Complete alternative health test (Buteyko + Barnes)

Caution : You must consult your doctor for your health. This page presents only a personal and alternative point of view which should not be considered as an attempt to prescribe medicine.

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WARNING: These tests do NOT replace those of your doctor! Always rely on your health care provider's diagnosis. These are health tests used in so-called "alternative" medicines. They are presented for information purposes only.


What is your temperature in the morning when you wake up?

Brada Barnes test

A famous American endocrinologist specialist of the thyroid, named Broda Barnes published an incredible study several decades ago. He discovered that most modern diseases (he listed more than 150 in his report) that are generalized as anxiety are caused by idling metabolism (hypothyroidism), which translates into low energy production and many negative emotions.

To diagnose it, Dr. Broda Barnes measured the temperature of his patients with a thermometer he considered more reliable than blood tests.

The limit not to cross: 36.6 °!

If your body temperature is below 36.6 degrees in the morning when you wake up, you simply have a damaged (thyroid) metabolism!

This results in a low cell oxygenation, therefore low energy production, therefore physical fatigue and inevitably generalized anxiety that can later turn into depression.

On the other hand, if you have a temperature between 36.6 and 37.1 degrees, your metabolism is optimal!

This convincingly indicates that your body and cells produce a high level of energy through good cell oxygenation, so fatigue, anxiety and depression are impossible under these conditions.

I invite you to quickly buy your digital dial thermometer (in pharmacy) to measure your temperature tomorrow morning (under the tongue) so as to determine the health of your metabolism (thyroid) that is related, whether you want it or not, it is the quality of your breathing.

How to increase your body temperature?

Unfortunately, Broda Barnes only treated these patients with thyroid hormone replacement therapy (drugs). This should remain your last option, as there are many NATURAL methods like optimizing your breathing and diet to quickly increase your body temperature.

Raising its temperature will normalize your thyroid, so also your energy level, which will eliminate your anxiety and fatigue. As simple as that!


A Russian doctor, Konstantin Buteyko, breathing genius

During my extensive research on breathing, I discovered the work of a famous Russian doctor (very little known in the West) named Konstantin Buteyko. He and his team of a hundred doctors, have developed a breath test of amazing simplicity to measure our cell oxygenation capacity. This test allows us to determine our level of health according to whether we breathe well or badly.

The test consists of breathing apnea at the end of an exhalation. It's not a traditional apnea where you stop breathing after you've inhaled. Traditional apnea allows us to measure our pulmonary oxygenation capacity. This is not what we are trying to measure here. Indeed, our lung capacity varies according to our age, our sex and also our chest flexibility.

These Russian doctors have discovered that apnea after expiration allows us to measure our CELL oxygenation capacity. Indeed, without oxygen in the lungs, the body has no choice but to use the oxygen that is present in the cells.

Take the test now in less than 60 seconds.

Get a stopwatch first, you can use your phone or stopwatch online.

Then, sit back straight without any form of support. You will close your eyes to apnea. For the moment, watch your breath for a few seconds to spot the inspiration and expiration. Do not change the pace or depth of your breathing.

When you are ready, at the end of an expiration (empty lungs), you will pinch your nose to block your breathing. At the same time, you will start your stopwatch. At the very first sign of discomfort, which can be physical (slight contraction) or psychological (fear), you will stop the timer.

Do not force yourself, it is not a performance but to pinpoint exactly the first sign of discomfort. You must resume your breathing as if nothing had happened. If your breathing is agitated, that means you have forced too much, and so it will start all over again in a few minutes. This test is more accurate if it is done on awakening (in the absence of stress).

What is your level of cellular oxygen?

To understand what you just measured, here is a simple illustration of a cell in your body. Your body is at the macroscopic level, while your billions of cells are at the microscopic level. In other words, you are the sum of all your cells.

The result you just obtained corresponds to your current oxygenation.

The higher your result, the longer your apnea lasts, the greater your cellular oxygenation, the better your breathing. It corresponds to a great vitality, an excellent digestion, a slender body, a calm state of mind, but especially the absence of anxiety and stress.

On the other hand, the lower your result, the shorter your apnea, then the lower your cellular oxygenation, the poorer your breathing. This clearly corresponds to many health problems (at the stage of proven symptoms or illnesses), greater fatigue, problems with digestion, a softer body, a more agitated state of mind, but above all more intense anxiety.

Dr. Buteyko's official charter!

Here is a valuable scale that corresponds to the work of Dr. Buteyko and his team of about one hundred Russian doctors.

Beware, this new and alternative test is not recognized by the French state, and does not replace a consultation with your doctor. This information should not be construed as a medical advice, it should not be used for the purpose of diagnosis or self-treatment of diseases, and it should not be construed as an attempt to prescribe or practice medicine. This content is only for personal and informational purposes. In any case, I cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury due to information provided or not provided.

Observations on thousands of patients in Russia (source: &

▶ Below 5 seconds, the individual is very sick, most often bedridden or hospitalized. He takes several medicines to "support" his physical and mental suffering. Clearly note that 0 seconds corresponds to death. In common language, it will be said that he has made his last breath, which corresponds to the cessation of respiration and cellular oxygenation.

▶ Between 5 and 20 seconds, the individual is sick and often experiences a modern disease (metabolic syndrome) such as diabetes, overweight, chronic fatigue, depression, hypertension, but especially a high level of anxiety . At this point, he probably takes medication (or is about to take it) to "control" the symptoms of his illness.

Emotionally, the individual is unstable and daily experiences anxiety in various forms. The individual makes sure to stay in his comfort zone to avoid any emotional destabilization. Psychically, his mind is in constant activity, and the little path in his head never stops. He never lives in the present moment because his thoughts are constantly turned to the past or the future.

▶ Between 20 and 40 seconds, the individual is observed to be half-sick because apparently, he looks healthy, but internally, these cells do not have all their oxygen capacity because of the presence of high level of toxins. Physically, the individual only experiences symptoms of illness: tolerable anxiety, colds, digestive problems, various allergies, pains, etc.

Emotionally, the instability is moderate according to the individuals. Depending on whether it is closer to 20 or 40 seconds, the individual experiences emotions such as anxiety, fear, anger or sadness. In this category, we go in search for most people who are interested in personal development in order to improve their physical and emotional well-being. Psychically, his mind is more or less agitated. At this stage, concentration and meditation can greatly help to channel the mind, but it does not last very long because it requires a lot of energy which eventually creates fatigue.

The 40-second stage is the "lower" standard set by Dr. Buteyko, who at the present time represents a very good standard of health. Regarding this level, Dr. Buteyko often said: "Below 40 seconds, life is lived in suffering."

If you score lower than 40 seconds, the worse you breathe and the more anxious and tired you are!

▶ Between 40 and 60 seconds, the individual is in perfect state of health. Physically, he knows neither fatigue nor illness. It has a vital energy very high given its high oxygenation.

Emotionally, the individual is perfectly stable and does not know (or very rarely) negative emotions such as anxiety or fear. Psychically, his mind is very calm and this allows him to experience most of what is called the present moment. He rarely lives in the past or the future, but enjoys his daily life very well.

The 60-second level is the "superior" standard of Dr. Buteyko, set in 1950. Indeed, at the time, people had an energy metabolism and therefore a much higher oxygenation capacity than today. While in 1950, the average was around 40 seconds, but today the average is around 20 seconds.

Dr. Buteyko was often worried about seeing an increasingly sick society. And he was right, the magazine Science & Life recently published a shocking study: 95% of the population has a health problem (symptom or proven).

▶ Beyond 60 seconds, a result achieved by Dr. Buteyko and his entire team of Russian doctors (it was an obligation to join his research team), the individual develops skills and a metabolism out of common. When the body is in perfect health and the mind is perfectly appeased, the available energy is then used to sublimate the individual and allows him to obtain physical abilities such as accelerated physical recovery and greater vitality. .

According to Dr. Buteyko, this score also confers psychic abilities such as: better intuition (6th sense), telepathy (feeling what the other person thinks), clear-hearing and clairvoyance (extra-sensory ability), or a more intense attraction power (attracting to oneself all that one desires). These abilities, we already have them all in us, but they are "asleep." For example, it is thinking of someone and then meeting them right after, or receiving their phone call. It is "feeling" what others think, it is the feeling of things, etc.


The goal is obviously to reach the score of 60 seconds, which indicates an optimal level of health!

The scientific work of Dr. Buteyko shows that our health depends directly on our cellular oxygenation, and therefore our breathing. He is not the only one!

Thousands of scientific studies demonstrate the link between health and oxygenation of the body! There is for example the famous Dr. Otto Warburg who discovered in 1931 that the real cause of cancer and disease is a lack of oxygen circulation in the body. This earned him the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine for this important discovery. The link between our health and our breathing is no longer to be demonstrated!


These two alternative health tests proposed by Drs Buteyko and Broda Barnes are invaluable. An individual having a temperature of 37 ° C and an apnea time of 40 seconds in the morning will be VERY DIFFERENT from an individual having, in the morning on waking up to a temperature below 36 °C and a shorter apnea time of 20 seconds...

The first will breathe health, fitness and happiness... But the second will be a prisoner of a constant generalized anxious state accompanied by a ton of negative emotions... TERRIBLE! "Life is lived in suffering ..." as Dr. Buteyko would say!

Do you fall into this second category? Do not panic! I know exactly what to do! In fact, I know exactly what you're going through to have had a score of 9 seconds and a temperature of 35.8 °C when you wake up. At that time, my life was a pure daily suffering with a PER-MENTAL anxiety accompanied by a depressive state...

But luckily, I learned to raise my temperature to 36.9 °C every morning when I woke up, and I also learned how to increase my cell oxygenation to achieve a score of about 40 seconds on Dr. Buteyko's apnea test.

And all my health problems are gone!

Broda Barnes and Buteyko say, by normalizing its temperature to 36.6 °C minimum and its oxygenation to 40 seconds, all the modern "diseases" disappear. Broda Barnes listed more than 150 in his scientific report!

And as Buteyko asserted, from 40 seconds on, you will finally start living happily and enjoying true inner happiness, which is only possible in the absence of anxiety and inner stress.

Results of your complete alternative health test?

Write down your results today to check your progress later... By following my breathing method to learn how to breathe well, you will increase your energy level, free yourself from your negative emotions, your psychological blockages, but above all, you will also regenerate your nervous system and the best way to check it out is to do both of these alternative tests today. This will then allow you to check your progress level.

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