiply the benefits of intermittent breathing on a daily basis.

MODULE 4 : The 3 spiritual laws to reprogram your brain in order to succeed in your inner transformation.

MODULE 5 : How to breathe well 24 hours a day? The simple and basic technique that even the greatest athletes do not master.

MODULE 6 : The incredible rule to follow 24 hours a day to oxygenate your whole body without any particular effort.

MODULE 7 : The secret technique to quickly unlock your diaphragm. No osteopath, physiotherapist, chiropractor will teach you this, at the risk of losing all their regular clients.

MODULE 8 : The effective process for learning to let go of everyday life so as not to fight or resist what is in the present moment.

MODULE 9 : How to meditate deeply and stop your mind at will? A tip that will change your life forever.

MODULE 10 : The fatal error has especially not to commit in the breathing exercises, whatever it is.

MODULE 11 : The state of mind to cultivate in order to progress with each session and continue to improve your level of oxygenation.

MODULE 12 : What to do with your breathing for the rest of the day? The error not to be made especially when you recondition your breath.

MODULE 13 : How to progress and practice intermittent breathing on a daily basis, during a meditation session, during physical activity, in a queue, in the car, etc.

Also take advantage of several bonuses to further improve your well-being !

BONUS 1 : How to use physical activity intelligently to increase your energy and reduce stress?

BONUS 2 : The shocking truth about intermittent fasting. Find out why everything you've been told is completely wrong and what is the only way to practice intermittent fasting without damaging your metabolism.

BONUS 3 : How to practice intermittent sex to regenerate quickly? This secret method comes from Taoism and is considered to be the most powerful technique to maintain the vitality of a young adolescent despite your age.

BONUS 4 : Ebook offered (Breathe like a master). In this ebook, I give you even more tips to become the master of your breath and therefore the master of your life.

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Loris Vitry

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Tens of thousands of people have already practiced Intermittent Breathing.

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I offer you a 5 day money back guarantee. 97$ (or 80€) is the video training price but you can order the one-to-one training for $1000 by sending me an email